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  1. Haha
    AutumnAbsinthe reacted to Kayzee in The Box Part 2   
    "What's in the box?"
    Though in the context of this story... I am imagining something from one of those "Bad Dragon" adverts I used to see a bunch of places. Mostly because it makes the final scene so much more interesting. <3
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    Neat! :D
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    7DD and DG both sound like the opening portions of another of my game projects, of which Ramsey is set in the same world, just much later on. Fazune.
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    I'm hoping it works out well. ^w^
    7 Days To Die is a semi-open world multiplayer survival game taking place in a zombie apocalypse. You spend most of it looting, crafting, shooting zombies, running from zombies, hiding from zombies, (begging the RNG gods to give you magnum ammo) and making a cool base once you've explored the entire map.
    Days Gone is similar, but far more story driven. You complete quests and travel around the map, unlocking new parts, trading, buying, upgrading your motorbike and killing/fleeing zombies, evil humans and zombie-worshiping evil humans.
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    AutumnAbsinthe reacted to PhoenixSoul in Dead Evolution   
    (thinks of the combination but only recalls RE well with 7DD only sounding familiar and DG being new to her)
    Sounds like a good challenge, for sure.
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    AutumnAbsinthe reacted to Kayzee in Red Army Files: 001 (PROJECT WAIFU)   
    It's two different games in the same series really. It's a great series if you like cute and/or sexy girls. And guys too really sometimes. Also all the games are completely 100% off the wall bonkers and can be hella addicting to play if you like strategy/tactical RPGs. Heh heh... Hella addicting. It's funny cause, ya know the games basically take place in the 'netherworld' (technically many interconnected netherworlds across multiple parallel dimensions, and sometimes you visit 'Celestia' witch is basically heaven and a human world or two).
    Disgaea 1, 4 and 5 all have versions for the switch too which is what I got! The games really have no connection except for a few cameos here and there (also often random cameos from many other related games made by the same team), so really if you want to try it I would go right for Disgaea 5. I think it's the best one and really really added a looooot to the series. Though I will warn you: If you try any of them be prepared to grind your face off. Especially if you want to do any of the optional post-game stuff. You know how most JRPGs have a level cap of 99? Hehe... Yeah... In the Disgaea series... it's 9999. Though you only really need to get to a bit over level 100 to beat the main story most of the time.
    Also getting to level 9999 isn't the end. Oh nonono. To really max out a character you often need to reincarnate to start over at level 1 with better base stats and do it again multiple times (though in Disgaea 5 it works a bit differently since your base stats have more to do with class mastery and the player can give characters ). Though there are ways of getting exp ridiculously quickly by the time the post game ramps up. Still, in Disgaea 5 I have several characters who have reached level 9999 multiple times (and mastered every class/subclass) and I still get my ass kicked when I try to fight the dang superultramegasecret boss.
    That's not even getting into the Item World (if you wanna power up items, you can go inside them and fight your way through random dungeon floors), Chara World (in 4 it's more random dungeons I think, in 5 though they changed it to a kinda Monopoly or Mario Party style board game), Dark Assembly (it's called slightly different things in each game, but basically it's a demonic politics thing where you bribe demon senators with items they like to raise their favor and try and get them to vote on things to unlock stuff or give you various bonuses), and all the other wacky mechanics. It's nuts I tell ya! Almost to the level of Homestuck's absurd parody RPG mechanics at times really. But it's fun! Or at least I think so.
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    AutumnAbsinthe reacted to Kayzee in Red Army Files: 001 (PROJECT WAIFU)   
    If there is one thing the Disgaea series has a lot of, it's loveable characters. See also, my favorite character in Disgaea 5, plip.
    ...Though it also has it's share of annoyingly cliche ones. And often times they overlap.
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    AutumnAbsinthe reacted to Kayzee in Red Army Files: 001 (PROJECT WAIFU)   
    Her name is Desco, and her dream is to become a great final boss someday. :3
  9. Haha
    AutumnAbsinthe reacted to Kayzee in Red Army Files: 001 (PROJECT WAIFU)   
    Hehe... A tentacle monsters made in a lab huh? You know maybe it's because I got Disgaea 4 lask week while ago and have been playing it, but I couldn't help but picture the tentacle monster as a cute little girl... Bonus: While that character doesn't have a knife, she does magichange into a sword. That's sorta close right?
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