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  1. How do I set an actor as a boss? I want to use the samurai actor guy as a boss battle but I can't figure out how to get actor sprites available in the enemies tab.
  2. I tried that and it just warps me to that spot after the dialogue lol. Dang
  3. I'm fairly certain I did what you said right. Maybe I should try to explain it differently. I want a certain tile that warps the player to remain locked until the player activated a certain dialogue. Then the player can go to that tile and warp to the new area. Maybe that is what you were explaining and I'm just a super noob.
  4. I can't seem to make an event activate another event. For instance I want a tile that warps the player to another location to stay inactive until an event somewhere else is activated.
  5. I'm trying to make a dialogue appear on a certain tile and then never again but I can't get it. I know you have to use switches but the dialogue either reappears or just doesn't appear at all when I try to mess with it. Totally confused on how this works. I started this yesterday lol.
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