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  1. Anyone remember Star Stealing Prince? I'd sure love to port that game to either Ace or MV. As much as I love VX for everything it was the game would defiantly benefit from a newer engine. Come to think of it... If it's ported to Ace, it'll already run a lot smoother and I have the most experience with it. But if it's ported to MV, it could at least run on mobile? Idk considering MV still isn't even 100% stable 5 years later. Tough choice. Thoughts?

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    2. The_Akumatizer



      True. Assuming all those plugins work together and don't cause serious lagging or games to crash, then yes. What I've suggested could work in principle. Unfortunately... if it turns out that a majority of them don't work or if one of the major ones stops working... that's going to be rather annoying. I mean, yeah. I suppose I could somewhat create an illusion through eventing but that'd take to long.


      Hm... I wonder if I ought to use a different engine for some of the more complex gameplay styles?


      Maybe what I'm envisioning and perhaps even the way I'm going about it isn't practical with the RPG Maker engine.


      Is what I'm saying possible? Yes

      Is it practical? ... I'm getting the feeling it is not.

    3. Anomaly


      @Kayzee / @The_Akumatizer / @Animebryan

      Y'all hijacking my damn status and don't even include me. lol JK

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Oh, dearest love @Kayzee... Fetch quests in an action-adventure game? Not that often... and Milon's Castle is not that bad, just not an easy game to pick up and play.

      @The_Akumatizer, @Animebryan, @Anomaly...
      Sweet Mercy. lmfao

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