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    Happy quarantine everyone

    Yeah, first the virus and now the protests. Well, more time for game development as you say Thank you PhoenixSoul and Kayzee for welcoming me. I am dying to know what you think of the game itself. I guess I should post it under "Games in progress" now.
  3. Hi guys, my name is Agam and I am from New Jersey, USA. Like most of you (I assume) I am still home-bound, which is a great time to be creative and to connect with others virtually. And this is exactly what brought me to discover RPG Maker (MV) a few months back and inspired my first game, which I am still working on: "Pandemic - The First Wave" It's about two New Jersey girls (my sister and I) who had enough of this quarantine / lockdown and are going on an adventure to save their sick mom and the entire world... My entire family joined the process. We did voice-overs for the characters, created a funny trailer and YouTube tutorials, and even created our own website to host it all. You are welcome to take a look and try our game at BallgameStudios.com/pandemic. The game is still under development, and I would love to get feedback and collaborate on this forum.
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