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  1. Anomaly

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    You're not replicating the code rather then the style of it. Yanfly's style was easy enough for most people to mimic when learning how to write themselves depends how clean it is to follow. Like it was mentioned before let's go back to code itself in Ace. def max_tp return 100 end There's not many ways you can rewrite that. You DO have options such as: $max_tp = 100 @max_tp = 100 attr_accessor :max_tp # returns 0 until @max_tp is called. def max_tp ; return 100 ; end But when you actually break it all down, it's the same function regardless. When it comes to RM why wouldn't I mimic the original code for compatibility? It's faster and more efficient to use the same code again then to write new code that's unnecessary other then to say "WHELP THIS IS MY WAY". Open source projects wouldn't exist with this kind of breakdown and understanding. Do I think it's fair that you claim a system with certain functions? Yes, you designed that. But if I'm able to mimic it the way I'd write it without looking at your code at all and it happens to follow similar syntax style does that still make me the thief? No, it's almost an impossible gray area where only the most elite members have the say over the rest the 1% of the community that influences the rest. Obviously, it will be blatant theft if it's copied THE EXACT SAME WAY, even if you changed variable names but the syntax is a 1:1 replica. This is where people fall shy of hitting the nail on the hammer. IMO Yanfly cashed out when he stumbled on the gold mine. If you have no system of checks and balance besides an honor system your paywall is useless and null and void any terms you ever wrote in the first place.
  2. Anomaly

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    TL;DR You're right, he's fallen as low as this community has ever sense MV came out. You've seen the major shift. Honestly, I've seen how the whole RM community has changed from the days rpgmakervx.net (Anyone here remember that far back?) Those were the days where people were about helping one another and making cool things with the engine just to relive moments from their childhood. But like the rest of the world, people change. Midway through Ace's life cycle did you really start to notice how things went from we to I to open to closed. Sure, you could write code but people were able to take that code and improve upon it or build new versions. There's only so many ways you can write the same piece of code before it becomes a battle of he said she said. In this case, theft or not. It's not right to justify what has become of today's community. People are so chaotic over nothing. Acting like their next piece of code or asset is the biggest AAA thing. It's really not, and people get really insecure over the dumbest shit. I don't partake on the main forums because of it. I refuse. It's cancel culture at it's finest especially if you don't suck up to the moderation team. Everyone is out and about for themselves. Yanfly was always set in his ways I'm just as shocked he's fallen this low. Back then it was about taking the code, improving upon his work and adapt to it. His style of coding was something A LOT of people mimic. I swear ever sense MV dropped, the toxicity is at an all time high. I pre-ordered the stupid thing thinking it was going to be pretty stable and improved upon like Ace was to VX. Nope, instead we've got a buggy ass mess of an engine which feels like the developers had no idea what they really wanted to do with it and it's been abandon ever sense patch 1.6.1. You have people ask about it and it either falls on deaf ears or they get backlash being told to behave and it's coming. Two years later and not a word.
  3. Anyone remember Star Stealing Prince? I'd sure love to port that game to either Ace or MV. As much as I love VX for everything it was the game would defiantly benefit from a newer engine. Come to think of it... If it's ported to Ace, it'll already run a lot smoother and I have the most experience with it. But if it's ported to MV, it could at least run on mobile? Idk considering MV still isn't even 100% stable 5 years later. Tough choice. Thoughts?

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    2. The_Akumatizer



      Oh? So you're like Navi or even Aery or Airy? Well then... have a taste of iron you sick monster.


      Death to fairies


      Just like all cute creatures (sans bunnies and Yoshis and some lolis and shotas and possibly a neko or 2 here), fairies are the spawn of all that is evil and must be purged from this land.


      I will not stop until I have purified this land from the evil that dwells here.

    3. Kayzee


      Hey hey! Stop it with the iron! Why do you think we are evil? Just because we tend to abduct, trick, steal from, magically charm, enchant, or just tend to annoy humans, doesn't mean we are evil! Maybe a tad sociopathic sometimes, sure, but not evil! I mean, it's hardly any worse then what humans do to themselves on a daily basis anyway. And there is nothing evil about being cute either! It's admittingly a nice way to catch victims off guard, but that doesn't make cute things evil! Though it might make evil things wanna look cute... Good and evil are just dumb human constructs anyway, we don't play by such silly rules.


      Besides, not all fairies are cute you know. Fairies tend to be treated as cute and harmless in modren media, but anyone knows anything about real fairy lore, well... You know the word 'Eldritch'? You know that one lovecraft loved to throw around?  *grins a little too wide* Do you wanna know where that word actually originally meant? Well, I am gonna tell you anyway. It originally meant 'elf-like', and in older times what today is called a 'fairy' was often called an 'elf'. We are literally the very definition of an eldritch being.


      But I'll go for now. Just be careful... We may not be evil, but we are sometimes easily offended. But... I like you! Your silly! So i'll try and play nice for now. Hehehehe... :3

    4. PhoenixSoul



      lolis and shotas

      Hmmm...okay then.

  4. Anomaly

    Anomaly Detected

    Hello everyone, I go by the name Anomaly as it's short and usually shows up first being it starts with an A. All jokes aside, I'm vary familiar with RM as far back as 2010 and I enjoy coding to pass the time. I've never really finished a game cause my ADHD won't let me focus long enough....what were we talking about? But I will probably estimate I've made 3000 project files so far. I guess it's probably due to me trying to perfect something and starting a new project afterwards. Maybe I'll make a game, maybe I won't. Who knows? I really love pixel art... I don't really care for RTP visual style but pixel art can take my money any day. I've probably tried to remake FFMQ 100 times but get so lazy after I finish a bunch of systems. One day it will be a real thing. As far as the engines go, I own all of them. However, I have a love for VX and will mock Ace until I need it for a feature VX doesn't have. I'm really a simple man here. MV IMO needs to go back to the drawing board. It's still too buggy 5 years later and that's turned me off from it. I don't mind helping someone if they have a question about the engine or coding in Ruby. But I won't take on big projects, though I guess if you want to commission something simple for $5 I see that as pizza money. I promise I'm pretty easy going and laid back and I probably never shut up. So take me to your leader because all your base belong to me.