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  1. I've tried that too and it doesn't work either. The speed of ox and oy scrolling seems to be either within one of the default scripts (I can't find it) or built into the engine. I hope it's the former but who knows.
  2. I tried that, it works the exact same. I put in a number smaller than 1 like 0.01 and it acts like 1.
  3. Is there any way to make the speed for scrolling backgrounds go slower? 1 is the lowest you can go (0 just stops scrolling) but even 1 is too fast for what I'd like. I don't know where the speed calculations are in this script (if they're there at all) but I would assume they can be changed. I'd appreciate any help if true #============================================================================== # +++ MOG - Title Multibackground - [Stand Alone Series] (V1.2) +++ #============================================================================== # By Moghunter # https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/ #============================================================================== # Adiciona múltiplas camadas animadas na tela de titulo. #============================================================================== #============================================================================= # v1.2 - Correção no efeito WAVE. #============================================================================= module MOG_TITLE_BACKGROUND BACKGROUND_EFFECT = [] #============================================================================= # # BACKGROUND_EFFECT[ A ] = [B , C , D, E ,F] # # A - LAYER ID # B - EFFECT (0 - Scrolling 1 - Waving) # C - SPEED X / Wave Power # D - SPEED Y / Wave Speed # E - Z-axis # F - FILE NAME # # # EX # # BACKGROUND_EFFECT[0] = [0,4,1,0,"Background_0"] # BACKGROUND_EFFECT[1] = [1,5,100,10,"Background_1"] # BACKGROUND_EFFECT[2] = [0,20,40,1,"Background_2"] # BACKGROUND_EFFECT[3] = [1,10,0,5,"Background_3"] # BACKGROUND_EFFECT[4] = [1,5,20,3,"Background_4"] # BACKGROUND_EFFECT[5] = [0,0,10,20,"Background_5"] # ... BACKGROUND_EFFECT[99] = [1,50,20,32,,"Background_99"] # #============================================================================= BACKGROUND_EFFECT[0] = [0,1,1,1,"Background"] #(the second and third numbers in the array are the scroll speeds) end $imported = {} if $imported.nil? $imported[:mog_title_multibackground] = true #============================================================================== # ■ Scene Tittle #============================================================================== class Scene_Title < Scene_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose Background #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_t_background_dispose_background dispose_background def dispose_background mog_t_background_dispose_background @sprite_ex_sprite.each {|sprite| next if sprite == nil ; sprite.bitmap.dispose ; sprite.dispose} end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Create Background #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_background @bb_data = [MOG_TITLE_BACKGROUND::BACKGROUND_EFFECT[0],MOG_TITLE_BACKGROUND::BACKGROUND_EFFECT[1]] @bb_data[0] = [0,0,0,0] if @bb_data[0] == nil ; @bb_data[1] = [0,0,0,1] if @bb_data[1] == nil if @bb_data[0][0] == 0 @sprite1 = Plane.new ; @sprite1.bitmap = bb_bitmap(0,@bb_data[0]) else @sprite1 = Sprite.new ; prepare_wave_effect(@sprite1,0,@bb_data[0]) end @sprite1.z = @bb_data[0][3] if @bb_data[1][0] == 0 @sprite2 = Plane.new ; @sprite2.bitmap = bb_bitmap(1,@bb_data[1]) else @sprite2 = Sprite.new ; prepare_wave_effect(@sprite2,1,@bb_data[1]) end @sprite2.z = @bb_data[1][3] @sprite_ex_sprite = [] for i in 0...100 ; @bb_data.push(MOG_TITLE_BACKGROUND::BACKGROUND_EFFECT[i + 2]) ; end @bb_data.each_with_index do |data, i| next if (data == nil or i < 2) if data[0] == 0 @sprite_ex_sprite[i] = Plane.new ; @sprite_ex_sprite[i].bitmap = bb_bitmap(i,data) else @sprite_ex_sprite[i] = Sprite.new ; prepare_wave_effect(@sprite_ex_sprite[i],i,data) end @sprite_ex_sprite[i].z = data[3] end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Prepare Wave Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def prepare_wave_effect(sprite,index,data) range = (@bb_data[index][1] + 1) * 5 ; range = 500 if range > 500 sprite.bitmap = Bitmap.new(Graphics.width + (range * 2),Graphics.height) sprite.bitmap.stretch_blt(sprite.bitmap.rect, bb_bitmap(index,data), bb_bitmap(index,data).rect) center_sprite(sprite) wave_effect_s(sprite,@bb_data[index]) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● BB Bitmap #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bb_bitmap(index,data) return Cache.title1(data[4].to_s) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Wave Effect S #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def wave_effect_s(sprite,data) sprite.wave_amp = 1 + data[1] ; sprite.wave_speed = 100 + 100 * data[2] sprite.wave_length = sprite.bitmap.width ; sprite.x -= sprite.wave_amp / 2 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_t_background_update update def update mog_t_background_update scroll_bb(@sprite1,@bb_data[0]) ; scroll_bb(@sprite2,@bb_data[1]) @bb_data.each_with_index do |data, i| ; next if (data == nil or i < 2) scroll_bb(@sprite_ex_sprite[i],data) ; end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Scroll BB #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def scroll_bb(sprite,data) if data[0] == 0 ; sprite.ox += data[1] ; sprite.oy += data[2] else ; sprite.update ; end end end end EDIT: Yeah they definitely don't have an easy way to modify the speed. The "Scroll BB" at the bottom is the equation for the scrolling and the speed seems to be interpreted by the VX Ace engine.
  4. Is it difficult to open up a dll file? EDIT: After a quick search, it appears it is. haha Man, I'm super curious what else it is that is closed off to us in VX Ace now lol
  5. UncannyBoots

    Hi everyone

    Uhh probably pizza? I tend to like pepperoni and italian sausage pizza with green peppers
  6. UncannyBoots

    Edits and Mack Rips

    Sigh, it's such a shame that so many RM resources have just vanished. It makes me sad lol
  7. Lol I love this forum haha, I used to be on the official RM forum back in the day and they were super strict about this kind of thing. So this is refreshing. I don't know if going this far would be acceptable on this forum, but I've always been curious: what part of RPG Makers (before MV) are closed-source? If you were to crack into the engines, what could you change that you wouldn't be able to by using additional scripts/modifying the default scripts? Has anyone done it? I apologize if this sounds really vague and noobish but tbh I don't even know what it is that is closed off to us in RPG Makers before MV (and therefore I don't know what part of MV became open sourced and freely editable).
  8. I didn't know that MV allowed script calls lol though in that case you can disregard what I said about that I guess I did misunderstand you. No I don't write scripts. I'm able to modify Ruby scripts with my basic knowledge of RGSS3 though (which I have done extensively).
  9. UncannyBoots

    Edits and Mack Rips

    Do you know if Looseleaf is allowed to be used in non-RM engines? I can't find anything about it
  10. Nah, you completely misinterpreted my statement lol. "you seem to be saying that creating plugin commands when writing plugins is not as intuitive as script calls were." You said that when writing plugins, you don't make plugin commands because it is a pain to do, and you don't need them since you write plugins for yourself. Meanwhile, you mentioned that script calls were easier to implement. I think the change from Ruby scripts to Javascript plugins wasn't a great thing but that may just be me. I hear all the time that messing with the VX Ace engine is against the EULA, so is mkxp officially allowed or is it some more underground thing?
  11. Moghunter's last plugin was May of last year, but it is possible he will be back, I dunno. He seems like the most likely one to return imo. VXAce script development is mostly dead but that's to be expected since it isn't the latest RM release, while MV is. When I refer to quality, I don't mean bugs but how well the scripts look and feel (and personally I don't experience many bugs at all despite having over 100 scripts). For an example, look up Syvkal's ring menu, and then try to find a comparative plugin in MV. The only one I could find is SumRndmDde's ring menu, but it sucks compared to Syvkal's VXA version. It doesn't have a smooth spinning startup animation and just feels clunkier (I'm sure there's even more issues but I can't remember exactly). There's also the "Dragon Engine" ring menu but it's quite different, as it seems to circle around the character and it isn't on its own menu scene, but on the map scene. It is indeed subjective but from my experience, everytime I try to get into MV, I am very disappointed with how much worse the game feels and a lot of that has to do with not only the default MV engine feeling less polished than VXA (horrible sound effects, menus very generic and bland, no menu transitions, walking animation speed is too slow compared to movement, longer loading times, and imo 48x48 is too large a tilesize for pixel art), but the plugins just not cutting it compared to the many excellent VXA scripts. Even when I fix all of the default problems with the engine and customize the menus with plugins, I can't get it to match the quality of VXA scripts. I don't know why exactly but it's just what I've experienced. Very interesting perspective, I guess when RPG Maker used Ruby, people felt more compelled to help the community out since not as many people knew the language. And I very much agree with the plugin manager being crap compared to scripts. It's so simple to go into the script editor in VXA and just change anything, while in MV you have to open an external editor and just that in itself is not a good experience. I also felt that the plugin commands that were being provided with plugins were far too limiting, it only allows for very specific changes. Not to mention, I like to even edit the default scripts, but in MV the default scripts aren't split up nicely and are in giant js files. What were they thinking?! Lol EDIT: Though you seem to be saying that creating plugin commands when writing plugins is not as intuitive as script calls were. Well all in all, I just think plugins were not good for RPG Maker tbh
  12. I was looking through MV plugin lists because I felt like toying around with MV (even though I don't like it as much as VX Ace) and I then remembered that Yanfly has stopped making plugins. Then I look at the other most active plugin creator that I could remember, SumRndmDde, and he has seemed to abandon plugin development as well. Same goes for Galv and Hime, and Victor and Moghunter haven't updated in over half a year so I can assume that they are mostly done with plugin development (maybe there will be 1 or 2 more from them). I guess I'm just wondering how this happened? Yanfly was basically the last one and now even he's gone. I look at VX Ace scripts and scripters pumped out scripts for VX Ace's entire lifespan iirc. MV, though, despite initially being hyped a ton, seemed to not get nearly as many quality plugins as VXA got quality scripts. I look for many plugin equivalents to scripts that I have in VXA and nope, most either don't exist or are poorer in quality. Well I guess I have a few questions here: Is MV plugin development mostly dead, and if yes then why do you think that is? Was Javascript harder to use than RGSS? And lastly, is there anyone who still regularly makes plugins?
  13. UncannyBoots

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Is there any way you could buy some sort of Visa gift card irl?
  14. UncannyBoots

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    I also wanted to get RPG Maker that wasn't on Steam so I bought it off of the official web store. There's still a sale going! MV is $20: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/products/programs/rpg-maker-mv VXA is $14: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/products/programs/rpg-maker-vx-ace The other ones are under the products tab. And most of the DLC is also on sale. It is totally DRM free afaik. EDIT: actually you have to activate a license which they send you by email. After that it will work offline and no need to connect to Steam.
  15. I feel like I'm gonna be one of the last new members lol.

    1. Kayzee


      I have seen quite a few new members join recently actually! Not sure how long they stay, but it feels like traffic is picking up here again a bit!

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      Gotta think up some way to keep them. Like maybe get them trapped in an MLM? And instead of friends and family, they try to sell to new members? Or we could trap them in some some sort of net, or bear traps? Lemme talk to my bear trap guy