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  1. Ah, I dated a narcissist who emotionally manipulated me.

    Lovely time to remember that one.

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    2. Kayzee


      @PhoenixSoul, if you were really a narcissist I would think that you would have stopped being my friend by now given some of the critical things I have said to you. As I understand it (which may be wrong), narcissism is basically when people elevate themselves over everyone else and try and put themselves in a bubble so they don't have to accept their own flaws. There are probobly different levels to that, but true narcissists I think just cannot abide anything that challenges them. Narcissists throw fits and lash out the more you challenge that bubble, they become more antagonistic the more you push them on anything.


      Now a lot of non-Narcissists might react that way too, especially if they have been hurt by something before I think. I am not saying my behavior is justified or anything. But regardless, it seems pretty clear to me that you don't do that. When i push you a bit I don't get yelled at and called names. You will argue with me sure, but in the end you usually see my point even if you don't agree. I doubt a true narcissist would ever let me get as close as I have. I mean, I do tend to be careful about choosing my words and I am probobly one of the few people willing to engage with you on some topics on a level that doesn't automatically dismiss some things that are important to you, but some other people *cough*thatonenpc*cough* have for sure not been as accepting. Not saying they were narcissistic though, I really don't like to assume that about anyone and I do kinda bate people sometimes.


      Anyway I suspect that it's actually really easy for people to fall into a kind of narcissistic pattern of thinking without really meaning to. I know I can get close sometimes! In the end though I always try to remember that I am mostly just playing a big game with the world, and games are meant to be fun, even when losing! I kind of want to blame the Curse of Greyface for all of this honestly. Narcissists seem like the ultimate sore losers who just can't enjoy the game unless they are winning.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah. I think narcissism via proxy ignorance is definitely a problem, but it's also not the fault of the individual, not necessarily anyway.

    4. Kayzee


      Like I have said before though, who's at fault doesn't really matter. What matters is: If is a problem that needs to be solved, people can be part of that problem or they can be part of the solution. Or of course be completely uninvolved, but sometimes being uninvolved is part of the problem...

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