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    The Job System on my (Dream) Game [35% Complete]

    Sana all nakakagawa ng sariling laro (If only all could make their own games)
  2. Since the first post I made 'failed', let's restart this all over again. The game I imagined it to be (at least,) has a job system wherein characters are able to have jobs / roles the player assigned them to have. There are some restrictions however, like gender preferences and / or if the character has their own preferences for a job that fits them. I imagined the system to have a level system, something to define the current proficiency of the character on that particular job. The levels are shown down below: Lvl | Category 1 Starter 2 Rookie 3 Junior Apprentice 4 Senior Apprentice 5 Professional 6 Star Professional* 7 Master Oh by the way, here are the following jobs: Freelancer Warrior* —> Knight —> Paladin | |-> Dark Knight | |-> Rune Knight |-> Lancer —> Dragoon |-> Samurai —> Shogun |-> Berserker Thief —> Ninja —> Assassin |-> Hunter —> Treasure Hunter Archer —> Hunter —> Treasure Hunter |-> Ranger Scholar-> White Mage -> Priest -> | ArchPriest |-> Black Mage -> Conjurer -> | Necromancer |-> Rune Mage —> Elementalist |-> Geomancer |-> Astrologist Bard Dancer Beast Tamer Mime Summoner I'll be listing the ff: jobs' abilities some time later. As I mentioned in the first post, I'll need some recommendations about skills, whether it be buffing or nerfing them (tho I don't have any experience with coding or formulae) revolving around a specific job. But we're gonna skip the stats for now. The jobs are listed down below, together with the assigned skills to them: (Note: I'll just post the Fighter-type, Assassin-type and the Tank-type jobs' skillsets, for now...) — Knight •Shield Charge •Shield Bash •Sword Thrust — Paladin •Sacred Cross •Cleanse — Dark Knight No Skillset — Lancer - Dragoon job tree •Spear Dive •Spear Throw •Spear Stab •Spear Swipe •Rising Spear •Lance Charge •Lance Barrage •Lance Drop — Samurai - Shogun* job tree •Baku (Restraint) •Jinsoku (Swift) •Tsunagari (Link) •Saegiru (Block) •Fū (Seal) •Tsuki (Lunge) •Iai Strike •Shi (Death) •Handan (Judgement) •Kowareru (Break) •Zan (Rend) •Shokei (Execution) •Zangeki (Slash) — Berserker No Skillset yet — Rune Knight • Spellblade • Rune Enchantment: (any of the ff:**) Fira / Thundara / Hydrora / Stonera / Aerora / Blizzara —Thief - Ninja - Assassin •Steal / Mug •Hide •Back Attack •Sneak Attack •Trick Attack •Stealth Attack —Ninja-exclusive •Katon* (Fire) •Suiton* (Water) •Raiton* (Thunder) •Doton* (Earth) •Fujin* (Air) •Hyōton* (Ice) •In* (Shadow) —Assassin-exclusive •Assassinate •Conceal •Stun Clap * Not sure if the translation is accurate or fitting for the intended skill Feel free to post some recommendations or suggestions for the ff: job, as well as their skillsets and abilities. P.S. Keep safe from the coronavirus, wash ur hands and be healthy

    Damage Formula/Defense Predicament (RM XP)

    If I were to make a game, I'd probably use this formula (tho it needs some adjustments): User LVL × (Atk Power × (User Total Atk / Target Def)) × Effectiveness × Critical Rate Where: Total Atk = (Base Atk + Weapon Atk Stats) Effectiveness Lvl has the ff: 200% - Very Effective 100% - Neutral 50% - Not Very Effective 0% - Resistant And, Critical Rate 200% - Yes 100% - No Feel free to make some adjustments on this formula
  4. Why no avatar yet? D:



      Oh, sorry haven't had the time to make one yet so I chose to use the sprite of my favorite character Terra from FF6. I'm probably gonna replace it in a week or two with an original artwork of mine(?)

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      Yay for Terra! She really is the best girl. So down to earth! Sorry that was a terra-ble pun. :3

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      Lord Vectra

      She has nice legs (yup. When I first seen her, thats the first thing I noticed)

  5. Since I'm new to this forum, I wanted to get some ideas from you guys to get to know each other's opinions and ideas in their respective games (Even though I'm aspiring to make one). So let's start with job skills. The game I wanted to make has a job system (similar to DnD and FF) .The job classes and their respective groups I'm going to use are the ff: -Fighter (Warrior, Lancer, Dragoon, Berserker, Samurai, Shogun, Assassin[Brawl], ) -Tank (Knight, Paladin, Dark Knight, Rune Knight) -Marksman (Archer, Ninja, Assassin[Stealth], Hunter, Ranger) -Assassin (Thief, Ninja, Assassin[Stealth]) -Special (Monk, Bard, Dancer, Summoner, Beast Tamer) And the Modes for some jobs are as follows: -Archer (Stealth, Fast Attack, Snipe) -Hunter (Hunt, Stealth) -Knight, Paladin, Dark Knight, Rune Knight (Offensive, Defensive) -Assassin (Stealth, Brawl) So feel free to recommend any job skills for the following job classes. It would be most appreciated if you could use this format: Skill Name User's Job (can be more than one) Job Mode Required to unlock P.S. feel free to correct me anytime or recommend ideas for the job system : D

    Hi everyone

    Hi! I'm new to this community/forum (i dunno which is what) and I'm actually here to get some ideas from you guys for a game I was thinking about. I'm not actually old enough or allowed to make games yet (by my parents) or to learn coding since I still study high school atm. Maybe if I get old enough to chase my dreams as a game dev I can get some help from you guys. I'm looking forward to meet new friends who can help and share ideas with each other, that's all. (I'm Filipino btw, so I dunno if my English is good?)