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  1. Dabbled in making 3D models after being addicted to Skyrim again, and I wanted to make some mods. So I learned Blender (somewhat) and then thought "man, my life dream has always been to make my own AAA quality 3D action adventure RPG game. I should totally learn Unreal Engine." I thought, hey, it has blueprints, so that's already sort of like RPG Maker, but for 3D, right?

    Well after two weeks of hell, with every solution I find for a problem coming up with 3 more issues, I have decided not to go down the 3D game development route.

    1. Rikifive


      Yeah, 3D environment is way more difficult than 2D. Making decent looking 3D models is a challenge itself. Making great 3D games would be really nice indeed, but one does not simply make one. 😛

    2. PhoenixSoul


      The number of solo devs that have done fully 3D games is less than a hundred I think.

      Nadeo is one example, but only for the first Trackmania game. A lot went into that game, and it's definitely not bug-free or even the best polished, but it was done by one person, in less than a year I believe it was.

    3. Kayzee


      Having every solution you find for a problem coming up with 3 more issues sounds like game development in general really. Even in RPG Maker that seems to be the case more often then not if you try doing anything beyond a bog standard RPG. It can be frustrating, but I think most of the time if you really look at what is going on you might realize something important:


      Though you will keep finding more and more issues, they aren't actually endless. Some new issues you will find are really the same as or closely related to issues you have seen before. Most of them follow a predictable pattern, and if you figure out that pattern eventually you will start solving issues before they even become issues. If you really examine the problems involved, you can become good at anything if you stick with it long enough.


      It's never that easy or simple, but I think the really tricky part is finding the determination to stick with it long enough to get better.

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