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  1. Idk if I'm just an idiot or not but I cannot figure out how to 'anchor' a sprite onto my player character's sprite. I want to make a simple lighting system by using sprites and setting their blending to 'Add'. It works great for static lights. But I want my character to hold a torch. I could use a lighting script for this (which I do, currently), but I cannot find a lighting script that makes it so that the light shows underneath "Above Character" tiles or events.

    I've tried to change the z value of the lights in the lighting script I use (Zeus' Lighting script) but no luck there.

    I also know of Hime's Picture Anchors script, but the z value of pictures cannot be changed, and the blending mode of pictures do not affect events or the tilemap. If only I could anchor an event sprite to the player, like the Picture Anchor script can do for pictures, I'd finally have a solution to this long problem I've had of wanting lights to go underneath star tiles and 'Above Character' events. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Kayzee


      Pretty sure the thing you are missing is making sure the light sprite and player sprite are using the same viewport. Each viewport basically takes all the sprites that use it and draws them together as a group with it's own z value so a sprite or whatever can only be drawn between others if they are in the same viewport.


      That said: If you ask me having lights drawn under "Above Character" tiles or events actually look pretty terrible. Most light scripts I know draw a layer of darkness with 'holes' so drawing them bellow 'above character' stuff will make all the above character stuff be fully lit and the radius of lights will more then likely make the tops of trees stand out and get cut off.

    2. UncannyBoots


      You make a good point about lights clipping through trees, I didn't think much about that but yeah I don't see any good workaround to that sadly.

      Still, is there a script out there that makes a character event sprite overlay on top of the character (similar to Hime's Picture Anchor script)? That would still be better for me so that I can ditch lighting scripts altogether and just use the Add blending mode for lights. Right now that's what I'm doing for static lights, but for my character I'm still using Zeus' Lighting Script, and when it turns on, CPU usage takes a noticeable spike upwards which I'd like to avoid.

    3. Kayzee


      What do you mean by 'makes a character event sprite overlay on top of the character' exactly? You mean overlaying one character sprite on another? You know all you really need to do to 'anchor' a sprite to another is to copy it's x/y location right?


      Sidenote: Lighting scripts are always gonna be sorta slow like that because it has to do extra tricks with subtraction blending to get nice dark areas. You can't really get nice dark areas with additive blending and overly bright areas can look weird.

  2. UncannyBoots

    Slightly randomized parameter increase on level up

    Sorry, it is kind of hard to explain. Basically I don't want static parameter curves. I don't want the values to be the same every time you play. And so I would like the values to be slightly randomized. And for that you would need a different kind of curve I think, because if using the default curve, it would be possible for your stats to go down. Imagine your stat is 16 due to this script, and the next level has it at 14. 14 + a random number. Imagine that random number turns out to be 0 or 1. That would make your stat go down when leveling up. The only solution to this I can think of is to ignore the default parameter curve altogether because the numbers simply won't align. Essentially the curve would have to be generated by some sort of equation that updates the next value depending on what the random number is. But idk maybe I'm wrong lol, perhaps it's a lot more simple than I would think. I'll definitely check your script
  3. When leveling up, I'd love it if the parameter doesn't just have a predefined increase, but instead can increase by a random number (say, 0-5) + the default increase. So let's say at level 2, the ATK stat on a certain class raises from 10 to 11 by default. In this script, it would increase from 10, to either 11 or 12 or 13, 14, 15, 16, randomly generated. If the random number is 0, it will increase only by the default curve value, so in this case, going from level 1 to 2, it would only increase by 1. But, if the random number is 5, it would increase by 6. So: default parameter increase + random number, if that makes sense. The only problem with this is that, then, the stat could be higher than what it is set to in the database. So how would that be fixed? Because, let's say that leveling up to level 3 gives you 12 ATK -- but with this script, the ATK was already raised to 13! I don't want the stats to ever downgrade when leveling up... So my solution would be that for each class or actor, you would set the parameter scale curve in the notebox. So for example: <param_curve> [100, 9999, slow] #MHP [85, 8500, fast] #MMP [20, 500, medium] #ATK ... </param_curve> The array for each stat would be like this: [level 1 value, level 99 value, increase speed] And this would essentially just ignore the param curves set in the database. This is a cool idea in theory but how difficult would this be to code? The custom parameter curve part seems especially hard to me, but would it be difficult to an experienced scripter? Is there a script like this that already exists? Thank you for any help EDIT: I forgot to add that depending on the speed of the parameter curve, the random number would be different. The faster the level up curve, the larger the maximum random number would be. Like this: Very fast: 0-20 Average: 0-10 Very slow: 0-1 That would make it a lot more dynamic depending on the parameter being increased
  4. Man it's been a while haha. I'm just wondering, is it within our rights to take a MIDI from 2k3 (or XP or 2k or even 95) and put it into a DAW and remix it? I own 2k3 so I know I can use its music as it is, but I'm not sure about the legality of editing it, or even totally remaking it.

    I was going to ask this in the official RM forum but that site confuses me with its many, many subforums, I had no idea where to place this question. Plus I like this place better :P

    1. Kayzee


      Pretty sure no one here is a lawyer, a real lawyer probably wouldn't give free legal advice to a stranger anyway, and  even if I did the answer would probably be a long winded version  of "it's complicated".


      Here is my likely ignorant rule of thumb though: It's always gonna be a gamble.


      How so? Well let's imagine a game. So you want to use this music... You got to make a bet! If you win you keep your money and get to use the music, if you lose you lose all the money. But there is a trick! Not only is it a bet, it's a blind bet. You have no idea how much you bet unless you lose.


      Okay let's look at your hand. Oh so you own 2k3, okay add some points. Oooh, but you aren't actually using the music in 2k3, that may cost you some points. Oh but you aren't actually using the music it's self, okay add some points... but it is a remix so take some away. Uh oh, you are using the original midi? My my that might cost you some points! And so on.


      Now to your opponent. They only get to play if they pay attention. If they don't notice you use the song at all you might win by default! But not so fast! They can play any time they want so it might be years before they make a move and you won't know!


      So you have your hand and your opponent has theirs. What kind of hand could they have? Now if they play they may or may not have a better hand then you, but that's not the end of the game! Oh no no no. If your opponent plays they can use money counter bet by hiring a good team of lawyers. Now you have an opportunity to counter counter bet, but I bet you have far less money then they do don't you?


      Now I donno about you, but that all kinda sounds sus to me. I think I rather not play that game and just use free stuff or make my own when I can. :3

    2. PhoenixSoul



      If you're thinking about it, just go for it. At this point, no one is really going to care.

  5. I want to be able to play more than one BGS track at once, while also having a BGM playing. Is there any possible way to do this in VX Ace?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Kayzee


      It's probably impossible to get a seamless loop due to frame rate fluctuations, though you could probably get closer if you edited the sound to be exactly the right length in frames. Either way, you might need to add a fade out/fade in and just let it overlap a bit. Or another option might be having shorter motor/revving sounds that are designed to play intermittently rather then loop.

    3. UncannyBoots


      I know you don't like the FMOD script but I'm not wrong when I say it does indeed allow for multiple BGS (audio channels), right? If that's the case then I guess I'll look into getting it to work because that's the only good solution here, it seems.

      ...The only problem is, I literally can't find any clear cut documentation for how to play another audio channel. The documentation that comes with the script focuses only on getting DSP effects to work, which I have no interest in.

      This is the only thing that seems related to specifying a channel that I can find:

      v = $game_variables[pos]

      And I have no clue on how to make use of that

    4. Kayzee


      It's not so much that I dislike the script and more that I have run into problems trying to use it. I think it has trouble working on some computers for some reason. Anyway APU::CURRENT_CHANNEL_VARIABLE should be set to a number near the start of the script shouldn't it? I think you just need to set that variable before you play a sound and it will play on that channel... I think?

  6. UncannyBoots

    Mirroring tiles via Tile Swap script

    I hate doing parallax mapping and afaik there's no way to anchor an image onto the map so I just gave up on this dream. Instead, for big unique buildings that I only use on one map, I just put the building in a character sheet and piece it all together with events. Thanks for the response
  7. I know MZ is brand new but I'm still curious, are the plugins being made for MZ just ports of MV plugins or are there a lot of original plugins being made? I own MV but I haven't used it all that much so I'm not familiar with its plugin library so idk how many of the new MZ plugins are just ports or not

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I think it is a mixture of both.

      I believe that there are some plugin makers that are porting some of their RGSS scripts to MZ...

    2. UncannyBoots


      That's really cool, are they scripts that didn't really have an MV port?

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Tsukihime mentioned in one of her status posts that she'd be having to port her Tag Manager script to MV from VX Ace for a grid battle feature she's developing for MZ. I'm certain that there are other examples of MZ plugins that are being ported in from XP/VX/VX Ace...

  8. Huh, maybe it's just me where the script has problems then. This site leads me to believe that there was a different Ace version; there's also an XP version. I wonder what the differences were, if the VX one works for you in Ace with no issues.
  9. It allows for changing color, changing angle, mirroring, adding wave effects, etc to characters and events via simple script calls. Here's the VX script. I actually did get it to work in Ace by commenting out a few lines that gave errors but that isn't ideal. Also it conflicts with Galv's Character Effects but I doubt the Ace version is any different in that regard. Still I'm interested in acquiring it.
  10. UncannyBoots

    Mirroring tiles via Tile Swap script

    Yeah and it's easier to have only two tilesets so I don't get confused and change a passability in the wrong tileset, which I would do all the time when I had many tilesets that shared the same A or B-E tiles. But in general I do want my game to have as few files as possible too
  11. Does anybody have "New Character Properties with Calls" for VX Ace? The VX version is on the internet, but somehow the VX Ace one has totally vanished.
  12. UncannyBoots

    Mirroring tiles via Tile Swap script

    I want to use as few tilesets as possible. So far I'm still at only 2 different tilesets for my entire game; one for indoors, and one for outdoors. I'm reaching the limit though, and I want to make some unique buildings, which are going to be pretty big. And here lies the problem: the buildings are symmetrical, so it uses double the tiles on my tileset, but it doesn't have to. If I could mirror the tiles that are symmetrical, which most retro games do, I could cut the tileset usage in half for these building tiles. Now, I found this script by Hime that allows for inserting tiles via script call. I know that it is possible to mirror bitmap images in RGSS3, because I have a script by Galv that has a mirror reflection in water that mirrors the character sprite on the y axis. So I think that, in theory, a modification could be made to Hime's script here that would insert tiles on the map, but mirrored on the x axis. I'm not a scripter though, so I came here to ask for your thoughts. Do you think this is feasible, and if it is, could you do it for me? It takes some humility to ask that lol, but I'm not just asking for "help" here because I don't know what to do at all when it comes to writing Ruby, so to be frank I am asking for someone to do it, if it's not too much of a hassle. It's a decently long script so I don't know how many variables would have to be edited. If it is too difficult, then I understand. Thank you EDIT: Looking into it, the way that Galv's Character Effects script mirrors the player sprite is by using "self.mirror". I wonder if that sort of code would work for tiles too. I kind of doubt it though Would something have to be added under Spriteset_Map?
  13. UncannyBoots

    What features would be included in your dream RPG Maker?

    Lol what are the odds that I just added another one as soon as you posted Sadly, all of these wishes are nothing more than pipe dreams. I highly doubt Kadokawa cares to add truly game-changing functions like these to future RPG Makers.
  14. If they're all in txt files or something equivalent, then you could add them all to a rar/zip file and provide it for download via MEGA or mediafire or whatever
  15. UncannyBoots

    What features would be included in your dream RPG Maker?

    Got a few more I'd like to add. -Multiple BGS tracks at once. -Dynamic audio by distance. In other words, imagine a radio playing music. The more tiles away from the radio you are, the quieter it becomes. The more tiles closer to the radio you are, the louder it is. -Smaller tiles that you can piece together to make a whole tile. Like how the NES worked; the tiles were 8x8, but in general the way it was used was to combine four 8x8 tiles together into one larger 16x16 tile. This allowed for not only a smaller file size, but allowed for more mixing and matching of what tiles could look like. Also, there are times when a tile I make only takes up half of the tile (or even a quarter). So that's an entire half tile that is unused, which is a waste of tileset space. If the tiles were naturally a quarter size of what they are now, then it would allow for so much more possibilities in tile mapping and would allow for more tiles in general. Also, this would allow for quasi-pixel movement right out of the box. -To add to the previous one, the ability to mirror a 'quarter' tile would be fantastic. NES developers did this a lot as well (as did many other retro developers for any console, I'm sure). It again saves tile space and would allow for better mapping possibilities.
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