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  1. Oh my goodness it was the death state the whole time. I had changed the name of it, and I guess it didn't like that? Not having any problems now! Not sure why that causes the crash, my guess is it looks for the default Death State. But hey, I ain't arguing. Thank you both for the help! I would have straight up deleted a script without your guys input! Now! As my last question ...how does one close a thread?
  2. It's something that happens regardless. However, thanks to @roninator2, discovery, I'm going through all my scripts, to see if its something else. Thanks again Roninator! (Also sorry for the false information!) EDIT: I've re-added all my scripts, and haven't ran into any problems strangely enough. Gonna start porting other stuff from the data base over and see if something there is messing it up. EDIT #2 Just had the crash happen after adding my states? Strange indeed. currently looking into it.
  3. I believe so. If that is the case, any idea if its possible to do the opposite? Keep the summoned actor until you've returned to the map and then remove em? Regardless thanks for the help!
  4. Apologies I cant figure out how to directly reply @PhoenixSoul. Thanks for the quick reply! I inserted it into an event, and was met with this error. Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 1411: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method 'actors' for #<Game_Party:0x1280fcc0> I may have implemented it incorrectly I've never poked around with calling scripts from Common Events. hopefully that's not the case. Also, if I were to add other actors to that list. would it look like this? I'll try and toy around with it to see if I'm just implementing it wrong or something. (I tried an event just with the script snippet, and one with a conditional branch, that branch being when the summoned actor was in the party. But still no dice.) EDIT: Hmmmm, Messed around, but if I'm not getting the error stated above, im back to the initial error from Weapon Attack Replace Script, but I feel like you're on the right path, would there be somewhere else I could stick your fix in?
  5. Hi all, fresh newbie here, made an account just to reach out for help! Experimenting with all these awesome scripts, trying to create a unique rpg. While testing I found that three scripts I use, Yanfly's Weapon Attack Replace, Vlue's Pet's and Summon's (Compatibility Version), and lastly (my personal Favorite) Yanfly's Free Turn Battle seem to clash in some way. Here's my issue. When actor A summons actor B, and actor B kills the enemy and is left with no more Action Points from Yanfly's Free Turn Battle, it crashes the game with an error box stating: "Script 'Weapon Attack Replace' line 301: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method 'actor?' for nil:NilClass" Line 301 and its neighbors are: 300 def status_redraw_target(target) 301 return unless target.actor? 302 @status_window.draw_item($game_party.battle_members.index(target)) 303 end 304 305end This is the only way it crashes the game that I've discovered. I've tried re-arranging the scripts, editing the attack (it previously used the Weapon Attack Replace), summoning different actors, but the outcome remains the same, a cold, cold, crash followed by that error. It ONLY happens when the Summoned Actor lands the killing blow on the LAST enemy. I've tested for hours on end to make sure that's correct! My theory is that it tries to check if there's any change in MP or HP as a result of the attack, but the actor is removed at the end of the battle, resulting in the crash, how ever, I have no idea how in the world I would fix that, nor where to even start. A simple "fix" is to straight up delete "Unless target.actor?" but that brings up graphical errors with the Free Turn Battle Script, resulting in any changes to MP/HP/TP/Stat symbols not being properly shown until the NEXT turn. (Example just in case it doesn't make sense, Actor A, who has 100MP uses a weapon that costs 10 MP, they would use it, but their MP Gauge wouldn't change to show the proper amount (which should be 90MP) until next turn, after the enemy has acted.) If there's any questions or any other clarifications you need please let me know! This isn't for any serious project, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to make it work! (Side note, I have all the necessary scripts for Yanflys Free turn battle script. Those being "Ace Core Modifications" and Ace Battle Engine) Apologies for any newbie Mistakes!