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    Hello guys. I am 24 years old, I come from Poland and I've started my adventure with RPG Maker XP. I made a lot of projects, but none actually finished. I've always enjoyed fun with eventing, so that's what actually my game making was. I come back, this time to RPG Maker VX Ace, to finish a game for my girlfriend. I'm doing my best to understand the program and use it's to its full features and create an enjoyable experience. The game is a wicked story and uses her character as a protagonist. It's mostly fun, but becomes a hobby lately - I just love to adding new maps, weapons, enemies, quests, and look for a way to grant more RPG like features. So far I've created all by myself: dynamic time system, dynamic weather, loot system for Sapphire ABS, perks and character attributes such as strength, luck, intelligence and level up system. I hope to find some help with more advanced features I may need in future. I would also like to get some opinions about the development and inform you about progress. Thanks for your attention, have fun and stay safe
  2. Hello. I am using Sapphire ABS, which is the best fitting for my game, from all action battle systems available. I love it's features, though it comes with kind of limited options in terms of loot or respawning events. I've managed to create my own event based loot system, but respawning events becomes a real struggle. I would like each enemy (which are placed as events with A or B self switches conditions, depending if the enemy is dead and to be looted or disappeared afterwards) to respawn after a certain amount of time. I am also using a self-made event based time system with hour, minutes and seconds variables, that could come in handy. I'll be thankful for any working scripts or ideas how to get this thing running as I want it.
  3. Hi. I've created my own attribute points system, based on events. I want to make level up system available from menu, because I use Sapphire's ABS and don't want the window with attributes pop-up during fights. Is there a way to call a common event from menu? I would like to add an option "Level up", which would do nothing if player doesn't have any attribute points (a variable I use in events), but otherwise toggles a common event with attribute system. I want to put it under "Status" option. Thanks