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  1. How would I go about calling Common Event #8 during a map transfer? I already know where to place the code (it's in Game_Player), I just need to know what command I need to call. Thanks again 😭

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    2. Kayzee


      Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I thought might happen. Though actually forgot that error was a thing and I kinda thought it would just bug out and not finish the common event right.


      And as for why eventing feels so much better than scripting? Well, first of all... can you really say that what you are doing is truly pure eventing if you are using a script call like "$game_player.transfer?" in a conditional branch? :P


      But more importantly, eventing is kinda like the dark side of the force. It flows easier for a lot of people and may help you get things done quicker, but eventually it takes it's toll. Of course we should all know by now that both the Jedi and the Sith were more then a little dumb. Just because a tool has problems doesn't mean you never use it, but it does mean that it isn't always the best tool for the job. :P

    3. UncannyBoots


      " can you really say that what you are doing is truly pure eventing if you are using a script call like "$game_player.transfer?" in a conditional branch?"

      I get what you mean but I couldn't just put

      "if $game_player.transfer?

      <do this>


      in a script but I could easily do it in an event.

    4. Kayzee


      I guess it's best to think of it like this: Events are handy for doing stuff yes. But scripting is more about making stuff. What I mean is, for events you are making a list of things you want to do when the event is run. Having lists of things you want to do is part of scripting too of course, but that's just part of what you are doing. A ton of scripting involves making different types of objects and telling the program what those objects are and how they work. In the context of an event a script call like "$game_player.transfer?" are like mysterious arcane words that invoke a higher power but lack any real meaning. In the context of scripting though we can understand and even change what those words actually mean.


      Once you get to an advanced enough level, I think scripting becomes so much more easy to deal with then events for a lot of things, just because without doing a lot of script calls you are pretty limited in how you can actually express your intentions. Would you rather make a complex card minigame thing as a large complicated event that uses a billion variables all over the place and probobly only half works, or would you rather be able to make it out of slightly more complex but still understandable parts? I mean using Arrays at the very least would be more helpful then a bunch of random variables. Arrays even already have a built-in way of shuffling them!