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  1. GoodBoiMcLovin

    Help Developing an Army system!!

    Naw doesnt seem Vlues pets and summons quite fits the bill for me, I might have to test it but at first glance it's not like you can some a dozen+ pets or actors into the battle at once. Tho a fine suggestion.
  2. GoodBoiMcLovin

    Help Developing an Army system!!

    Theres no requirement for you to like it, tho you are extremely missing out. If it's the graphics their new one Bannerlord may impress you. That aside I've looked into pets before like Galvs but it wasnt what I was looking for. I've not heard of Vlues I'll take a look into it thanks.
  3. GoodBoiMcLovin

    Help Developing an Army system!!

    Yes hundreds. 9 was only an example and for easy math and testing. The issue with that is how can they be cloned in battle, I know of no such script and with my limited time dont want to go about doing it myself. I wanted to.use it in the Pearl ABS system, where it clones in x number of troops and just sets them to attack but nothing like that seems to exist for ACE. Also as mentioned above in the original post the idea of the 9 soldiers was to have them as equipment who are equipped to commanders. This way you could buy soldiers from a vendor of different types and amounts and equip them onto your commanders. The commanders being the actors you see in battle.
  4. GoodBoiMcLovin

    Help Developing an Army system!!

    You're right sorry, I am currently using a modified Galv's Battlers system which works for me. I wanted to use Pearl ABS and do 50v50 battles but it would take more manual scripting than what I'm in the mood for. As for a video for Mount and Blade, I'm assuming your asking for surprised you haven't heard of it I highly recommend it! Of course non-first person, battles will be handled via Galv's Battler system with commanders and their equipped armies. I was wondering if there was a better way to handle armies than have soldiers/troops as equipment for commanders/leaders.
  5. Hey guys, in the middle of developing a game right now and I've got a decent question, I understand VX Ace quite well but this has me fairly stuck. I want the player to be able to hire, and use armies in my game world. Much like what is seen in Mount and Blade One forum mentioned the idea of using a leader to represent the army on the battlefield below: https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/25688-buildingleading-an-army/ However this doesn't answer how damage is handled, I want to make it so when the army takes damage, the player needs to hire new soldiers to replace the dead ones. I would also like it so that any injured soldiers can be healed and don't need to be replaced. For example: A commander has 10HP He equips a group of 9 soldiers each with 10HP He now has 100HP We get into a fight and he takes damage, after the fight he only has 85HP The player NEEDS to buy 1 soldier and heal the other for the commander to get back up to 100HP. One method I can think of is maybe having an equipment durability script tho I'm not sure one is available and have the commander have an infinite amount of equip slots so you equip each individual soldier onto him. After each set of 10damage, one of the soldiers equips break and then you use a special potion to heal the damaged one. I'm not a fan of having to learn how to script the software myself, so if anyone has any ideas on how best to handle this I'm all ears. Thanks so much for any help you can provide. :)