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  1. Oh no you seem to understand correctly, I was just worried that I was doing things the hard/inefficient,higher potential for error way and would end up doing all this work on my little sweet potato rocks only to have them not line up or something. I've never actually created environmental sprites before so I'm not fully sure how other people do it and of course to make things harder on me Artist brain demands they not be easy to seam together ^^'
  2. I don't know if this is the section of the forum to ask this because it's not really a request for help with the software itself? Please correct me if this question goes somewhere else and where that is! I'm trying to make a sprite sheet for an area with a cobblestone-like floor with an A-B pattern but where it doesn't feel trapped in it's tile... if that makes any sense? So Question! I'm trying to draw in all the cobblestone bits one stone at a time plus so copy-paste until I have a full A and B cobblestone tile but I'm worried human error will cause the tiles not to line up correctly? I'm probably making this harder on myself than it has to be? Any suggestions on if there's a more efficient way of doing this or is this just a "Keep at it" situation? Attached is a screencap of what I have so far in my quest at trying to get okayish at environmental assets.
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    I am super super new here and to the software. My sibling got a humble bundle a few weeks ago with duplicates of RPGMakers had they already had so they got past onto me. I Hope this is a place where I, who has exactly 0 experience with RPGMaker outside of a game that was more me doodling on paper while my sibling actually executes the doodles as a game, can learn how to be competent with the program. I believe the versions I have are VX Ace, MV, and XP(?) I'm a person who learns by copying so a lot of my questions on this forum are probably going to be "So I'm learning X Mechanic by rebuilding Y part of Z game, how do I __________?" until I've learned enough to start building something original. Personally I'm more of a drawer than a builder though... I have a love for older looking sprite work.