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  1. Saireau

    Script Call Master List

    Oh, this is very useful! :) Thank you for (re)posting this!
  2. Saireau

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Oh wow, you're very good! :) Love that piranha plant. :D
  3. Saireau

    Re-Breeze, RMMV Tiles Set.

    Oh wow! :) These are great! Thank you!
  4. Saireau

    music academy Music Software Tools

    SolMiRe (https://solmire.com/) is pretty cool, too. It turns MIDIs into MP3s using a sound font. I recommend A 340.
  5. Saireau

    Perceiving Shapes

    Oh, wow! Congratulations! :)
  6. Saireau

    Perceiving Shapes

    Every time I see those pixel assets, I'm thinking about making a game with them. :) I don't know, I really like them. And you have used them well!
  7. Saireau

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    Would you be interested in Game Master, Game Master Plus or LV99: Final Fortress? :)
  8. Saireau

    RPG Stat Systems

    You can simply introduce stats that are, by default, without any effect (like a 100% damage multiplier), but can have an effect where needed. For example, you can add a damage multiplier that is 100% for all characters by default. You don't need to touch it, but you can if you want to. If you think your ranged characters are a little weak, you call it something like 'Aim' and raise it only for the ranged characters. If you think your tanks receive too much damage, you call it something like 'Endurance' and raise it only for the tanks. That may be much easier than fiddling around with already existing stats. For example, what if your ranged characters can also use swords? You don't want to touch any of your swords again, since for the other characters, they are perfectly balanced.
  9. Saireau

    RPG Stat Systems

    You can use additional stats or additional terms in your formula to fine-tune damage numbers without touching your basic construct. As a simple example, if your formula contains something like "Damage = Base Power * STR + ATK", you have two different stats to work with and get the damage just right. Moreover, additional stats don't necessarily make things more complicated. Your additional stat could always be 100 except in situations where you need it to be just slightly higher or lower. You're just giving yourself another option.
  10. Saireau

    RPG Stat Systems

    Balancing can be difficult. More stats or more complex formulas make it easier to fine-tune player-enemy interactions. That said, as a player, I also like to understand what each stat does. In my opinion, developers shouldn't make it easier for themselves at the cost of confusing the player with, for example, an 'Attack' and a 'Strength' stat which *somehow* (that is, combined in a convoluted damage formula) boost physical damage dealt. The player should have an idea how to maximise physical damage dealt without searching a wiki.
  11. Saireau

    Game Master Plus

    Why you may enjoy this Game About 10 hours playtime per class! British English! Easy-going with optional challenges! Every single skill, item, piece of equipment, enemy and state designed with love! Female protagonist! Little linear equipment progression! Occasional epicness! Open source! Postgame! Puzzles! Things to collect! Continuous patches and support! An adventurous, soon heroic Journey Accompany Elsa, a spirited teen-age girl who has just moved to a small town called Home with her mother. Set out on a quest full of mysteries to unravel: Why does the ancient game board in the Slumberwoods work only for you? What does the Elder know about it? Who was that guy they call the ‘Wizard’, and could he maybe still exist? The Game. Used to be pretty neat, it seems. Class Selection At the start of the game, choose between two classes with different skills and, occasionally, slightly different events taking place in the game world. Do you want to get up-close and personal as a Fighter, dual-wielding electrified viking blades, or play the supporter’s role of a Tinker, healing and buffing your robotic allies? It’s up to you! To be or not to be … Character Customisation Configure the skill setups of your actors whenever you like! Choose between a large number of powerful skills and find the perfect setup against the enemy combinations you encounter. Take advantage of skill synergies in order to defeat even the hardest bosses! And these aren’t even bosses Play the expanded and streamlined Remake! GET IT NOW ON STEAM More Screenshots
  12. Saireau

    LV99: Final Fortress

    So … You love JRPGs for their epic late game? Then why not skip the boring Stuff? Venture straight into the final dungeon of this heroic journey, Lay aside your legendary equipment for even better pieces, Slay bosses and super bosses with versatile skills and mighty finishers! Three Girls, two Gods Maradook and Gorth, evil gods from ancient times, have been sealed away in the Final Fortress. At the eleventh hour before their awakening, three heroines have gathered and arrive at the fortress: Ariel, the chosen one; Billie, a dragon-slaying princess from the north; Celsia, a witch-turned-magician with stellar talent, but no temperament to speak of. Entering the Alpha Dungeon … Analyse — equip — destroy! A number of bosses stand in the way before the heroines can take on an ancient god. Strategic combinations of equipment and skills are required to stand a chance. After each battle, a new piece of ultra-legendary equipment is acquired which provides higher stats, a passive effect and a powerful skill. Only the most synergetic combinations may prevail against the power of an ancient god! A strolling graveyard. Yeah, why not. Oh, and there’s other Things … Follow delightful conversations, solve puzzles, collect collectibles and listen to some self-written music. Find metroidvania-style items and upgrade your Celestial Tea while you’re at it! Maybe you can even fill that fourth character slot with an unexpected, but powerful ally? There’s a lot to do, all crammed into a 5-hour experience. A block-pushing puzzle. Classic. Get started now! Finish before Lunch or Dinner! GET IT NOW ON STEAM More Screenshots
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