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  1. Hey! I'm not sure how often Yanfly checks their scripts page for questions, so I'm posting this here as well to see if someone knows the answer. I'm wondering if there's a way to have the script choose a skill within a range instead of a single skill. This is for my wizard character, who is using something like the Caster weapon from Outlaw Star. Anyway, hopefully someone has a clue on this topic.
  2. Nice! the edit makes things much clearer, thanks! I think this solves my issue!
  3. I kinda figured it would go into the script editor. I was more wondering if it should be by itself, or is this an edit to the Yanfly script I'm asking about. I kinda hoped that maybe there was some bit of shorthand the same way as when I have my character talking I can use "/N[001]" to make the speech editor understand I want to list the player's chosen name in that spot. Wishful thinking, I guess. Currently, the Yanfly script works so that you simply put "<attack skill: ###>" and whatever number you put in becomes the number for the attack. I was hoping that someone knew a way to make that be a range of skills instead of just one specific one. TP wouldn't be an issue with what I was thinking of. I was thinking of a range between skill number slots because I tend to keep my skills very orderly. I wanted to make it so that the player could equip different versions of the gun and how strong the spell cast would be somewhat random when using the gun. I don't want to make it to complex and I don't want to work outside the Yanfly script if I can help it. This is only my second game, and I'm trying to take things slow getting used to scripts.
  4. So, I'm completely untrained when it comes to code. Where do I add this in? Honestly, I was hoping it would be as easy as a damage formula, maybe a single line of code. Is this the only way to get that effect?
  5. Warning: This post discusses adult topics, and some serious dark stuff. Some folks can't handle these sorts of discussions for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to trauma they've experienced. I don't know how much of these topics might come up, but I'd like to give warning ahead of time so that no one is harmed. I've been kinda dreaming about this idea for a while, but I'm not sure exactly where to start in creating it. Eventually I will turn theory into a real game, but I probably won't start actual development until later this year, especially since I'm still in the middle of a project which I must finish (especially since I've spent hundreds of dollars on art and gotten some great help from the community at large). That being said, I'll lay out the bare bones of what I've been thinking about: A young witch in training decides to summon a familiar even though she's not a high enough rank to do so. Another girl from her class decides to pull a prank on her when she asks for the spell and gives her a spell of demon summoning instead. The demon summoning shouldn't be a problem, just maybe get her in a little trouble since she's not yet powerful enough to summon more than the weakest form of imp. The witch performs the summoning and summons the main character, a lust imp. As most imps do, he dreams of one day gaining enough power to be an archdemon with a hell all his own complete with a harem of sexy slave girls to serve his every whim. This dream is, of course, not likely to be realized until he's summoned. The witch, thinking that she's summoned a familiar and to inexperienced to recognize a demon, demands a contract. This works perfectly for the imp since he can use the bond from such a contract to corrupt her and to hide his demon essence as he works to corrupt the tower at large as he absorbs the sexual energy in the place to grow more powerful. Since this is a Witches tower, the power to be gained is much greater since it's tied to their magic! When players begin, they will effectively be to weak to face any sort of foe, and there is danger around every corner. The teachers are all powerful enough that if he gets to close they'll sense him for what he is and he won't stand a chance of escaping. Even the majority of students would be able to sense him! He must start small, doing small tasks for the witch who summoned him and trying to find ways to speed up his corruption of her so he can get her to help him corrupt others. Essentially, the player is the "bad guy," out to conquer the tower of witches and then use their magical power to create a new hell on the earthly plain (and sexy shenanigans ensue.) Because he's bad, consent will be optional. What I'd like to see: I want there to be a day-by-day counter and certain events won't happen until certain points. Each "day" events will be available. There will be a counter as far as how much lust energy he's been able to absorb. He can spend lust energy on upgrades, and eventually to grow to a more powerful form. There will be several tiers until eventually he unlocks the "Archdemon" form. I'd like for the option to be there to be as cruel and ruthless as one wants, but every action has consequences. As in real life, ruling with fear generally causes more problems in the long run. I don't want to make being cruel an end-game decision, but I'd like for the game to simply be more difficult if some finesse is not employed. I'd also be glad to make it possible, if inconvenient at times, to make every potential enslaved witch come to him willingly (aside from the corruption he puts off that slowly makes them more susceptible to his suggestions.) I'm put in mind of Undertale, where grinding for XP actually makes everything in the game much harder and changes the way the story plays out. Since Undertale was made with RPG Maker, I'm pretty sure that this can be accomplished with the system. One of the problems I foresee is with purchasing upgrades in Atk, Def, and special skills. When the player upgrades into a new class, I don't know how much of those will stay on. With some of the options, I figure I'll just have a locked equipment screen and change his equipment for the basic stat improvements ("Improve claws" to increase atk for instance, so it won't matter that the class has changed). Will learned skills stick around for a class upgrade? I'd like for most of the witches to be optional party members for situations requiring combat. I don't want combat to be a huge component of the game, however. I'd think I'll have a static number of actual possible enemies to defeat, and thus a limited max level. Most of combat capability increases will come in the form of which characters the player has unlocked and what upgrades they've earned by wise usage of time. There should be a "World map" which is just the tower. I'd set it up so that the tower goes up floor by floor with blocks that can be removed at certain points in the story. Mostly, I find the stories where the player plays the "Bad guy" to be rare. Usually the "bad" is really just someone who thinks they're the good guy but willing to do certain bad stuff. This idea really came to me, however, when I played a game that was supposed to be centered around an evil goblin, but every time he'd gain a new harem member, even though he could easily just force them to do what he'd like since he had them at his mercy, he gave them a choice. It was all a little silly, I thought. If I'm going to be bad, I want to be able to be bad to my hearts content. What else is fantasy for than to imagine something different. Of course, It should go without saying that nothing that would be illegal to depict in the US would be in the game. This, not only because it's illegal, but pretty much all that stuff is unpalatable to me personally. Anyway, if anyone has any insights they want to offer, either for things you think such a game should have or ways to do what is spoken of here mechanically, please feel free to comment. I would especially love it if someone has an idea for how I'd go about getting the art without having to spend thousands of dollars. Art is seriously the most expensive thing, especially if you want decent quality imagery.
  6. So, from what I know of Warlocks, each patron effectively changes the class's primary benefits to a large degree. This is actually a really easy fix. You can change a character's class through an event. Depending on how you want to do this, you simply give the player a choice when the time comes of which patron they want. When they choose, activate the change class event to the chosen version of the Warlock. Each version you choose will have the perks and skills you want, and your player gets to make the choice of which version they want like you're thinking. (Edit: Forgot to clarify: The "Change Class" is on the third page under the "Actor" category)
  7. I really don't understand why the battle event system is designed the way it is in RPG Maker.  Why on earth would I want an infinite loop of text in my battle!?  Why is there not a way to make it so that an event happens just once!?  It has to be given a per turn option?

    1. Rikifive


      Set span to battle - the event will be run once per battle.

    2. Aslanemperor


      Yeah...  I reallised this later.  It seemed counter intuitive to me because I was thinking it was asking for the scope of the event.  If the scope is a single moment, I imagine it activating once at the moment the event is activated, then being done.  *Shrug* at least I know what I did wrong now and why.  Just goes to see how two people can look at the exact same info and get two completely different translations based on their thought process.

    3. Rikifive


      To be honest it is indeed confusing and at first I wasn't sure what it is about either. Just like with pretty much any other option in the editor, if you hover your cursor over these, the popup with some info should appear and that's what helped me, as there it is explained what the span option actually does.

      Battle eventing overall is somewhat odd and not always works the way I think it should work.

  8. ((Edit: I feel really stupid. Apparently I was misunderstanding the "Span." I was thinking "Moment" meant it would only be running for the specific moment, but apparently that means it runs once every moment (or indefinitely). Guess it's fixed now?)) I find myself having a really annoying problem. I have designed the first battle for my new game which is effectively a quick intro to the character. The bad guy throws out an insult, the character states that he'll use his "quickdraw" skill to get the first attack and put down the enemy with a single shot. Seems simple, right? Apparently not. This text displays, but the event never ends. It loops indefinitely! I know it's possible to have speech in these games without an infinite loop, but I can't figure out how to end the speech event! Usually when I make an event that "speaks" it ends when the speech ends. I've tried switches and the "exit event processing" so far, but I'm at a loss for what else to do. If you know what I'm doing wrong, please tell me. I've included a screenshot of the event. The switch is SUPPOSED to activate a black event page the same way I would if I wanted to have a one time event like a treasure chest. I've tried changing the span to all three options. So far, nothing works.
  9. Hey there! I'm busy working on monsters for my game, and I'm wanting some input on damage calculations. In my old game, I ended up with a lot of feedback that the damage was FAR to high. I had certain random encounter monsters one-shotting party members, bosses doing spells that would wipe the entire party if they didn't grind, and doing just a ton otherwise. I've decided to give these characters more HP, but I still want my game to be a challenge to the players. I'm hoping that some of the more experienced developers have some insight into what works best in terms of damage rates to HP and defense and such. If it's relevant, the game I'm making has four main archetypes: The gunslinger who is fast, with medium damage, the Marshal who specializes in shotguns that fire for weak damage that hit all enemies, The sniper who is slow, but has a high crit rate and high damage against single targets, and the caster who is the mage archetype. Any ideas on making a consistent battle system would be appreciated. I'll try my best, but since I've only ever made one game and it was only middling successful, I feel I'm a long way from being sure of myself.
  10. Aslanemperor

    Puzzle Ideas?

    If you're willing to do a bit of simple scripting, there are some youtube tutorials (including the necessary scripts) on sliding ice puzzles. The item collection is much easier than it sounds to implement as it just recalls simple eventing (Conditional Branch> Item "Item name" in inventory = activate whatever your goal is). I used it for two different puzzles in my little gamejam game, one for collecting insects to feed to monster flowers, and another where the character needed several keys (I think it was 5, but I'm to lazy to go check, and it's irrelevant). Personally, I found these to be way to complicated when I made my last game because of time restraints, but I've been thinking of finding a place for them in the game I'm working on now. While it's a bit complicated, there is always the puzzle where you have to move several rocks onto the proper switches that is quite a bit more complicated than the really simple moving rock puzzles (and tedious on the part of the developer.) I had some fun with a pretty simple puzzle that was all eventing in which the character had to jump from platform to platform to get to their final destination. I added in a key element and it made it a complex maze that was far more difficult than it looked on first glance. The same sort of eventing that created this could also be used to create teleport mazes (like the Saffron City gym in Pokemon Red/Blue). Traps can make a maze more interesting and can also be done 100% with events with a wide variety of potential consequences for players activating them. Adding layered switches can bring a twist to the traditional "Find switch to open door, enter door" puzzles. I set up a puzzle with events only where switches opened doors of the correlating colors and closed other doors of a different color. This meant that players had to spend time figuring out the right order to open various doors if they wanted to move forward, and especially if they wanted to get the juicier treasures. Finally, a fun puzzle that has been used but is a great puzzle built into mazes is the "identical room" maze. All of this, of course, takes a lot of extra work because you're creating dozens of maps instead of a single one, but it's so easy to copy/paste maps and then just edit the transport events that it's not as much extra work as it seems. Now, there's a bit of a cheat as well, as a puzzle can seem different to the player in spite of being essentially the same puzzle simply by messing around with the look and lore of it. Instead of boulders that need to be moved, maybe animals and the movements are more extreme. This idea is fun because you can also include trick puzzle pieces that throw players into a battle. I hope this helped!
  11. STATUS: EARLY DEVELOPMENT (NO PLAYABLE CONTENT YET) Developer's Note: A lot of what I'm doing now is working on the tedious stuff: items, weapons, skills, battle animations, etc. I know where I want the story to go, have the first quest mapped out, but I'm primarily a writer. I get excited to start putting in the story, then realize that I can't event the character collecting an egg because the item "egg" hasn't been created yet. This little piece of text will change as I start working on new things to tell you what specifically I'm working on. Note: This game is still very much in the development stage and I don't have enough for a demo. I don't think I'll be releasing one until I get to the playtest phase as it's not going to be a long game (I'm aiming at 2-3 hours). This page is to show off the story and a few of the elements that have been put together for the game, including some characters! Story: Jackson Cole is a loving husband and father living on a decent sized homestead. When he goes into town to buy some ingredients for a birthday cake for his youngest daughter, he returns to find his farm burned down, his son murdered, and his wife and daughters kidnapped! What the kidnappers hadn't seemed to know is that Jackson wasn't always known as a simple farmer, but was once infamous for being "Mad Jack Cole," a gunslinger and bounty hunter known for always opting for the "dead" option of "dead or alive" bounties. His temper is legendary, and they've managed to spark it in the worst way. Jack heads out determined to save what is left of his family and avenge his son. Along the way he will enlist the aid of his father-in-law, Roy Feathers, a Marshall quietly derided for being a little too friendly with part monster folks known as "half bloods," Gustave Weiss, a half harpy sniper whose deadly reputation haunts him, and Clarence Branch, a young mage and tinkerer who is hoping to make a name for himself and prove he has what it takes to rival more traditional magic users with his special "Sygil Shot" weapon. Their foe is no ordinary bandit either. "Blue Zander" Grimes is known for his vicious nature and odd, demonic powers. His reputation as an officer in the Half-Blood army, a rebel group that was put down a generation before, precedes him, and his small force of half-blood bandits all sport their own array of strange and useful powers and talents. Featuring: Jackson "Mad Jack" Cole: A retired gunslinger and bounty hunter with a reputation for rage and cruelty. Any man might be angry when his family is abducted, but traces of dragon's blood in Jack's veins make his rage a far more potent force! Without the calming force that his wife represents, it's unclear just how far Jack will go to sate his temper. Roy "Savage Law" Feathers: Gustave "Red Breeze" Weiss: Clarence "Clean Up" Branch: and our main villain, Alexander "Blue Zander" Grimes: Featuring art by: Landscapes and CGs: USA-Reiseblogger nass1c Character Sprites: Avadan Thatonenpc Tile Art by: Blind_Firefly Candacis Enterbrain GrandmaDeb Celianna Portrait and Character Art By: Candacis nass1c (She made all the character art you're seeing and has some super reasonable pricing! She brought all of these characters to life with limited references and my descriptions! I can't recommend her work enough! Locate her on Fiverr) Avadan Symfpnia And Music by: Prod. Ryini Beats: https://www.youtube.com/ryini (Seriously, if you're making a non-commercial game, check this guy out. His beats and loops are amazing and they're almost exclusively free for non-commercial use so long as you credit him!)
  12. Aslanemperor

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    Honestly, so far I like the original Clarence with the hat best. I felt like that one looks perfect even without the ribbons (when is the character sprite ever THAT perfectly detailed anyway, right?) I love that I can see Roy's badge peaking out from the coat! It's a little detail, but it tickles me that it stands out! Nice work on making that detail pop! Not sure how I feel about the poncho on Gustave. I feel like it kinda makes the bandolier hard to see when he's facing the camera.
  13. Okay, so I just finished a mission in another game I played. When I went to open a chest, the NPC complained, but ultimately my character wasn't even given the option to say "Oh, I didn't know that this was yours," and give the money back. This got some gears working, and I started to think: Is this an example of how this character thinks? Do they, because they're adventurers, assume that the silly little NPC isn't important enough to keep their goods? What if we started our story in a typical village with a main character who is a town guard or some such. He's been saving up his pay to propose, and the adventurers walk into his house, open his chest and straight up steal his gold. He doesn't know what to do! They're all high level adventurers off to literally save the world! I can think of lots of ways this story could develop well! Does this sound like a game you'd want to play? Do you think it'd be worth putting up a recruitment thread? How would you categorize player classes for NPCs who are supposed to be naturally weaker than the heroes? I've got a few thoughts, but I wanted to put this forward as a fun thought exercise before I start trying to really dedicate myself to working on a game.
  14. Aslanemperor

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    So, they're just supposed to be ribbons. (He adds one every year) Shouldn't be to hard to line draw it, though I guess it would be pretty tedious to do that for each figure.
  15. Aslanemperor

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    The problem with those is I'm really not wanting to have that sort of combat system. I like a turn based battle system(Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, etc), and both of those are more of a ARPG battle system(Zelda, Legend of Mana, etc). Sadly, I didn't really think it was going to be so hard just to get assets. It seems amazing that no one else has asked for these resources before. Maybe I'll see if I can get one or two made through resource requests.
  16. Aslanemperor

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    I love them! Definitely puts a fire in me to work harder on the game! Thanks so much! Edit: Okay, so I wanted to mention that I'm gonna need some new battlers. Specifically I need some gunslinger types. I was shocked to find that this is something I'm missing!
  17. Aslanemperor

    Moonharvester - Feedback needed

    Ah! Character customization? I've seen one do that in a limited capacity, but that is a unique thing! I thought you were saying that you'd drawn a bunch of stuff, not that you were allowing players to choose their gender. It wouldn't be difficult to do. Start the game with a choice and create identical actors, one male and one female (and further customization depending on their selections. ((Edit: I've tried to find the game I mentioned that included some pretty extensive character customization, but I can't find it. It's to bad, because it would possibly be a source of info. I'll keep searching and get a link when I can figure it out.)
  18. Aslanemperor

    Moonharvester - Feedback needed

    That's a good goal, and is a selling point. Make sure you put something in there that makes your game special to the player. Most players just assume that the art is custom because they don't make games themselves. You need something that makes your game really stand out, otherwise it will be difficult to get people to even try playing it. It doesn't even have to be a lot, just some little thing. An example, I'm working on a game right now which is pretty basic. The special thing about it is that it's a western, which as far as I can tell no one else has done with RPG Maker. It's not a lot, as you will notice, but it does set the game apart from other short titles.
  19. Aslanemperor

    Moonharvester - Feedback needed

    What will make your game unique? Is this just a chance to tell a story? Playtime is fine. Some games need to be long, but not everything has to be a grand epic.
  20. Ok, so this idea is just being fleshed out, but I'd love to get some feedback about how these things could be accomplished. I have RPG Maker VX Ace, but there's no reason to limit discussion to a single path. This is, after all, just for figuring out how the idea would work. Here's the basics of my idea: The player takes the position of someone looking to be a gladiator. Of course, they have to train and grow stronger, but I don't want training to be just a bunch of boring mini-games (especially since that's been done, and I want more for the player.) I'd like for there to be various areas on the world map that they can go to grind for experience, with things like quests available to earn gold for equipment or class benefits. There would be a few different storylines running through the game besides the central story of just wanting to become the tournament champ. To make this happen, though, I'd need SO MUCH figured out that it's actually a bit overwhelming, but the game would be SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY!!!!! So, here is what I've thought of that I'd be interested in seeing: ~A multi-class system kinda like the one featured in SierraLee's Once Ever After. I recommend checking the game out (and all their games, their stuff is amazing, especially Ouroboros and The Last Sovereign!). Essentially, you complete quests to earn a class, and then you equip the classes to earn permanent bonuses from them. While equipping the class, you get certain benefits and drawbacks. It's such a unique way of approaching the job system that games like Final Fantasy Tactics introduced, it would work perfectly for the system I'm imagining. ~A timed open world that changes over time. Certain enemies grow stronger, certain quests become available or are lost over time, ranking in the tournament series changes. One of the more complicated things I want to do with this is set up monsters in certain areas to only reproduce a certain number of times per day. In other words, if you go on day 5 and clear out an area, returning to that area will be fruitless on day 6 since only one monster will be there. Not only that, leaving certain areas for to long will make the monsters there stronger. At a certain point, you may even go to an area to find that it became to threating and some sort of NPC hunters cleared it out (resetting everything so that it's empty again.) This may be the most complicated thing of all to work into the game, and I really haven't the slightest clue for how to do it. I'm guessing this is going to need some serious custom coding to make it work right. ~A romance/relationship system that allows you to make friends that will open up opportunities for special quests and classes. ~Maybe a multiplayer system to be implemented once the game is completed? People will be able to customize their character completely, making their gladiators unique! Players can see how their build measures up to others! ~Fully customizable character appearance with the option to use a built in avatar maker or upload a custom picture for your fighter. This is what I've thought of so far, but I'm not nearly skilled enough to do all of this. If you want to just pick up this idea and roll with it, please do so with my blessing. Otherwise, any input for how to implement this, or other cool features which would make such a game even better are welcome!
  21. Aslanemperor

    What if the NPCs were the main characters of the game...

    Actually, I was inspired by several sources. Firstly, the "NPCs" series by Drew Hayes (a great read!), which is based on a group of NPCs who must pretend to be heroes to protect their village from the wrath of a fickle king. Most recently, a scene from "Lawmage Academy" inspired me (Such a great game, which I'm super excited to see develop!), in which the main characters (you) loot a few chests and are later seen by the villagers as thieves. Funny enough, it wasn't until after I finished the post and was doing some dishes and contemplating the idea that Free Guy came to mind, though I think the premise is only passingly similar. I love the idea you put forward! It's cool how there are so many ways to approach this!
  22. It's amazing how much things drag along when you're working on a game.  I think I've made this one just a tiny bit more complex, and it's making a huge difference in how long it's taking me to finish each little piece.  Me procrastinating is also not helping!  I have only just finished the beginning part of the beginning.  I now have to finish my work on the credits, and put together a little cut-scene followed by the game's first battle.  I need to figure out how to do a properly scripted battle, though, since the purpose of this battle is to introduce player's to Jack's unique, high speed combat skills.  My biggest worry is that the first time I tried a scripted battle it resulted in the game I made going into an unpassable loop.  Hopefully I can do better this time around!

    1. Kayzee


      I know what you mean, I often find it tough to work on my game too!

  23. Today I'm contemplating my battle system because I'm working on weapons.  There are a few questions weighing on my mind:

    1.  How many upgrades should each player have for weapons?  The game isn't going to be long, so I can't imagine that it would make sense coming up with some vast array of incremental upgrades.  I know that I want each player to have a "special" weapon made just for them, and their starting weapons.  I feel like if I don't have at least one upgraded weapon, people won't be happy.

    2.  What should I do about damage calculations?  In my first game, I screwed this up big time.  In the beginning, players were one-shotted.  In the end, bosses I expected to be extra hard were total pushovers.  I really want this game to represent an improvement in my game development skills.  

    3.  The big one:  How do I make the battle FEEL like a wild west shoot out with the current battle system?  I have a few little ideas, but it's really not fully fleshed out, yet.  Some things I've managed to figure out are that my gunslinger should be focusing on the number of bullets being put into the air.  My Sniper should be high powered, precise, but slow.  My mage should...  well...  be a mage?  I'm not sure how my Ranger will work though.  His shotgun is great for crowd controlling weak enemies, but I want to develop skills that make him special so that players don't feel like he's dead weight in the party.  In the storyline, he's supposed to be on par in terms of combat skill with the gunslinger, so he should be at least as useful in a fight.  Is being able to crowd control enemies enough to set him apart?

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Essentially, one takes equipment to be improved, the appropriate materials, to the appropriate machina (in TES there are a few), and use it to upgrade the quality of the equipment. Each quality upgrade will thus, increase the base damage/armor rating and also, the base value of the equipment. Of course, in TES, there was a limit to how well and often equipment could be upgraded, based on the Smithing skill, and relevant boosts applied.

    3. Aslanemperor


      That sounds like something for a much longer game than the one I'm making.  This isn't supposed to be a long, drawn out game, just a few hours of gameplay with a pretty straight forward storyline.  That's one of the difficulties with deciding how I want to do this.  Do I even want an upgrade to sell in a shop, or just give the characters a basic gun, and their "special" weapon?

    4. PhoenixSoul


      One could also go with a weapon-based damage formula (thinking along the lines of games like Adventure Quest and such)...
      13-21 Metal

  24. Aslanemperor

    Looking for Team Writer

    Sorry this took so long. Apparently you replied just after I got really sick. I've been in bed recovering for the past few days and am only just now able to sit upright for longer than a minute without the room spinning! Yay for recovery! (also, I can have my tea back... I love my tea... I missed it...) I'm okay with messaging either way. If you don't care about the discussion being public, that's fine. If I'm writing stuff for your game specifically, it's probably going to come down to sending messages eventually, though. Either way, whatever makes you comfortable!
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