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Basic info:
Queer ace genderfluid game dev, author, artist and medic. She/he/they/it pronouns. I have the Autisms and the Traumas and the Mental Illnesses. I'm friendly and approachable, so don't worry about me biting.




Bloody Dark Night - A deep comedy horror book about vampires and monster hunters.

Heartless Zombie - A deep comedy horror book about zombies and overcoming trauma.

Enigma Kids - A comedy horror serial series about college kids attempting to prove true the existence of the paranormal and supernatural.

Gears of Hope - A cyberpunk adventure book about a group of cyborgs trying to bring down the bourgeoisie.

Windrip Falls - A comedy survival horror game series about a family escaping the ever-present past in a town disconnected from linear time and space.

Umbralight - A dark comedy action adventure game series about demons, demon hunters and saving the world.

Survival Fourror - A survival horror four game long-series that delves into four different versions of survival horror.
Eddsworld: Life After The End - A comedy adventure AU series of a few different mediums about what exactly happened after the events of the Eddsworld fauxnale.




The Chosen Ones Of Castle Creek - A dark comedy action adventure series about saving the world and avoiding corruption.


Also, here's a fun song.


Versions of me


MEDICSONA: Goes by Abby, Abs and Frau Doktor. She's eccentric and a bit of a wildcard. She also insists on a thank you of some sort. She's also created a few serums and creams for specific things. Her main weapons are her syringe spear (an oversized syringe with a giant heckin' needle) and a magnum revolver she lovingly dubbed "Kindness" because of the obvious joke.



Crit Cream - All hits are critical hits for a short time.

HP Buffer Serum - Grants a buff to HP at a slight cost of attack power.

Damage Buffer Serum - Grants a buff to attack power at the cost of no critical hits.

HP Thief Cream - Attacks let you absorb some of your opponent's HP.

Frankenstein Serum - Inject into dying target, apply a little electricity and they're up and running again! Does not work on dead targets. They'll have to respawn. A doctor can only do so much!



HP Sapper Serum - HP is drained over a short time.

Damage Sapper Serum - Opponent is physically weakened for a short time.

Anticritstamine - No hits are critical hits for a short time.



Syringe Stab - Impales the target through the gut. "Don't worry! The chances of you dying quickly from this are small!"

Bad Medicine - Injects the target with an enemy serum of her choice. "You may feel a little pinch!"

Deadside Manner - Injecting a high dose of all three enemy serums directly into the heart is bound to have a deadly effect. Too bad it takes a while to mix that up on the battlefield! "They've always said I have an "odd" bedside manner, but I have yet to hear a complaint about my DEADSIDE MANNER!"

Kill 'Em With Kindness - Shoot at the target and aim for the weak points. With a heavy knowledge of anatomy, she's bound to hit her mark, but would you pleASE STOP MOVING, IT'S HARD TO HIT A MOVING TARGET, IDIOT! DO I LOOK LIKE A SNIPER? NO? GREAT JOB! THAT'S THE RIGHT ANSWER! AND YOUR REWARD IS DEATH! "I've always heard you should kill them with kindness. I'm choosing a more literal approach!"