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  1. Working on some casino games and looking for nice new projects!
  2. We got interviewed by ARCADE ATTACK UK! Find out @ https://www.bigimpactsound.com/
  3. Epic action music! https://soundcloud.com/big-impact-sound/samourai-mountain
  4. Great! Some beautiful emotional piano music for your project! https://soundcloud.com/bigimpactsound-support-5/falling-blocks-5-piano-version Contact us @ https://www.bigimpactsound.com/ to inject your project with a distinctive sonic identity!
  5. Hi, I'm Big Impact Sound, an experienced composer looking for new interesting projects! For more information, hundreds of ready to use compositions and much more, please go to: https://www.bigimpactsound.com/ Contact us now to provide your next project with a distinctive sound identity!
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