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  1. I'm feeling mentally exhausted and it's really keeping me from really working on the game.  There's still so much to do, but every time I look at it I don't really know where to start.  Hopefully I can get past this and get back to work soon.  It shouldn't be taking me this long with nothing to show for it!

    1. Kayzee


      I know how you feel, but unless you really have a pressing deadline you really should take your time and not stress about it. You don't want to burn yourself out do you? I mean it's true some people thrive under pressure, but I think lotsa people push themselves too far and then can't do anything! Just work on it a little bit at a time when you can, start with what you think you can do right then! Slow and steady, that's the way!

      Problem is, if you feel mentally exhausted all the time or feel like there is nothing you really can do you can get stuck for a long time. I know I do! I think that's a sign of a bigger problem though. Even so, I manage to still work on my game from time to time and I have come pretty far! Maybe it's the sunk cost fallacy but I don't think I am ready to give up quite yet, and I don't think you should either!

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      This is the most difficult part of making a game as an indie RM dev.


      WHAT DO I DO? I know what I want to do, need to do, but I don't know what order to begin in. The story is in my head, I kinda know what the setting is like, and a few characters are designed in concept. But what do you actually do first? And why? 

      Most of us pick away at stuff, setting up placeholders for characters with the graphics we want for them. Placeholders for weapons and armor for them. Some of us might even set up PHs for the style of support items we want. RM has this innate ability to woo us with the assignment of graphical assets. There's a comfort in knowing you got the graphics you wanted, and they are in place. But it's so hard to solidify a game when you can't wait to tackle each and every aspect of it's design, because you're going to do it all yourself.

      1. Story - Figure out the framework of your plot and story, and along with that, a bit about the style of the game.
      2. Setting - You should have some of what you need to design a world setting now, hashing out more of the game mechanics and style as you work on this. Head to Inkarnate before the beta access expires and use one of the map styles to draft a concept. Cannot stress enough how this isn't your game map, it's an editable concept sketch of the world to help you along this agonizing process. You will use this to inform you in-game world, which will need some shaping around your plots and their paths.
      3. Characters - Through coming up with a plot and setting, you should have a good idea who your characters are. The pot should inform your lead(s), and the world inspire some of your supporting followers (should they even exist, you know?).
      4. Scripts - Once you have your concept and playable characters, you should know what you need in terms of scripts. Gather your essentials and prep the settings on those which you can with what you have.
      5. Graphic Assets - Now gather the essential graphics you'll need for all of this.
      6. Draft Skills On Paper - by on paper, anything but the editor. Don't make100-200 placeholder skills or items, then kill yourself filling them in later (THIS IS HOW MISTAKES HAPPEN).
      7. Animations
      8. Skills
      9. Weapons
      10. Armor
      11. Items - 
      12. Classes
      13. Complete Actors
      14. Re-Prep scripts


      I'm tired now. By this stage we should all have it together and be ready to go.

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