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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! I've got VX Ace as well. Lots of resources and tutorials on this site!
  2. Note: This game is still very much in the development stage and I don't have enough for a demo. I don't think I'll be releasing one until I get to the playtest phase as it's not going to be a long game (I'm aiming at 2-3 hours). This page is to show off the story and a few of the elements that have been put together for the game, including some characters! Story: Jackson Cole is a loving husband and father living on a decent sized homestead. When he goes into town to buy some ingredients for a birthday cake for his youngest daughter, he returns to find his farm burned down, his son murdered, and his wife and daughters kidnapped! What the kidnappers hadn't seemed to know is that Jackson wasn't always known as a simple farmer, but was once infamous for being "Mad Jack Cole," a gunslinger and bounty hunter known for always opting for the "dead" option of "dead or alive" bounties. His temper is legendary, and they've managed to spark it in the worst way. Jack heads out determined to save what is left of his family and avenge his son. Along the way he will enlist the aid of his father-in-law, Roy Feathers, a Marshall quietly derided for being a little too friendly with part monster folks known as "half bloods," Gustave Weiss, a half harpy sniper whose deadly reputation haunts him, and Clarence Branch, a young mage and tinkerer who is hoping to make a name for himself and prove he has what it takes to rival more traditional magic users with his special "Sygil Shot" weapon. Their foe is no ordinary bandit either. "Blue Zander" Grimes is known for his vicious nature and odd, demonic powers. His reputation as an officer in the Half-Blood army, a rebel group that was put down a generation before, precedes him, and his small force of half-blood bandits all sport their own array of strange and useful powers and talents. Featuring: Jackson "Mad Jack" Cole: Roy "Savage Law" Feathers: Gustave "Red Breeze" Weiss: Clarence "Clean Up" Branch: ((Picture in progress)) and our main villain, Alexander "Blue Zander" Grimes: Featuring art by: Landscapes and CGs: USA-Reiseblogger nass1c Tile Art by: Blind_Firefly Candacis Enterbrain GrandmaDeb Portrait and Character Art By: Candacis nass1c (She made all the character art you're seeing and has some super reasonable pricing! She brought all of these characters to life with limited references and my descriptions! I can't recommend her work enough! Locate her on Fiverr) Avadan And Music by: Prod. Ryini Beats: https://www.youtube.com/ryini (Seriously, if you're making a non-commercial game, check this guy out. His beats and loops are amazing and they're almost exclusively free for non-commercial use so long as you credit him!)
  3. Aslanemperor

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    Can I ask a minor change? He should only have the scales on one side of his face and no facial hair. He's 1/16 dragon, and the markings on his face are actually the bits of scales that come through. Still pretty darn good, though!
  4. Apparently my current bug is trying to see just how many free resources I can get compiled for the community!  I hope that I can get others on board.

  5. Aslanemperor

    Classical compositions

    Hey, so there are a ton of classical compositions which are in the public domain. A lot of these would make such amazing songs for games but I haven't seen anyone making a compilation for commercial use in games. Several of these, including things like Bach's Toccata and Fugue would make such great resources. If you're a musician and would be willing to post your own looped version for the games on the site, that would be so amazing!
  6. Aslanemperor

    Western character sets needed

    mI've been desperately searching for resources in order to make my western project on VX Ace. So far, I've had no luck at all. I've already got an artist for the faces, all I need is someone to do the pixel art for the characters. It's important that the work not be to much as I'm not charging for this game. Essentially, what I'm planning to do is pay for someone to make free to use resources for others who want to make Western titles (or even just include a cowboy character in their game.), which I will then post in a topic on this site as free resources with proper credit given. Because of this, I'd like to propose something unique, and I'm hoping that it will work out. I can afford to put forth about $50 for a sheet of character sprites (That's 8 characters). I can do this once every two weeks. I'll pay for up to 4 full sheets of wild west characters. If anyone else wants to pitch in to increase the amount per sheet, I encourage it! I even think that for a person with the right skills, this should be pretty easy. Mainly, we're just missing certain resources in a character generator. Someone who knows how to make and edit those resources could probably crank a variety of these out pretty fast. I'm looking for cowboy hats, bandanas, trench coats, sheriff's stars, Native American garb, etc! If you can make some fantasy races with these things, that would be great as well (I'd be particularly interested in some orcs in Native American garb.) Anyway, I hope plenty of people see this and contribute, either as an artist or a patron for this art. If this works out well, it won't be the last time I do this. Now that the idea has occurred to me, having a mini crowd fund for game art sounds great!
  7. Aslanemperor

    Western character sets needed

    For further freebie discussion, I have set up a thread here.
  8. Aslanemperor

    Western Assets and characters

    Hi there! I'm looking to get some people to develop a variety of Western assets, like Wild west style town tiles and character archetypes. Cowboys, Tribal natives, Tin pan gold prospectors etc. I've already got one person who has stated they're willing and eager to help with this, but obviously the more the merrier. This isn't for just my own project as the thing I've mainly noted is a distinct lack of "NPC" type characters. Any style of art is welcome because these are non-specific and meant to be for everyone to use. The only big thing I'd ask is that the resources be western in nature. I'd even be okay with Western style music. On a different note, I'd ask you clarify the following when posting resources in the thread: 1. How exactly do we credit you, 2. Can this be used for commercial use (and if so are there special steps you want taken), Is this designed to be used with a specific resource (IE VX Ace, MV, etc)? I want to reiterate and be clear: while I hope that this nets some things I can use, this isn't for me specifically. Honestly, I can probably work with the few things I've found, but it's really sad that there's not more resources like this available. To Mods: I'm hoping that this is okay. If it's not, please let me know where would be best to post this.
  9. Aslanemperor

    Western character sets needed

    Those all look amazing! I could see the First Nation warrior could probably make a few different parts I need with few modifications. Green skin and a little fang on the mouth and suddenly it's an Orcish Tribal from my game! Since you're working for free, should we take this part of the discussion to the forum for free resources? The Mods here seem really laid back, but I don't want to be disrespectful and get us in trouble.
  10. Aslanemperor

    Western character sets needed

    Update: I have someone working on the pixel art for my characters. It is gonna cost me $30 for each character sprite sheet, which will mean this part will be rather over budget. The artist will do work that would be available for commercial work for $40 per character sprite sheet. If anyone can beat the price, please let me know. The work will come slowly since I can't afford more than one per week.
  11. Aslanemperor

    Western character sets needed

    Could you make cowboys and/or native americans riding horses that will fit the format? I could see that being useful for any Wild West game. Edit: Another thought I had is if you can use the format for "Large Monsters" or "Gates" in order to put them in at a size that more accurately represents how tall they'd be.
  12. I'm feeling mentally exhausted and it's really keeping me from really working on the game.  There's still so much to do, but every time I look at it I don't really know where to start.  Hopefully I can get past this and get back to work soon.  It shouldn't be taking me this long with nothing to show for it!

    1. Kayzee


      I know how you feel, but unless you really have a pressing deadline you really should take your time and not stress about it. You don't want to burn yourself out do you? I mean it's true some people thrive under pressure, but I think lotsa people push themselves too far and then can't do anything! Just work on it a little bit at a time when you can, start with what you think you can do right then! Slow and steady, that's the way!

      Problem is, if you feel mentally exhausted all the time or feel like there is nothing you really can do you can get stuck for a long time. I know I do! I think that's a sign of a bigger problem though. Even so, I manage to still work on my game from time to time and I have come pretty far! Maybe it's the sunk cost fallacy but I don't think I am ready to give up quite yet, and I don't think you should either!

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      This is the most difficult part of making a game as an indie RM dev.


      WHAT DO I DO? I know what I want to do, need to do, but I don't know what order to begin in. The story is in my head, I kinda know what the setting is like, and a few characters are designed in concept. But what do you actually do first? And why? 

      Most of us pick away at stuff, setting up placeholders for characters with the graphics we want for them. Placeholders for weapons and armor for them. Some of us might even set up PHs for the style of support items we want. RM has this innate ability to woo us with the assignment of graphical assets. There's a comfort in knowing you got the graphics you wanted, and they are in place. But it's so hard to solidify a game when you can't wait to tackle each and every aspect of it's design, because you're going to do it all yourself.

      1. Story - Figure out the framework of your plot and story, and along with that, a bit about the style of the game.
      2. Setting - You should have some of what you need to design a world setting now, hashing out more of the game mechanics and style as you work on this. Head to Inkarnate before the beta access expires and use one of the map styles to draft a concept. Cannot stress enough how this isn't your game map, it's an editable concept sketch of the world to help you along this agonizing process. You will use this to inform you in-game world, which will need some shaping around your plots and their paths.
      3. Characters - Through coming up with a plot and setting, you should have a good idea who your characters are. The pot should inform your lead(s), and the world inspire some of your supporting followers (should they even exist, you know?).
      4. Scripts - Once you have your concept and playable characters, you should know what you need in terms of scripts. Gather your essentials and prep the settings on those which you can with what you have.
      5. Graphic Assets - Now gather the essential graphics you'll need for all of this.
      6. Draft Skills On Paper - by on paper, anything but the editor. Don't make100-200 placeholder skills or items, then kill yourself filling them in later (THIS IS HOW MISTAKES HAPPEN).
      7. Animations
      8. Skills
      9. Weapons
      10. Armor
      11. Items - 
      12. Classes
      13. Complete Actors
      14. Re-Prep scripts


      I'm tired now. By this stage we should all have it together and be ready to go.

  13. Aslanemperor

    Western character sets needed

    Thanks! That was very helpful, particularly with the visual thrown in. So, these could probably fit fine, but they'd stand out. This would be fine for main characters I'd think as it's natural to have them stand out. If we can still get some generics made, that would be even better as it will allow people to make entire games with them. Edit: new info: Found an artist which is willing to do super cheap headshots. Currently waiting to see how they'll respond to the large scale orders in the format I want. If so, I'll post them here for artists who want to do the pixel art for them.
  14. Aslanemperor

    Western character sets needed

    So, I'm not sure what it means to have "loose leaf" sprites. I've googled it, but it didn't really clarify it for me. If it's a different art style, is it different enough to stand out to much against normal character sets when walking around near NPCs in towns? Will it work in Ace? If it won't stand out in a bad way, I'd be happy to show you what I'm working with so far and see what you can do. As for generator parts, I've been trying to find anything western to no avail. What's worse, a lot of the links I've tried to follow for resources are broken now because Ace is rather old. If you know of a good site for such resources I'd be eternally grateful! If I could make these myself with a generator, I'd love it. I even gave in and went looking to buy official packs, but all that's available is samurai or modern stuff. Pictures of my characters are being made as we speak, but I'm also hoping to create a set of generic western characters for NPCs as well. My artist is working on the second to last character and should be done with him in a day or two based on her usual pace. Actually, I'm constantly surprised at how fast she churns out the sketches and such that she makes, and the work is great! Personally, I love to give credit even when it's not strictly necessary, mainly because I believe that good work should be recognized! That being said, if you actively don't want to be credited, that's your prerogative.
  15. Aslanemperor

    faceset Liny's Faceset Commissions

    Would you consider the same offer you just gave ($45 for 8 faces) to do a set of cowboy and Native American faces? Most details would be left to you, but I'd want 2 male cowboys, 2 female cowboys, 2 male Natives and 2 female Natives. Each pair should be one old and one young. Edit: I forgot to mention that this would be for VX Ace
  16. Trying something new.  I'm wondering if people would be willing to help essentially crowd fund pixel art resources for the game.  I've offered up $50 towards the cause and encourage others to check it out as well in the forums.

  17. WOOT!!!  Found a great artist for my next planned game and the rates are very reasonable!  I'm  really hopeful that the work is what I'm looking for, and what I see so far is good!

  18. Aslanemperor

    Evented Shapeshifting System

    Honestly, I didn't think you could change a party formation mid battle. Admittedly, I'm still pretty new to this, so I find myself learning new things all the time.
  19. Aslanemperor

    Evented Shapeshifting System

    I'm not basing that on personal use, just based on what I read. The way it is described sounded like something that would only work outside of battle. Sorry if you said otherwise and I didn't notice. That sounds even better than I thought.
  20. Finally starting to play with Scripts.  I'm going to stick with Yanfly scripts for now since they're designed to work together and thus will cause less bugs.  I wasn't really planning on doing scripts so soon, but need them in order to make my attacks do what I want.  I'm still going to try to limit just how many I use, particularly since this is going to be a lengthy learning experience before I'm proficient in using them for what I want.

  21. Aslanemperor

    Evented Shapeshifting System

    Is it possible to make something like this where it happens during battle? So far what you've listed is only usable outside of battle. Honestly, I'm surprised no one else has asked about this...
  22. Aslanemperor

    [18+] Renryuu: Ascension

    Hi! I wanted to leave a bit of feedback as I've spent about an hour playing the game. There are some things I really like about it, and some critiques. I understand that some of my critiques may be things you are already aware of and working on, but I wanted to give you feedback, especially since I know how important it is as you work on building the game you want. Firstly, let's focus on the good: ~So far, the art is excellent! ~Battle is difficult, but not impossible. ~There are lots of interesting gameplay elements like the strategic battles that really make the game unique! ~I like the story concept. Of course, that last bit kinda leads into the first real critique I have: ~You have a great concept: the main character chancing upon just what they need to be seen as the next monarch. The problem is, there are some serious plot holes in how you establish them. The one team member that initially doesn't trust the main character is there when it is discussed openly that the character has a different name than expected, and isn't from the countryside, but rather from an established training school for... heroes I guess? You don't really explain it to much. There are plenty of characters who would be expected to stop this character from trying to become their king, but they just kinda look the other way. The commander of the training camp stands out to me as someone who I had expected to cause trouble for the hero because in his stated view, the hero is a young upstart with talent, but to much arrogance for his own good. The plot holes... There are so many! This is really pushing me into the "uncanny valley." ~The dialogue leaves a bit to be desired. Having the main character be "the silent type" can help, except that he only seems to be the silent type in certain situations, otherwise he seems to have no problem pouring out exposition. This, for me, is a bit more blatant since writing is my area of expertise, so failures here stand out to me more than other problems. ~In some cases, choices seem so numerous as to be overwhelming, but when I really want another choice, it would seem that I have none. One example of this is with the girl found in the basement prison. There's no option, if you capture her, to try to sway her to be a willing partner. The "hero" simply has his way with her and doesn't even think of another option. ~The grind is strong in this game. Technically, if you wanted to just break the game, you could grind in the main area for a few hours and then have almost limitless gold and wood with which to work with. It almost feels sometimes as though to expect this as some of the things meant to be in the beginning of the game are incredibly expensive. For the army battles, exp comes VERY slowly, requiring me to play 3 battles to get a single level up. Then the next battle is designed for all the armies to be at level 3! ~Quests come in a bit of a disjointed fashion, and sometimes the goals aren't super clear. I've made it through several, but I don't feel like the story is progressing in spite of this. In some cases, I'm really wanting to see the results of decisions I've made (like making slavery legal, or increasing education spending). I think that's enough... I would like to say that I do plan on pushing through and trying to finish what there is of the game. If I wasn't clear enough in any of my points, or you simply want to discuss what I said in more detail (we all want to be our best, right?), feel free to message me. I promise, I didn't write this to be mean. This game has SO MUCH promise, and I want to see it be as great as it can be! I hope that my concerns are all just things waiting for more development that will polish them up and I'm just getting ahead of myself! Please keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing how this all develops towards the final product!
  23. Kayzee mentioned Gaia Online and it prompted me to check out my old profiles!  I was once VERY active on the site, but it's been almost 10 years since I last posted there.  Honestly, it reminded me of some friends who I'd made on the site who I haven't been in touch with for years.  Wonder if I should look some people up?

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Couldn't hurt, but just expect to not find anyone and/or have them not remember you at all.

  24. Aslanemperor

    Easy chairs and sofas

    So, I'm hoping this is a simple thing that maybe I'm just not finding with my searches, but if not, that maybe someone is willing to work these up really quick. I'm looking for an easy chair and a sofa for my character's library/living room. If there is one where the easy chair is sitting at an angle (so that it can be in a corner pointed towards the center of the room and fireplace) that would be even better. Currently, in the basic resources, there are only "thrones" which really don't fit what I want.
  25. Working title, "Jack's Revenge" is slowly starting to come together.  I've still got a ton of work to do, but I'm slowly starting to flesh out what I want from the story besides "bad guy kidnaps family, good guy chases them."  It's really important to me that the game feel a bit like a spaghetti western.  I've got some nice ideas for how to do that through combat as much as through aesthetics!

    It's not quite complete enough for me to feel comfortable enough to put it up on the "games in progress" forum, but it'll probably be that far along by the end of this week.  I foresee the project taking me 3-6 months.

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    2. Aslanemperor


      Wanna know what's sad?  I just saw something that gave me an idea for yet ANOTHER game concept.  Gotta just put it on the list for "Someday, maybe."

    3. Rikifive


      And the fun begins 👀

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      @Rikifive What you've described is what using RM is for 90% of people. Were it not for the task of making a good, modern game solo being essentially a herculean task fit for Toby Fox alone (who STILL had his share of help despite the legend), most people who use RM would have a catalog of games in their portfolio by now. From golden era games with simple mechanics to a robust RPG or two.

      It's just not that simple. You have to be possessed with an other-worldly willpower and have the conviction to back it up every single day. Few can do that without at least one other human being to assist in some capacity.

      I'm done with RM more or less because the culture is wall to wall aspiring solo artist, or wanting a to be paid to do a small body of work as 3rd party, simply jocking for another credit in a game that may or may not ever be released. 

      I have no choice but to look to things like Unity to make a profitable game that isn't defined by the limitations of its design engine.

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