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    Create your own window (plugins)

    https://youtu.be/xTiAC9Bx4SE Testing in progress It's easy to work. You just adjust 1 page. There are a total of 8 windows, a total of 120 windows. You may do 100 quests. What kind of this and this is an interesting option For you It still needs a little improvement. This is an example window. I think this may help as a good option. property Adjust window position All the options that are displayed as needed Working with general events Select unnecessary windows. Resize, adjust position Up to 15 options, 120 window Add a picture Change font color Enable and disable images with a custom switch. support MOG_MenuBackground MOG_MenuParticles
  2. If I will bring this window to put in Scene_Equip, do I have to repeat it or what method of import? Yes, I just started learning the basics of javascpit. Yes it is quite confusing for me Or have an extra plugin already, I will thank you I'm pretty sure this part is Window_ItemStatus And what I will do is put it on Scene_Equip I tried many tests but it didn't work. Scene_Equip.prototype.createWindow_ItemStatus = function() { this._ItemStatus = new Window_ItemStatus(); this.addChild(this._ItemStatus); };
  3. Palatkorn

    minigame minigame

    This is my first time showing game previews. I want to create more of this mini game. About Slot Games The default is The amount should be equal to 3. And pay 100 Tokens per time When accumulating 3 items Will be able to exchange Is a different custom item The difficulty of the cabinet is the amount you set. Suppose I set the cat equal to 100. That means it's very difficult. About Poker I use the numeric values as normal numbers 1-9 to subtract. And cards can have matching flowers of up to * 3 And can be negative as a debt as well You should have enough money to not get into debt in this game. I plan to create fun mini games. Hope you like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3Z_7GTA01Q&t=58s
  4. Again, I'd like to generate a random number 1-10, with numbers 1-10 disappearing at 1 digit each when starting again. Let's say I randomly get a number 5. The number 5 will be subtracted and there will be 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10 left, and I will randomize again to 0 and return to normal. Who would have any ways?