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  1. Idk if I'm just an idiot or not but I cannot figure out how to 'anchor' a sprite onto my player character's sprite. I want to make a simple lighting system by using sprites and setting their blending to 'Add'. It works great for static lights. But I want my character to hold a torch. I could use a lighting script for this (which I do, currently), but I cannot find a lighting script that makes it so that the light shows underneath "Above Character" tiles or events.

    I've tried to change the z value of the lights in the lighting script I use (Zeus' Lighting script) but no luck there.

    I also know of Hime's Picture Anchors script, but the z value of pictures cannot be changed, and the blending mode of pictures do not affect events or the tilemap. If only I could anchor an event sprite to the player, like the Picture Anchor script can do for pictures, I'd finally have a solution to this long problem I've had of wanting lights to go underneath star tiles and 'Above Character' events. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Kayzee


      Pretty sure the thing you are missing is making sure the light sprite and player sprite are using the same viewport. Each viewport basically takes all the sprites that use it and draws them together as a group with it's own z value so a sprite or whatever can only be drawn between others if they are in the same viewport.


      That said: If you ask me having lights drawn under "Above Character" tiles or events actually look pretty terrible. Most light scripts I know draw a layer of darkness with 'holes' so drawing them bellow 'above character' stuff will make all the above character stuff be fully lit and the radius of lights will more then likely make the tops of trees stand out and get cut off.

    2. UncannyBoots


      You make a good point about lights clipping through trees, I didn't think much about that but yeah I don't see any good workaround to that sadly.

      Still, is there a script out there that makes a character event sprite overlay on top of the character (similar to Hime's Picture Anchor script)? That would still be better for me so that I can ditch lighting scripts altogether and just use the Add blending mode for lights. Right now that's what I'm doing for static lights, but for my character I'm still using Zeus' Lighting Script, and when it turns on, CPU usage takes a noticeable spike upwards which I'd like to avoid.

    3. Kayzee


      What do you mean by 'makes a character event sprite overlay on top of the character' exactly? You mean overlaying one character sprite on another? You know all you really need to do to 'anchor' a sprite to another is to copy it's x/y location right?


      Sidenote: Lighting scripts are always gonna be sorta slow like that because it has to do extra tricks with subtraction blending to get nice dark areas. You can't really get nice dark areas with additive blending and overly bright areas can look weird.

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