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  1. Aslanemperor

    Looking for Beta-Testers

    >.< Just realized that this post is from last year. Sorry!
  2. Aslanemperor

    Looking for Beta-Testers

    I'm more than happy to playtest your new game. It sounds like what you mainly need is feedback about the translation, am I understanding that right? I can do that. As for the time limit, how long (roughly) is the game? I'm blessed/cursed with some downtime right now (partially thanks to Covid, and partly because my car dealership is lazy), so I can play for several hours at a time without worry, but if your idea of "short" is 15+ hours, then it may be hard to meet your deadline while also taking notes for feedback.
  3. Aslanemperor

    What features would be included in your dream RPG Maker?

    This is a big one for me: An in-program tileset editor, complete with the ability to make backgrounds invisible. A simple, drag and drop function would be best. It's always such a hassle to craft the tilesets. The last time I did, it took me almost an hour to finish all the steps to simply add four lines of resources from one tileset to another. Also, and this may be easier said than done: a size standardizer. What I mean is, when you get resources from older or newer versions, and they're just a few pixels to big or small and it throws the entire tileset off, have a button where that says "standardize" and it detects the borders of images and resizes the tileset appropriately. If that results in the occasional weird stretch, I'm okay with that.
  4. Aslanemperor

    Police Tilesets

    Edit: I forgot to mention: I work with RPG Maker VX Ace Hi there! I was thinking about possibly making a very short game (maybe an hour of gameplay) to upload just for fun on Newgrounds. It is supposed to be a detective mystery set in modern times with a few fantasy twists. The main character is a detective, and the other party members are going to be some sort of cop. If anyone knows of some good modern tilesets and character sets (especially if there are some good "cop" face and character sets). As I've mentioned, this project is going to be free. I have no problem attributing anything I put up to the relevant people, especially if they are also on Newgrounds. If you're worried about what you'd be contributing to, please see the disclaimer below. If you still have questions, feel free to ask, either here or in a private message. I really hope that someone can help with this! Disclaimer: In case someone was worried, this will be a modern setting, but *NO* modern politics will be in play. If I mention anything outside of the city it would be in reference to laws, or passing mentions of the state (though I don't think I'll even do that much because it's not really necessary for the story.) The actual themes of the game will deal with crime, but there won't be anything more than you'd see on your average detective procedural (violence, gangs, drugs, prostitution, and possibly bad puns).
  5. Aslanemperor

    Serious moments by comedic characters.

    My point was, whether it's Canon or not is irrelevant. The point stands on it's own. I was using the movie as an example of writing that people were upset about, and for what reason they were upset as those reasons were relevant to the point I was making. Considering the way DC does things, it wouldn't surprise me if Batman Beyond isn't considered Canon anymore and at least one other story I base my theory on is absolutely not considered Canon, though it's an amazing story (I can't for the life of me find the name of it. The Dark Knight Returns is similar, but there are story elements mentioned in the Wikipedia that don't match what I remember, so I'm not sure that's the one). The main point being Bruce totally gets more grumpy and bitter as an older man from what I've seen. I haven't seen any version of him that is what one would consider "light hearted."
  6. Aslanemperor

    Serious moments by comedic characters.

    Not to get off on a tangent, but this isn't really made clear. Also, from what almost every comic we've read about Batman shows, Bruce Wayne doesn't "lighten up." As he gets older, he seems to get a bit more jaded and less humorous. I mean, if you look at Batman Beyond, old Bruce Wayne is a recluse, pushing everyone away from him. Either way, the point stands: You don't want the change to seem like it came out of nowhere. You want it to seem consistent with the character for those who have been paying attention. If you don't, people are going to think that it doesn't make sense for the character. So either stick with the original plan of only two scenes, understanding that this may limit the impact it will have, or make sure that the multiple scenes give the impression that this sort of reaction later on could happen. (Sorry to go all comic geek in your topic, OctoberRaven!)
  7. Aslanemperor

    Writer available!

    Hi there! Are you looking for a good writer for your game? Maybe you've hit a bit of artist's block and you need someone to give you some good ideas. Maybe you just need to smooth out the dialogue between your characters. Maybe English is your second language and you need someone to make your sentences sound more natural? I can help with all of these and more! I love to tell stories, and I have a BIT of ADD, which means that sometimes a little distraction is called for! Compensation: This, of course, is a big thing for most people who are just making their little free game for fun. I feel you! I can't do this professionally because it simply doesn't pay. That being said, it isn't in me to do a lot of work for no benefit. As such, I expect for my compensation to be equal to my involvement in the project. Most things you might need from me I will probably do just for an acknowledgement in the end credits. Of course, I would expect to be fully compensated either hourly or as a full partner if I'm some sort of integral part of a game (As in, I do an equal part of the work.) Either way, just let me know what you need and I'll let you know what I expect from it. Don't get worried if you need a dedicated writer and don't have money. I'm willing to work for percentages (If the game doesn't make money, it wouldn't cost you anything.)
  8. Aslanemperor

    Progressive Event based skills

    Correction! You saying that got me searching for what you meant. It turns out all I needed was for someone to point me in the right direction to figure it out! Thanks! Now,, every time he is offered this choice, the right choice adds one to the Rage Counter variable, and calls the "rage skills" common event, giving him the appropriate skill!
  9. Aslanemperor

    Serious moments by comedic characters.

    So, here's my thoughts: I like the idea of having a character like this that is usually comedic being used in a serious way to provide enough of a contrast to shock the audience. This can be done to great effect, and the more unexpected it is, the more impact it will have. On that note, I'd like to state two things: 1. The idea given by your friends to place her in more comedic situations can really work towards your end goal. It can actually establish expectations in your audience which will be subverted in order to really shock them when this serious reveal comes forward. That can make your scene so much more powerful! 2. In order to make the first point work, you need to make sure that none of the previous scenes directly contradict the second. A good example of this (On a kinda opposite note) was Batman from the "Batman vs Superman" and "Justice League". One of the most commonly mentioned pet peeves I hear about those movie is how Bruce Wayne is shown to be a brooding, seriously troubled individual who simply doesn't pop one liners in Batman vs Superman, then suddenly he's comic relief in Justice League. The problem isn't that people aren't willing to accept that Batman can be funny (other films have done a good job of showing that he has a fun loving, less serious side), the problem is that the change was so drastic in a situation where this was supposed to be a darker version of Batman. If, however, you put little foreshadowing hints that there's a potential for this character to react this way given the right stimulus, it will still be surprising, but not so much as for people to be shaking their heads asking "WTF was that!?"
  10. Aslanemperor

    A little song help

    Hi there! So this is a simple problem, and one I can eventually solve on my own, but I figured I'd see what some other people think. One of the characters in my game is a bard, and ALL of her skills are going to be named after famous songs! I have a few slots that I can't think of anything for as of yet, however. Any suggestions? Here's what I have so far: Bludgeoning: Break Stuff Slashing: Cuts Like a Knife Piercing: Love Gun Fire: Great Balls of Fire Water: The River Earth: Another Brick In The Wall Air: Free Bird Light: Neon Moon Dark: Ain't No Sunshine Ice: Ice Ice Baby Poison: That Girl is Poison Lightning: The Thunder Rolls Death: Cyanide Life: Kiss of Life Nature: In Bloom Force: Champaign Supernova Attack Buff: Defense Buff: Speed Buff: Blitzkreig Bop Regen Buff: Attack Debuff: Defense Debuff: Speed Debuff: Confusion: What's Going On Death (state): Love TKO Poison (state): Burn: We Be Burnin Stun: Paralyze: Frozen: Cold Cold Heart Blind: Blinded By The Light Silence: Sound Of Silence -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: All listed skills either effect all enemies or all allies. The first 16 deal the specific sort of damage that is listed (except for "life" which is a healing spell) Yes, I have 16 separate elemental affinities in my game (Although I don't think of "force" as an elemental affinity as it's just my way of saying "magical, but with no element," and the first three are generally just weapon damage.) Note2: Don't feel limited to only empty slots. If you have a great idea for a specific skill that you think would work even better, feel free to suggest it. On that note, however, I'm avoiding song titles that are too on the nose (Hence why "Poison (status)" is still empty, even though "Poison" by Alice Cooper exists!)
  11. Aslanemperor

    Progressive Event based skills

    I have no idea what that means... Please bare with me. I'm very new at this. Is there a tutorial on doing something similar that I missed?
  12. Aslanemperor

    Progressive Event based skills

    Ok, so far I've figured out how to do almost everything I NEED to have happen in my game. Most of what I want can be done with the basic resources given. The one exception is the main character's special skills. Please let me explain: So, there is a "main arc" of the storyline. That main arc is based on certain choices the main character makes. Every time he chooses the "evil" option, he grows more powerful and gains a new skill. If he chooses the "evil" option every time, he unlocks his ultimate ability and a special character! He also changes the final boss and the ending! The problem is, I want the choice of which skill he gets to be based on the number of times he's taken the evil route, not which decision he's making currently. I'm REALLY hoping there's a script for this. The only other option I can think of is to set up 8 sets of maps with their own custom set of events (which not only would be a pain, it would make the game ridiculously huge!) Just thinking about trying to do things that way gives me a headache! Hopefully this is a script that has been developed already, seeing as I'm sure I'm not the only person to want to set up a system like this! Please help!
  13. Aslanemperor

    Working on my first game!

    Well, I joined the forum a few months back, and I've tried two different email addresses. I've even tried emailing support. I actually have a theory that they're not accepting me because I put in that I'm using VX Ace(The main reason being that I've seen several people join and get approved the same day when they put in their profile that they work with MV). There are little things on the site that seem to suggest that they don't have much respect for those of us who got the humble bundle deal. But it's all good. I just need a community to turn to and to find some people with like minds. Also, there are still topics there that I can read, and as long as someone else has asked the question I have, I can learn what I need (I've had that happen a couple of times at least.)
  14. Hi All! I'm Aslan, and after years of fiddling with various older versions of RPG Maker (I started with 2k when I was 16), I've finally decided to get serious and make a full game. My plan is a bit ambitious, but I'm pretty sure I'm capable of doing ALMOST everything I need with very few scripts. The problem is that "almost." I work with VX Ace (Humble Bundle FTW!) and I've already had a couple of instances of needing to ask a question only to find that the official forum is buggy as heck! Luckily, this place is here, which I can actually get an account with and ask some questions! Please be patient with me as I am still learning in spite of my experience (and I have zero programming ability.) I hope to find friends, a great community, and maybe even provide a fun game for people to play! Anyway, thanks folks, I look forward to hearing from people!