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  1. Hey, I need help with a cutscene in my game. In the cutscene, the main character has just gotten over a battle. They walk up to something and they break it. I don't know how to make the main character walk though. How do I make the main character walk up to the thing?
  2. Megamimiku

    rpg maker xp Unexpected file format. How do I fix it?

    Bump. I really need help
  3. This was a while back but still. My game crashed and I got an unexpected file format. How do I fix it? I don't think I can build my game up again. I have no buckups. I'm mortified...
  4. I need help, I'm planning on having a kinda short game to somewhat test the engine before doing better stuff. I'm planning on making 3 bosses, all with different songs, the problem is that I can't seem to get the music for the first boss to play, I tried telling it to play the song in the troops commands but that didn't work, I tried telling it to play before the battle but that also didn't work, I then tried to tell it to play after the battle starts but that didn't work and I'm getting frustrated over it. How do I make it play during the boss battle and make it stop when the battle's over?
  5. Megamimiku

    rpg maker xp How do I make a trade?

    Yeah, I meant died (I'm not good at grammar) Thanks for helping me out, but where do you find those commands? I can't find them on the Event Commands page, unfortunately
  6. Megamimiku

    rpg maker xp How do I make a trade?

    Hello, I have a thing in my game where at the beginning, there's this old guy, he's sad because his friend did and you half to give him an item to make him feel better so he can give you an item that let's you get the real ending in the game. How do I do this? I would also like to know how to add multiple endings. Please help me. I use rpgmaker XP if that helps
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