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    my interest in making music, creating a game, in RPG maker, love doing a cutscene and events, and play golf and basketball on my Xbox.

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  1. I have a character female my main character see her falling out, of the sky as she smashes through the roof
  2. angie35

    how do you guard attack scene

    Ron, I'm creating my own script just learning also creating my own core engine
  3. my first cutscene finished working, on the village been attacked. 

  4. working hard on script today hoping to have my opening, to my first game completed hoping to get more done.

  5. angie35

    how do you guard attack scene

    I'm using vx ace at the moment just looking for some plugin
  6. angie35

    how do you guard attack scene

    cool was wondering how to get it like this or this
  7. angie35

    how do you guard attack scene

    cool do you guy's know how to get a character to speak during battle
  8. I'm making my opening for my game? but I'm still new to this I'm trying to get the guards to attack the people and capture my main character and her friend Grace have just come back from a heist