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  1. Well.  Just put in a ticket for an error I've been getting.  I thought it was only for one thing, but apparently it's for viewing any thread.  Forgive me if you've asked a question and I can't help.

    1. Rikifive


      Should be working now, sorry for inconvenience. :c

      By the way, may I ask if you'll be getting any response to the ticket? I don't have an access to these and I wonder if anyone is actually watching over these.

    2. Aslanemperor


      I haven't received even an automated response.

    3. Rikifive


      Just to be sure, you have filled the "Contact Us" form at the bottom, correct?

      As for the lack of automated reply, out of curiosity I tested it on the other forums™ I'm a member of staff to see if anything pops out there, but apparently it just is like this. There was no automated reply informing about successful ticket submission, so I guess it's normal.

      What I fear is the possibility, that no one replies to these, so if that would happen to be true, I'd contact the lead admin to ask what could be done with this. Should you get a reply, please notify me about this, if that wouldn't be a problem of course.

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