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  1. Anyone remember Star Stealing Prince? I'd sure love to port that game to either Ace or MV. As much as I love VX for everything it was the game would defiantly benefit from a newer engine. Come to think of it... If it's ported to Ace, it'll already run a lot smoother and I have the most experience with it. But if it's ported to MV, it could at least run on mobile? Idk considering MV still isn't even 100% stable 5 years later. Tough choice. Thoughts?

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    2. The_Akumatizer



      Oh, and I'm going to sort of predict you're going to say something along the lines of "what arrogance the younger generation has" or "that I can't take criticism" (conditionally true, but then again does it matter and also, I would say it's harder for me take some forms and deliveries of criticism over others given my upbringing). I bet you're even going to imply that I'm easily triggered. Am I psychic? Possibly, but it's also just as likely I have a deep understanding of human psychology. A bit of more unlikely scenario however is that you will ignore me and in the rarest of events, you will attempt to apologize for poor wording (and by that, I don't mean being sarcastic about it) And how do I know these are the most likely types of responses you will make? Because those are the exact manner of responses I was subject to on a daily basis growing up and because that's exactly the pattern I've seen of people respond online. In fact, it wouldn't be far-fetched for you to then take some of my words out of context and possibly paint yourself as a saint. Am I emotionally intelligent? Yes, I am aware of my own emotions and I do have some forms of empathy and I am aware of how displaying my emotions will impact me socially and yet I do not believe emotions are something that can be controlled (though they can be influenced, 2 different but similar things) and yes. There is actually a Theory of Emotion regulation that state exactly just that.


      ...Interesting enough, after scouring the internet for a bit, I've discovered it appears to be possible to be naive while being quite clever or even intelligent at the same time. In fact, there's even a Tv Tropes page describing the very phenomenon of being skilled and yet lacking practical experience. Is being naive a bad thing? Technically speaking, it's neither as while naivety does refer to lacking in practical experience, it also shows up in those who are more ambitious and is a potential sign of entrepreneurial skills and opportunity taking. It's just that more often than not, people call others naive as way of putting them down.


      Oh, and before I submit my reply, there is also a chance you're going to say something along the lines of this reply being too long and that I should just get to the point. Also about equally as likely is you will report me.

    3. Kayzee


      @The_Akumatizer Sorry sorry not been feeling well lately. I didn't mean to not reply, honest! I totality should have earlier. And also, yeah, your predictions pretty much match exactly what I have observed too. You probobly do have a deep understanding of human psychology. But you forgot one thing: I'm not human, I'm a fairy. :3 Also, I'm completely insane, but who isn't? Doesn't mean I am not predictable in my own way.


      I am not saying you can't overcome the problems and do it. In fact I think you are probobly one of the more capable new people I have seen. You probobly actually could do it. If you think you can code for yourself and that you could handle doing what is needed to make your game come together, I am not going to say you are wrong. But you see, if that's true, you would be the exception. Fact is, most people are not coders. Either do to lack of interest, lack of time, or just not having the knack for it. Which is half the reason they might be interested in RPG Maker in the first place. Hence I believe, the problem with RPG Maker's reputation.


      And yeah, naive doesn't mean stupid, it just means that you lack experience. And it is a bad thing in so much as it means you probobly are missing a part of the picture and thing might appear simpler then they actually are (Or more complex sometimes to be fair). You are not alone in this. Everyone starts out naive. As you gain more experience you will overcome it. For some people losing that nativity is painful. They run into problems they didn't foresee and that might drive them to quit. But that isn't always the case. If you are determined, you can absolutely do it!


      Try not to let yourself be discouraged by what I say. I might not know what I am talking about, and honestly no one really knows what they are talking about. All opinions are subjective, and all facts are just opinions people tend to agree on. You are you. You are the god of your own universe. Don't forget that. It might not end up being worth it to you in the end, but only you can decide that! Go Go Akumatizer~! You can do it! ❤️


      Also: Maybe we should take this to a pm if you want to talk more? Poor poor @Anomaly probobly has had enough of us and our walls of text. Don't worry Anomy, I will stop. :3

    4. Anomaly


      @Kayzee Ya’ll good, was just joking with everyone haha

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