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    Yangtze Uniform

    From the album: Theorized Game Concepts

    "Blue Star" Yangtze's on-base attire. Yangtze is a top fighter pilot in the Eastern Wind Company, an international Squadron for hire. I wanted her to wear a uniform akin to a Qipao, albeit heavily modified that would allow far greater ease of movement than the skirts of the 1920-30s era. Another prime reason for her overt feminine appearance is to contradict the expectations of the general public who believe that the heroic "Blue Star" is a man, no thanks to the ill-informed press. Probably going to remove the cherry-red lipstick and just keep it in 'le nu'.
  2. StaliniumToast

    Theorized Game Concepts

    Pardon my scratch-work, hands are shaky most of the time. As the title implies, this game is virtually non-existent and is still just as electrical shock in the noggin. Nothing much to share right now.
  3. StaliniumToast

    Privet E'erbody!

    Thought I'd pop in and say hey~a to e'erbody in the forum! I've played around with RPG Maker over the years and finally updated to the MV. Still along ways from creating anything of note, but I look forward to learning from you all along the way. RPGM aside, I'm a huge history buff (predominantly Imperial Germany) and enjoy learning new recipes to try even if it means burning down the kitchen to do so! I do a lot of sketching on the side with MS.5, not professional looking work, but it gets the job done. So if you ever need a character idea drawn out, maybe shoot the breeze about food, I'm all ear-holes! -Toasty
  4. StaliniumToast

    Privet E'erbody!

    *Coughs asthmatically* German sparkle party!
  5. StaliniumToast

    Privet E'erbody!

    Will do, thanks both of you!
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