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  1. Anyone remember Star Stealing Prince? I'd sure love to port that game to either Ace or MV. As much as I love VX for everything it was the game would defiantly benefit from a newer engine. Come to think of it... If it's ported to Ace, it'll already run a lot smoother and I have the most experience with it. But if it's ported to MV, it could at least run on mobile? Idk considering MV still isn't even 100% stable 5 years later. Tough choice. Thoughts?

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    2. The_Akumatizer



      Oh? So you're like Navi or even Aery or Airy? Well then... have a taste of iron you sick monster.


      Death to fairies


      Just like all cute creatures (sans bunnies and Yoshis and some lolis and shotas and possibly a neko or 2 here), fairies are the spawn of all that is evil and must be purged from this land.


      I will not stop until I have purified this land from the evil that dwells here.

    3. Kayzee


      Hey hey! Stop it with the iron! Why do you think we are evil? Just because we tend to abduct, trick, steal from, magically charm, enchant, or just tend to annoy humans, doesn't mean we are evil! Maybe a tad sociopathic sometimes, sure, but not evil! I mean, it's hardly any worse then what humans do to themselves on a daily basis anyway. And there is nothing evil about being cute either! It's admittingly a nice way to catch victims off guard, but that doesn't make cute things evil! Though it might make evil things wanna look cute... Good and evil are just dumb human constructs anyway, we don't play by such silly rules.


      Besides, not all fairies are cute you know. Fairies tend to be treated as cute and harmless in modren media, but anyone knows anything about real fairy lore, well... You know the word 'Eldritch'? You know that one lovecraft loved to throw around?  *grins a little too wide* Do you wanna know where that word actually originally meant? Well, I am gonna tell you anyway. It originally meant 'elf-like', and in older times what today is called a 'fairy' was often called an 'elf'. We are literally the very definition of an eldritch being.


      But I'll go for now. Just be careful... We may not be evil, but we are sometimes easily offended. But... I like you! Your silly! So i'll try and play nice for now. Hehehehe... :3

    4. PhoenixSoul



      lolis and shotas

      Hmmm...okay then.