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    Well I can;t say I got much info on rpg maker or advice on cost, game or hire. but hey, I did see that this website and forum is not dead and got to know a few of you. I am not trying to make the next blockbuster but rather a fun game. And some games you listed above are not rpg maker games. Though maybe with my idea I will be better suited for a different game creation or engine. I won't post must of my story context here, or game but give a short idea what I want to make. The world of Phap Su “means mage in Vietnamese” was a highly developed magic world. One day a ship enters Phap Su’s orbit and descends on the planet shortly after. On this ship a lone man exits and plants a relic into the ground itself. This device delves down to the core of the planet itself. Within minutes this contraption “drains all the mana” from the planet. The man states his name is Mazar, and he has come to take the mana force to help him with an ongoing battle elsewhere. In addition, he states, many worlds have become to reliant on magic, some even destroyed over it, hence he hopes his actions will preserve this world. With that, he gets back on his ship and leaves the orbit and solar system. While the worlds mana dried up and made magic all but useless, the wanderer Mazar did not, or perhaps did know that some magic still existed. In this case he drained the mana, from the land, but animals had been living off the land for centuries and their life skills and abilities were magic based. The story will follow one main and two side protagonist players. How they accidentally stumble upon blue magic, learn it from mobs. On occasion use it to solve a person or towns problem. In addition, try to bring stability to the world again, and ultimately make a decision at the end of the game to decide the planets fate. . This is one story of learning a blue spell and the quest that one of the soon to be mages will take. Rand will visit a town and the town informs him bad weather has happened and a supply cargo with supplies and people is trapped on a steep mountain with no way down. In the old days they would use magic to make strong silk ropes. But due to no mana, and at the current silk gathering from normal spiders it would take 100 years to gather enough resources to reach the people to help. In this quest, Rand will go in a cave or forest and learn the spell from the Queen spider. This quest is important though, as Rand will learn the spell but kill the queen. An older townsman tells him, thanks for helping us out, but what will happen next time? You know the spell and can help us, but you won’t always be here and you killed the monster that can generate the most silk for us. In addition, no one else can learn this spell now that the monster is dead. So, Rand does see the conflict his magic and spells can cost. He asks someone for help. They give him a device that if used on a mob will give him a timer to learn the spell and win the fight, but not kill the monster. Rand and the other other two toons will have a growth story, mob spell hunting. I have seen s a few good rpgs off rpg maker funded on kickstarter, though thats not my plan as i backed them and played them, But seeing others bring their idea or story to life encouraged me to try. I am not trying to be the next Final Fantasy mega game, but rather make fun game with a good story.
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    Well, I myself have always enjoyed video games. RPGS are some of my favorite games. Saying that, when I grew up in the 2000's and played Blue mage in FFXI, I found a job I liked playing. Sadly no offline rpg really has a blue mage, or if they do anything more then a side. So I have been working on a script or story per say, but I don't know anything about programming. I am much better at making money. So I thought I would try to get a ballpark on how much a rpg game would take to make and perhaps hire one or two people. I can always share a more detailed script of my game to potential contractors. But basically a world full of magic had it removed overnight. Thus most magic users and tech vanished. This caused hardship on the world. But a few people found that through the animals, due to them living off the land they had abilities that could be learned and used as magic, hence blue mage was born. The story follows one to three toons and there quest across the world learning magic and helping people along the way. And in the end deciding if magic is good for the world or if it is better off without.