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  1. Hello everyone! Been awhile since last time! While I hope everyone of you is doing ok with their stuff, I know for a fact I'm not lmao BASICALLY yesterday I tried this script by Victor Engine: https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/automatic-battlers/ While it sounds excellent in concept, for some reason I cannot make it work for my own enemies in my game. If I simply put the strategies in the note box and the flag "Automatic Battler" in the enemy's trait, the enemy will do nothing but normal attacks. It will ignore having other strategies possible, it will ignore that none of those strategies have a normal attack, it will ignore that some of those strategies don't have conditions, and are therefore always options, it will ignore not even having the attack skill in its skillset and it will even ignore when I forbid it to use normal attacks (in battle it will STILL try to, failing and doing nothing 'cause it can't). If I want, by the script, to make it use random skills, conditions or not, it will crash, saying: "Script 'name of the script' line 578: NameError occured. undefined local variable or method 'usable_skills' for # <Game_Enemy:0xcab55fc>" (note that I literally copied and pasted the method used in the script to use a random skill. So... can anyone help? If you need more info I'm willing to give'em
  2. Hello there! I got yet another, unanswered question. I'd like to have a skill that inflicts more damage if the target has a buff. Any buff. How do I check if b is overall buffed?
  3. That's correct if I want to check a single buff on a specific stat. I found out myslef however. The answer was: [x].any? {|param_id| b.buff?(param_id)}? Where "x" is the id of the stats I want checked. (In my case it was 2,3,4,5,6 which are ATK DEF MAT MDF and AGI). Answered with the solution in case anyone looks for it. Thanks anyway, Phoenix :)
  4. Hello there! Another question for y'all, and this time it's a silly one. I'm using the Custom Use Condition script by Tsukihime, and I wanted to create a skill that can only be used if the user is at full Magic Power. What's the RGSS formula I should use to check if this condition's true?
  5. Tyseus

    ANSWERED | How to check if MP is full

    Worked as it should. Thanks Riki!
  6. Tyseus

    Check if stat is not buffed

    Just like the title says: is there a formula to check if the target of a skill currently has no buffs, or doesn't have a specific buff? I know that "a.buff(x)" checks if X stat is buffed, but is there a formula for checking if it isn't?
  7. Tyseus

    Need help with script for "Monster Capture"

    Dekita may have what you look for: https://dekitarpg.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/pokemon-capture/ For the "Pokémon box" like mechanic you ask for, try to browe around Tsukihime's site: http://himeworks.com/rmvxa-scripts/
  8. Tyseus

    On Kill effect with state X

    Hi y'all. I basically want my actor to have a specific state as a passive, which is done. I, however, want said state to grant a free buff(or to add another state, in my case) when the actor defeats an enemy. How's it done?
  9. Tyseus

    On Kill effect with state X

    That's pretty close, but not exactly what I was looking for. Even tho, I COULD work in a different route through this script
  10. Buonasera, miei simili! Recently, I thought it would be cool if I could have a way to better explain my skills in game. The best solution, ofc, would be to edit the way the Skill Scene, accessible from the menu, looks. The closest I came to the way I'd like to see it is through Dekita's Skill Scene: this script does almost exactly what I thought to do. However, there's one thing that bugs me heavily about it: it's pretty much plug n' play, and there's very little customization given to the maker. In fact, the way this script works is completely automatic: it automatically takes the element used, automatically gives and writes the percentages of add and removal of states, automatically tells you even information you DON'T WANT to reveal (like a skill that gives you a placeholder state that does nothing, only for the sake of it not saying it's missing, despite it not missing). Basically, I'd like to know what a solution would be to have a more customizable Skill Scene, to have the player get all the information needed from the skill, since 2 strings of text is really not enough to tell the player what a skill does.
  11. Tyseus

    A better Skill Scene

    That's Anti Fail tho, which I happen to already have installed in my project (in which it doesn't work for some reason, possibly due to popups). The site full of dead links is Grimoire Castle actually.
  12. Tyseus

    A better Skill Scene

    Thanks for the solution, but unfortunately ALL of the scripts on that site lead to dead links (which is a BIG shame, since there was some very interesting stuff). Eventually I found Soulpour's Expanded Skill Description, which does EXACTLY what I needed.
  13. Tyseus

    Need help with a script.

    I don't get it: you need a script that does this or you already have it and you got problems with it? If it's doubt number 1: I think you could handle this through this script possibly If it's doubt number 2: maybe you should provide more information about what your exact trouble is.
  14. Buongiorno, carissimi! I'd like to edit a script: the Army Manager by Galv. As it is, the script is great and it functions. In my project however, it looks HORRYFING, due to all of the actors sharing the same character spriteset Basically what I'd need is to replace the characters with the battler they're assigned to, so I don't have the protagonist appearing near all of 'em. The way my game handles the actor's battlers is through Fomar's Basic Sideview Battle System Any solution? PS: I realized I probably messed up where this question was supposed to be asked, so if a modmin can move this thread in the right section that'd be appreciated.
  15. Hello everyone! I'm Tyseus, as you can easily read as my username, and I'm a maker from Italy. I did a couple of complete projects in the past, but unfortunately both were in Italian, so... I'll be in this forum mainly to ask stuff like "does this plugin/script exist?" or "how do I put this in the formula", since despite owning VXAce since 2013/14 I'm still fairly new to it. (I've literally bought MV a week ago and still I'm not using it, so ofc I'm new to it). I hope I can find the help I need, while also hoping to somehow help someone else with simple stuff. Edit: Forgot to mention that I can compose music, despite not being a professionist for that either, so I'm probably goin' to contribute with music packs.
  16. Tyseus

    Buongiorno a tutti!

    Easily my favorite saga should be Pokémon, but I'm not sure about what my "favorite game" could be. As of now I'm a lot into Smash Bros Ultimate: it could be the most addicting fighting(?) game ever.
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