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  1. MoonyCake

    Help with SumRndmDde's Stat Distribution plugin

    The formula was rounding up indeed! Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. I'm using this plugin to give more stat customization to the player, but I'm having touble with the formulas. Specifically, the cost formula. This is the one I'm using: Math.ceil(actor.atk / 10) + 1 So, if I understand correctly... This should make that for every 10 attack points the actor has, the cost goes up 1 point. Since my character's attack is 22, the cost should be 3 points... And it's currently asking for 4. I know I'm missing something, or that I'm doing something wrong. I just don't know what. I suck when it comes to formulas, so I'd really appreciate any kind of help you could provide. Thanks in advance!