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  1. I'm also down for helping with story, ideas and dialogue. I can do some eventing and map building as well. I can build a story about just about any topic. I'll check you out on discord when I have more time to discuss details.
  2. STATUS: EARLY DEVELOPMENT (NO PLAYABLE CONTENT YET) Developer's Note: A lot of what I'm doing now is working on the tedious stuff: items, weapons, skills, battle animations, etc. I know where I want the story to go, have the first quest mapped out, but I'm primarily a writer. I get excited to start putting in the story, then realize that I can't event the character collecting an egg because the item "egg" hasn't been created yet. This little piece of text will change as I start working on new things to tell you what specifically I'm working on. Note: This game is still very much in the development stage and I don't have enough for a demo. I don't think I'll be releasing one until I get to the playtest phase as it's not going to be a long game (I'm aiming at 2-3 hours). This page is to show off the story and a few of the elements that have been put together for the game, including some characters! Story: Jackson Cole is a loving husband and father living on a decent sized homestead. When he goes into town to buy some ingredients for a birthday cake for his youngest daughter, he returns to find his farm burned down, his son murdered, and his wife and daughters kidnapped! What the kidnappers hadn't seemed to know is that Jackson wasn't always known as a simple farmer, but was once infamous for being "Mad Jack Cole," a gunslinger and bounty hunter known for always opting for the "dead" option of "dead or alive" bounties. His temper is legendary, and they've managed to spark it in the worst way. Jack heads out determined to save what is left of his family and avenge his son. Along the way he will enlist the aid of his father-in-law, Roy Feathers, a Marshall quietly derided for being a little too friendly with part monster folks known as "half bloods," Gustave Weiss, a half harpy sniper whose deadly reputation haunts him, and Clarence Branch, a young mage and tinkerer who is hoping to make a name for himself and prove he has what it takes to rival more traditional magic users with his special "Sygil Shot" weapon. Their foe is no ordinary bandit either. "Blue Zander" Grimes is known for his vicious nature and odd, demonic powers. His reputation as an officer in the Half-Blood army, a rebel group that was put down a generation before, precedes him, and his small force of half-blood bandits all sport their own array of strange and useful powers and talents. Featuring: Jackson "Mad Jack" Cole: A retired gunslinger and bounty hunter with a reputation for rage and cruelty. Any man might be angry when his family is abducted, but traces of dragon's blood in Jack's veins make his rage a far more potent force! Without the calming force that his wife represents, it's unclear just how far Jack will go to sate his temper. Roy "Savage Law" Feathers: Gustave "Red Breeze" Weiss: Clarence "Clean Up" Branch: and our main villain, Alexander "Blue Zander" Grimes: Featuring art by: Landscapes and CGs: USA-Reiseblogger nass1c Character Sprites: Avadan Thatonenpc Tile Art by: Blind_Firefly Candacis Enterbrain GrandmaDeb Celianna Portrait and Character Art By: Candacis nass1c (She made all the character art you're seeing and has some super reasonable pricing! She brought all of these characters to life with limited references and my descriptions! I can't recommend her work enough! Locate her on Fiverr) Avadan Symfpnia And Music by: Prod. Ryini Beats: https://www.youtube.com/ryini (Seriously, if you're making a non-commercial game, check this guy out. His beats and loops are amazing and they're almost exclusively free for non-commercial use so long as you credit him!)
  3. Aslanemperor

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    That's so great! And you got it done fast! Thanks! BTW: Currently working on eventing. it's a slow process, but the first "dungeon" should be done in about a week or so.
  4. Aslanemperor

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    @That One NPC I've got another mission for you! I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier. This character is one who is set to be recurring as he's one of my favorite characters I ever designed. Dr. Edwin Martinique is a multiverse hopping mad scientist geneticist! He's unique in the fact that he's not really 100% human anymore as he tends to replace parts with "upgrades" when he can. I need a character sprite for him in this game because he's actually going to operate a special shop in the game selling potions and secret upgrades.
  5. Aslanemperor

    How might I implement a different combat system?

    This sounds like something that would require quite a bit of code. I'm sure it could be done, but I'm not aware of a system like that available on any of them. BTW, which RPG Maker are you working with? There are certainly a few different battle systems and battle system upgrades to vary the combat in your game, I'm just not familiar with any that does that. Who knows, though. Maybe you'll inspire one of the coders that lurk in these forums.
  6. Okay, so I just finished a mission in another game I played. When I went to open a chest, the NPC complained, but ultimately my character wasn't even given the option to say "Oh, I didn't know that this was yours," and give the money back. This got some gears working, and I started to think: Is this an example of how this character thinks? Do they, because they're adventurers, assume that the silly little NPC isn't important enough to keep their goods? What if we started our story in a typical village with a main character who is a town guard or some such. He's been saving up his pay to propose, and the adventurers walk into his house, open his chest and straight up steal his gold. He doesn't know what to do! They're all high level adventurers off to literally save the world! I can think of lots of ways this story could develop well! Does this sound like a game you'd want to play? Do you think it'd be worth putting up a recruitment thread? How would you categorize player classes for NPCs who are supposed to be naturally weaker than the heroes? I've got a few thoughts, but I wanted to put this forward as a fun thought exercise before I start trying to really dedicate myself to working on a game.
  7. Aslanemperor

    What if the NPCs were the main characters of the game...

    I particularly like the second idea. I'm planning something a little like that for far in the future once I've gotten much better at making games. I have the bare bones of a game where the main character is a rogue who is actually weaker than 90% of the creatures he's going to be facing. In order to win fights, he has to fight dirty by ambushing them and using a variety of nasty tools. The player would have the ability to set traps, sneak, etc. If they try to charge an enemy head on, they would most likely die. I also like the idea of building a hero from the ground up. I feel like the job system from "Once Ever After" would be ideal: The player can go to NPCs to learn their job, each of which has unique skills and strengths of varying degrees of effectiveness. So, you might learn some basic fighter stats from a town guard, learn more effective fighter stuff from a Knight, and finally maybe have to hunt down an old warrior hermit who can teach you to be a specialist swordsman of some sort. You'd really have to invest some energy into becoming a "hero," and it would make the ending really feel more earned. I could totally see either of these turn into an epic game that I'd pay good money to play.
  8. Aslanemperor


    If you got the coding skills, I'm happy to help with plot issues. Roguelike can be pretty much anything as far as plot goes, so the sky is the limit. Contact me when you're ready and I'll work up a storyboard with you.
  9. Aslanemperor

    Great Royalty Free Artists!

    As I'm working on my game, I've run across some fantastic artists offering free tracks to be used in any sort of project. I'm putting up some links to a few. Please make sure you read the descriptions. While a lot of these are okay for commercial use provided that you credit them, some require a license. Most require credit for any project. White Bat Audio: This playlist has a bunch of royalty free heavy metal tracks that are great for big bad boss music! Ryini Beats: https://www.youtube.com/c/ryini This artist mainly makes their tracks for freestyle rapping, I've found quite a few of them to be excellent for a variety of game instance, from metal for battle music to calm guitar music for field or town ambience! Most of his stuff is free, but take a glance at the descriptions and titles as some of them require a license. I think all of his stuff requires a license for commercial use. I'm going to add to this as I find stuff, and encourage others to share resources they've found.
  10. Aslanemperor

    Share your favorite artists

    So, I posted a little while and got a tentative okay from a mod for what I'm planning her, but let's make some basic rules clear: This isn't to advertise yourself. This is for game makers to post links and info for artists they've worked with who have shown to be able to work well with requests from game makers. Please post your own faves here and if someone needs to find what they need, they can check here. Please also note whether they charge or work for free. I repeat, and can't stress enough, that this is not for self promotion. I think that's the only reason the Mods approved my idea. This is here as a resource to other game makers. Also, I plan to make a separate post like this highlighting artists who provide excellent quality, royalty free music to use as I've found some seriously fantastic stuff out there! With that out of the way, here's my recommendations: Artist: Zamrutzh Link: https://www.fiverr.com/zamrutzh?source=inbox Services: Zamrutz does art dealing with architecture. Usually they like to create bisections of buildings so that you can see the building shape and a look inside the rooms. The more detailed, the more expensive (obviously.) I found his prices super reasonable, and his work to be more than adequate (which for me is saying something because I tend to be a bit of a control freak and micromanaged the hell out of the poor guy). All of his work includes commercial rights, which most other artists I've looked into want to charge an arm and a leg for. For most stuff, you'll be looking at under $50 for a picture. Artist: Nass1c Link: https://www.fiverr.com/nass1c?source=inbox Services: Those of you who have glanced at my game know that I GUSH over Nass1c's work! She's done a fantastic job with portraits for super low prices, and she's great with her communication throughout the process. She always makes a sketch before charging to finish the project, making the whole transaction feel far less pressure! I think she raised her prices recently, but you're still looking at less than $50 for a picture. If you need Character portraits, I can't recommend her enough! I've been told that she won't do NSFW and can't seem to get Mecha style bodies down.
  11. Finally done with some of the maps I've been dragging my feet over and can get back to eventing for Jack's Revenge.

  12. Aslanemperor

    Remembering Data Even Through Restart?

    You will probably have to do some coding, but it should be possible. Undertale was made with RPG Maker (I think MV), and it had that functionality.
  13. Okay! I got an idea recently, but I'm afraid it might break a rule to do in spite of being a good idea. I'd like clarification of whether it's okay and/or an exception can be officially made. So here's the idea: Lately I've been buying a lot of art for games. Some of the artists I've been working with have had great quality at really great prices and I was wondering if I could make a thread for me (and others) to shout out game friendly artists that they've worked with in the same way as we have threads full of links to other resources. The problem, of course, is that I could certainly see this falling under the "no advertising" rule and I don't want to make trouble. If it's against the rules, I'll just move on. I just thought it sounded like a good idea.
  14. Aslanemperor

    A clarification about ads (kinda)

    Precisely my thought!
  15. My kitten Kahlua is generally far too rambunctious and playful to just sit on a lap like most cats.  The only exception is when I'm at my desk.  It's the little things in life that make everything worthwhile...

  16. I was recently reminded of an idea I've had for a while. I imagine an open world RPG where you begin as an almost powerless creature with a single weak attack. The goal of the game is to find creatures to attack in order to steal their powers. Eventually, you should be able to travel wherever in the map you want and be an apex predator. I haven't thought of where the game could go from there, and I'd like to make it have content beyond just "congratulations, you're the toughest." As I consistently say, I like to come up with designs for games I would want to play. As a lover of complex survival style games, I feel like this would be such a cool twist! Anybody else here interested in this sort of concept? How would you make this more than just running around killing things?
  17. Okay! I'm a vivid dreamer, and I just woke up from a very interesting dream! In the dream, I was learning the controls to a game. Within the dream, the person explaining it said something about Star Trek, but while it's possible that there's a Star Trek episode about such a creature, I don't actually remember that. Anyway, I remembered enough about the game in my dream that I'm now interested in seeing it made! At first, everything seems simple: You're in a living ship which naturally generates damaging plasma. Each turn, you must release the plasma or it will grow too hot and damage the ship. Anything under the ship when you release the plasma will be damaged/destroyed. You must make your way to your next goal without hurting things which you find important. Sounds simple so far, right? The plot twist is, the creature is constantly morphing its shape based on its movement! Players must take what seems like random shape changes into account when choosing their moves! The final twist that is brought in towards the end of the dream is the introduction of purposefully allowing the ship to grow to hot in order to release a special super-heated plasma in order to cause fire that spreads when you want. I believe that in the dream, there are certain enemy structures which can only be destroyed by fire, and sometimes you have to stop the enemy. In those cases, I think the key will be to create a fire that doesn't spread in such a way as to destroy your allies. I don't imagine that this would be all that hard for a game designed with actual ability to code to handle, but since I barely handle the few lines of scripting in VX-Ace needed to track a player's movement for puzzles and that only by listening to someone guide me through it bit by bit, I am clearly not the one to make it. I'd love to see this little puzzle game come to life and don't even really care about credit. All I ask is that the end product be free! Is anyone interested in turning this into more than an interesting but weird dream?
  18. Aslanemperor

    Just a really big tower

    Hi there, folks! I have a rather simple request, but one which is giving me no end of headaches to create. What I want is pretty simple, but I keep running into issues with turning it into a proper tileset with a transparent background. All I really need is a tileset that is just a single, large tower. It should be the equivalent of 8 squares wide and 39 squares high. Down the center should be a sort of pathway kinda like the one from Super Mario World, with little circles that the player would go to in order to go to the individual floors (There should be 13). The style of the construction I'll leave mostly to your imagination. There are two things that I ask: The top should have a conical roof of some sort, and the bottom should have a pair of guardhouses with domed roofs. Yes, I know what that will make it look like. There's a method to my madness. Past that, I encourage inserting your own fantastical details. Even the art style isn't particularly important as long as it's obvious that it's a tower. Any detail beyond the basics of the tower and the path is a bonus and strictly based on your own artistic whims. I expect that an artist will have their own ideas of what it should look like and I've left a lot of the details vague on purpose to really let someone shine! Thanks for reading! Edit: Ah, an important detail: The tower is a school for witches learning magic! The higher the levels, the more powerful the witch. The towers above the third level are for fully trained witches with teachers at the lower levels and others going high, all the way to the top floor which is for the Head Witch of the tower (Haven't thought of what I want to call her yet as the story for this is just forming really.) I figured that might be important for some who would want to put details that would correlate to such information.
  19. Aslanemperor

    Just a really big tower

    Did you read what I posted? A reference image would be completely redundant and unnecessary. But never let it be said I'm not capable of fulfilling a request. This picture is what I drew with my masterful abilities with paint. Look on with reverence, for it required almost 5 minutes to complete!
  20. Aslanemperor

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    This is great! I'll be watching this!
  21. Hey! I'm not sure how often Yanfly checks their scripts page for questions, so I'm posting this here as well to see if someone knows the answer. I'm wondering if there's a way to have the script choose a skill within a range instead of a single skill. This is for my wizard character, who is using something like the Caster weapon from Outlaw Star. Anyway, hopefully someone has a clue on this topic.
  22. Nice! the edit makes things much clearer, thanks! I think this solves my issue!
  23. I kinda figured it would go into the script editor. I was more wondering if it should be by itself, or is this an edit to the Yanfly script I'm asking about. I kinda hoped that maybe there was some bit of shorthand the same way as when I have my character talking I can use "/N[001]" to make the speech editor understand I want to list the player's chosen name in that spot. Wishful thinking, I guess. Currently, the Yanfly script works so that you simply put "<attack skill: ###>" and whatever number you put in becomes the number for the attack. I was hoping that someone knew a way to make that be a range of skills instead of just one specific one. TP wouldn't be an issue with what I was thinking of. I was thinking of a range between skill number slots because I tend to keep my skills very orderly. I wanted to make it so that the player could equip different versions of the gun and how strong the spell cast would be somewhat random when using the gun. I don't want to make it to complex and I don't want to work outside the Yanfly script if I can help it. This is only my second game, and I'm trying to take things slow getting used to scripts.
  24. So, I'm completely untrained when it comes to code. Where do I add this in? Honestly, I was hoping it would be as easy as a damage formula, maybe a single line of code. Is this the only way to get that effect?
  25. Warning: This post discusses adult topics, and some serious dark stuff. Some folks can't handle these sorts of discussions for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to trauma they've experienced. I don't know how much of these topics might come up, but I'd like to give warning ahead of time so that no one is harmed. I've been kinda dreaming about this idea for a while, but I'm not sure exactly where to start in creating it. Eventually I will turn theory into a real game, but I probably won't start actual development until later this year, especially since I'm still in the middle of a project which I must finish (especially since I've spent hundreds of dollars on art and gotten some great help from the community at large). That being said, I'll lay out the bare bones of what I've been thinking about: A young witch in training decides to summon a familiar even though she's not a high enough rank to do so. Another girl from her class decides to pull a prank on her when she asks for the spell and gives her a spell of demon summoning instead. The demon summoning shouldn't be a problem, just maybe get her in a little trouble since she's not yet powerful enough to summon more than the weakest form of imp. The witch performs the summoning and summons the main character, a lust imp. As most imps do, he dreams of one day gaining enough power to be an archdemon with a hell all his own complete with a harem of sexy slave girls to serve his every whim. This dream is, of course, not likely to be realized until he's summoned. The witch, thinking that she's summoned a familiar and to inexperienced to recognize a demon, demands a contract. This works perfectly for the imp since he can use the bond from such a contract to corrupt her and to hide his demon essence as he works to corrupt the tower at large as he absorbs the sexual energy in the place to grow more powerful. Since this is a Witches tower, the power to be gained is much greater since it's tied to their magic! When players begin, they will effectively be to weak to face any sort of foe, and there is danger around every corner. The teachers are all powerful enough that if he gets to close they'll sense him for what he is and he won't stand a chance of escaping. Even the majority of students would be able to sense him! He must start small, doing small tasks for the witch who summoned him and trying to find ways to speed up his corruption of her so he can get her to help him corrupt others. Essentially, the player is the "bad guy," out to conquer the tower of witches and then use their magical power to create a new hell on the earthly plain (and sexy shenanigans ensue.) Because he's bad, consent will be optional. What I'd like to see: I want there to be a day-by-day counter and certain events won't happen until certain points. Each "day" events will be available. There will be a counter as far as how much lust energy he's been able to absorb. He can spend lust energy on upgrades, and eventually to grow to a more powerful form. There will be several tiers until eventually he unlocks the "Archdemon" form. I'd like for the option to be there to be as cruel and ruthless as one wants, but every action has consequences. As in real life, ruling with fear generally causes more problems in the long run. I don't want to make being cruel an end-game decision, but I'd like for the game to simply be more difficult if some finesse is not employed. I'd also be glad to make it possible, if inconvenient at times, to make every potential enslaved witch come to him willingly (aside from the corruption he puts off that slowly makes them more susceptible to his suggestions.) I'm put in mind of Undertale, where grinding for XP actually makes everything in the game much harder and changes the way the story plays out. Since Undertale was made with RPG Maker, I'm pretty sure that this can be accomplished with the system. One of the problems I foresee is with purchasing upgrades in Atk, Def, and special skills. When the player upgrades into a new class, I don't know how much of those will stay on. With some of the options, I figure I'll just have a locked equipment screen and change his equipment for the basic stat improvements ("Improve claws" to increase atk for instance, so it won't matter that the class has changed). Will learned skills stick around for a class upgrade? I'd like for most of the witches to be optional party members for situations requiring combat. I don't want combat to be a huge component of the game, however. I'd think I'll have a static number of actual possible enemies to defeat, and thus a limited max level. Most of combat capability increases will come in the form of which characters the player has unlocked and what upgrades they've earned by wise usage of time. There should be a "World map" which is just the tower. I'd set it up so that the tower goes up floor by floor with blocks that can be removed at certain points in the story. Mostly, I find the stories where the player plays the "Bad guy" to be rare. Usually the "bad" is really just someone who thinks they're the good guy but willing to do certain bad stuff. This idea really came to me, however, when I played a game that was supposed to be centered around an evil goblin, but every time he'd gain a new harem member, even though he could easily just force them to do what he'd like since he had them at his mercy, he gave them a choice. It was all a little silly, I thought. If I'm going to be bad, I want to be able to be bad to my hearts content. What else is fantasy for than to imagine something different. Of course, It should go without saying that nothing that would be illegal to depict in the US would be in the game. This, not only because it's illegal, but pretty much all that stuff is unpalatable to me personally. Anyway, if anyone has any insights they want to offer, either for things you think such a game should have or ways to do what is spoken of here mechanically, please feel free to comment. I would especially love it if someone has an idea for how I'd go about getting the art without having to spend thousands of dollars. Art is seriously the most expensive thing, especially if you want decent quality imagery.
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