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  1. shadowKnight

    Devil's Due (TEAM NEEDED)

    are you still looking for help? I would like to help you with this project. here is my previous work https://gamejolt.com/@3dfbomb
  2. shadowKnight

    Recruiting for large project

    are you still looking for people? I would like to see where this goes and maybe help if everything clicks. this is my game list I have worked on https://gamejolt.com/@3dfbomb I can do music, art, and other game-related stuff.
  3. shadowKnight


    Hello, everyone! I just signed up today. I have some experience with "RPG maker mv" and have been making games since my early 20s. I am now 37 and made lots of "prototypes" as well as other various works. https://gamejolt.com/@3dfbomb/games I mostly do art and music but I am learning new stuff to improve my skill set. see you you all in the forums thanks:)