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  1. fladdles

    Scene Combine

    Easier (probably) idea! At line 105 you have this: @accepted_items = [] I dont know jack about scripting, but what if the script only displays a certain specified range of item id's? I only have about a dozen alchemy ingredients in the game, so I think that would be easier than trying to specifically make it compatible with a whole 'nother script. I could just tell the script to only display if I have any number of these dozen or so items and leave it at that. That would be perfect. Basically, if I have no alchemy ingredients, it would be an empty window display - but if I have any alchemy ingredients (specified by ID number or even a notetag, doesnt matter) ONLY they will show up in the window when I go to craft something.
  2. fladdles

    Scene Combine

    How would I go about modifying display values? I was able to remove the Weapons, Armors, and Special Items display from the UI interface, but the Items section still shows everything in my inventory.
  3. fladdles

    Scene Combine

    Hello! I love the straightfowardness of the script, as I have been looking for an open-ended alchemy system for ages (as compared to crafting specific items through eventing), but I ran into a minor snag: I use Yanfly's Item Menu for its categories ability and have a whole category of items that are strictly alchemy ingredients (as apposed to Smithing, Quest Items, Potions, Food, etc). All the alchemy ingredients are flowers, herbs, and the like. Would it be possible, when opening the crafting scene, to only show the 'ingredients' item category instead of every single item in my inventory? I imagine this could be easily done by referencing the category in the Yanfly script, but I don't know much about scripting so I haven't gotten it to work.
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