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    Thank you! I agree though. It was such a fun game.
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    Complete Menu Overhaul

    I was curious on how to make a very specific Menu Overhaul. I know what I am asking may be a lot, but I wanted to see if anyone would be up to the task? I have made an example on what I wanted. On the left, instead of having a list of where to go through the menu, I wanted Items that can be hovered on and the box in between the map and the character info would tell you more about the item. Up top, the character info with just HP, Attack, Defense, and Agility. With gold under the face picture. On the bottom, a map that shows your location in red. I REALLY hope to get some help on this, if possible. I know it is possible, but it would require work.
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    My name is ITheSilentHero! I have been using RPG Maker since the original released in the US for PS1. As many games as I have created and never been released to the public is beyond both you and I, but I hope to be as resourceful as the rest of the rpg maker community! I am a Jack of all trades, but I am best at sprite creation and tile sets. If anyone has any questions, please ask! And I hope everyone enjoys making games from RPG Maker!