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    Tyseus got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Skill that inflicts more damage if target is buffed   
    That's correct if I want to check a single buff on a specific stat.
    I found out myslef however. The answer was: 
    [x].any? {|param_id| b.buff?(param_id)}?
    Where "x" is the id of the stats I want checked. (In my case it was 2,3,4,5,6 which are ATK DEF MAT MDF and AGI).
    Answered with the solution in case anyone looks for it.
    Thanks anyway, Phoenix :)
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    Tyseus reacted to PhoenixSoul in Skill that inflicts more damage if target is buffed   
    b.buff?[x] (I don't think there is a wildcard call)
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    Tyseus got a reaction from Rikifive in ANSWERED | How to check if MP is full   
    Worked as it should. Thanks Riki!
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    Tyseus reacted to Rikifive in ANSWERED | How to check if MP is full   
    Insert this in the skill's note:
    <use conditions> formula: a.mp == a.mmp </use conditions>  
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    Tyseus reacted to PhoenixSoul in Check if stat is not buffed   
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    Tyseus got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in On Kill effect with state X   
    That's pretty close, but not exactly what I was looking for.
    Even tho, I COULD work in a different route through this script
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    Tyseus reacted to PhoenixSoul in On Kill effect with state X   
    I know that there is a Craze script called Regrowth Options that has the ability to adjust VP/MP/TP when various things happen such as KO-ing an enemy, but that's not exactly what you're seeking; it is just what immediately came to mind.
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    Tyseus reacted to roninator2 in A better Skill Scene   
    Go to this site instead.
    Look under Kread-Ex
    Thats the name of the author for scripts for Grimoire Castle
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    Tyseus got a reaction from FranklinX in Buongiorno a tutti!   
    Easily my favorite saga should be Pokémon, but I'm not sure about what my "favorite game" could be.
    As of now I'm a lot into Smash Bros Ultimate: it could be the most addicting fighting(?) game ever.
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    Tyseus reacted to Kayzee in A better Skill Scene   
    Hmm, I heard they took a lot of scripts down, but the github link worked for me on that one. Oh well...
    I am glad you got what you wanted though! :3
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    Tyseus reacted to Kayzee in A better Skill Scene   
    I use this script to avoid that missing/failed message myself.
    Anyway, so does that mean you would want something where you manually enter all the information for every skill? That sounds like kind of a pain. I have made a new item scene using this script to name traits/effects which has the pretty neat ability to name particular combinations of values, and I know it works for skills too (after all skills are basically a kind of item internally). I don't know if it can hide information though, and I am not sure any skill menu script exists that uses it.
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    Tyseus reacted to Daemonium in Really in need help finding this music file or composer name.   
    Hello, it's been long time, like 6 years has passed, incredible.
    Two years and half ago I've completely lost all the files of my project on RPGMakerVXAce, and two weeks ago I started again developing my game directly on RPGMakerMV.
    Fortunately I found again the majory of bgms and even tilesets by browsing across all internet, even japanese ones.
    However, I couldn't find the only music I really miss and loved a lot.
    The music I'm looking for was used on a showcase video where in the very early development stages I posted on this forum a showcase of the character techniques, this one:
    Sadly I don't remember its name, neither the composers name...
    I've spent over two weeks doing a massive browsing and played without joking over 6000 musics (maudamashii, Aaron Krogh, Kevin Mcleod, JStewart, etc)...
    Please, if someone has it, or at least knows the author name, please tell me so.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Tyseus reacted to Eric Matyas in Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks   
    Hi everyone,
    I've got a site up with over 2000 tracks of free music and sound effects that you can use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage:
    I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all comments are welcome and always appreciated.
    All the best,
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    Tyseus reacted to Rikifive in Text Smiles No Longer Will Be Turned Into Emoticons   
    Hello everyone,
    Today I made a small change, or rather fixed something.
    So far if you typed stuff like :) c: D: etc. the text editor was automatically turning these into emoticons, which made it potentially frustrating to ones, who prefer to use the text emoticons, rather than these fancy smiles. For example, if someone wanted to put :) , the text editor was like "NO, use  instead, no need to thank 👌" and then, that someone could be like "NU I WANT [ :) ], u have a problem with that boi?! 🔫🤨" and enter an eternal struggle with the editor.
    I set that to OFF in the first place, but looks like something glitched and it kept doing this anyway, so I went to ACP with my 🔫 and fixed that.
    So yeah, if someone notices, that c: or :) will no longer be automatically turned into emoticons, blame me.
    To answer potential questions: You can still bring emoticons by typing their names, like:
    :smile: - will turn that into 😄.
    Typing " : " and two letters will begin search, where that fancy window with emoticons opens below your text cursor.
    I only disabled these short codes like :) c: :D.
    Also: Yes, I know that emoticon search tends to glitch along with mentioning. It's not our fault, it's a global bug within forum soft, to put that in a simple way. Not much I can do about that. 😢
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    Tyseus reacted to Tanrex in disappearing parallax map   
    My parallax maps keep vanish as soon as I playtest and I don't know why.
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    Tyseus reacted to StatiZkyZ in Setting default stat buff/debuff as trigger condition?   
    Hello, first of all, I'm sorry if someone already asked this, or there's a thread about this, I'm not sure how to describe it properly.

    In battles, there are events that can be triggered when the enemy or actor receives a certain state, right? How can you make an event trigger that involves a stat buff/debuff like the default characters RPG makers give? (Like, Terence's Breath Weapon buffs a member's attack once) In short, is it possible to use buffs and debuffs a condition for events?
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    Tyseus reacted to FranklinX in Buongiorno a tutti!   
    Welcome to the forums! What is your favorite video game?
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    Tyseus reacted to Tsukihime in Random Hits   
    Random Hits
    This script allows you to set skills that will repeat a random number of times.
    For example, a skill might hit 3 times this turn, but then hit 7 times the next turn.
    Tag the skill with

    <random: x y> For some integers x and y. These represent the lower-bound and upper-bound on the number of times your action will repeat. 
    In other words, choose a random number between x and y, inclusively.
    Script: Random Hits
    Required: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/7312-tsuki-action/
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    Tyseus reacted to Tsukihime in Skill Power Modifier   
    Feature: Skill Power Modifier
    This script allows you to increase the damage dealt by skills by some fixed percentage when you equip an item.
    For example, Flame Sword increases the power of "Flame Strike" skill by 20% when it is equipped, and so the base damage of "flame strike" is now increased by 20% whenever you have that sword on.
    Script: http://db.tt/25DmBCID
    Required: Feature Manager, Core: Damage Processing
    Tag your equips with

    <ft: skill_power skill_id mod>
    skill_id is the ID of the skill that you want to modify
    mod is the damage modifier, as a float, treated as a percentage.
    0 is no increase
    0.1 is a 10% increase
    -0.1 is a 10% decrease
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    Tyseus reacted to Rikifive in Buongiorno a tutti!   
    Hello and welcome!
    Good luck and have fun! 😁