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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from That One NPC in Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-   
    I love it!  Great work!  I can hardly wait to see the rest!
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    Aslanemperor reacted to That One NPC in Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-   
    Revisions made to Jack.
    Zander drafted.
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from tonbotonbo in Hello Everyone!   
    Welcome!  I've got VX Ace as well.  Lots of resources and tutorials on this site!
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from That One NPC in Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-   
    Can I ask a minor change?  He should only have the scales on one side of his face and no facial hair.  He's 1/16 dragon, and the markings on his face are actually the bits of scales that come through.  Still pretty darn good, though!
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    Aslanemperor reacted to That One NPC in Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-   
    Jack is his name, and revenge is his game.

    I drafted a Loose Leaf for Jack based on the beautiful art by nass1c. I hope this is acceptable for what you're seeking. The one notable aspect he is missing is the spurs on his boots. I had held out to try that later, provided you feel you can use the style, or would like more samples of the title characters and some NPCS.
    I will work on the other characters, but Jack turned out so good imo, I wanted to share him to touch base with some progress.
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    Aslanemperor reacted to Chigoo in Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-   
    cool game! keep up the good work!
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from That One NPC in Western character sets needed   
    Those all look amazing!  I could see the First Nation warrior could probably make a few different parts I need with few modifications.  Green skin and a little fang on the mouth and suddenly it's an Orcish Tribal from my game!
    Since you're working for free, should we take this part of the discussion to the forum for free resources?  The Mods here seem really laid back, but I don't want to be disrespectful and get us in trouble.
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from That One NPC in Western character sets needed   
    Could you make cowboys and/or native americans riding horses that will fit the format?  I could see that being useful for any Wild West game.
    Edit:  Another thought I had is if you can use the format for "Large Monsters" or "Gates" in order to put them in at a size that more accurately represents how tall they'd be.
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from That One NPC in Western character sets needed   
    Update:  I have someone working on the pixel art for my characters.  It is gonna cost me $30 for each character sprite sheet, which will mean this part will be rather over budget.  The artist will do work that would be available for commercial work for $40 per character sprite sheet.  If anyone can beat the price, please let me know.  The work will come slowly since I can't afford more than one per week.
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from That One NPC in Western character sets needed   
    Thanks!  That was very helpful, particularly with the visual thrown in.  So, these could probably fit fine, but they'd stand out.  This would be fine for main characters I'd think as it's natural to have them stand out.  If we can still get some generics made, that would be even better as it will allow people to make entire games with them.
    Edit:  new info:
    Found an artist which is willing to do super cheap headshots.  Currently waiting to see how they'll respond to the large scale orders in the format I want.  If so, I'll post them here for artists who want to do the pixel art for them.  
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from That One NPC in Western character sets needed   
    So, I'm not sure what it means to have "loose leaf" sprites.  I've googled it, but it didn't really clarify it for me.  If it's a different art style, is it different enough to stand out to much against normal character sets when walking around near NPCs in towns?  Will it work in Ace?  If it won't stand out in a bad way, I'd be happy to show you what I'm working with so far and see what you can do.
    As for generator parts, I've been trying to find anything western to no avail. What's worse, a lot of the links I've tried to follow for resources are broken now because Ace is rather old.  If you know of a good site for such resources I'd be eternally grateful!  If I could make these myself with a generator, I'd love it.  I even gave in and went looking to buy official packs, but all that's available is samurai or modern stuff.
    Pictures of my characters are being made as we speak, but I'm also hoping to create a set of generic western characters for NPCs as well.  My artist is working on the second to last character and should be done with him in a day or two based on her usual pace.  Actually, I'm constantly surprised at how fast she churns out the sketches and such that she makes, and the work is great!
    Personally, I love to give credit even when it's not strictly necessary, mainly because I believe that good work should be recognized!  That being said, if you actively don't want to be credited, that's your prerogative.  
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    Aslanemperor reacted to That One NPC in Western character sets needed   
    I recommend having busts of your designs commissioned first, then have someone sprite up the character sets to match the bust and face materials flawlessly. You may not be having busts done, but I'd still have the faces finished first.
    Dig around old ReStaffs and project-friendly resources for hats and other sprite apparel you can add to your generator library, or edit to suit your needs.
    I am decent with RPT edits, but not much beyond that, unless you are wiling to use Loose Leaf sprites. If LLs are on the table, contact me to see some example work at no cost or obligation (I love making LL sprites, and care little about credit, only people's projects).
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from Lord Vectra in Evented Shapeshifting System   
    Honestly, I didn't think you could change a party formation mid battle.  Admittedly, I'm still pretty new to this, so I find myself learning new things all the time.
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from RyenSaotome in [18+] Renryuu: Ascension   
    Hi!  I wanted to leave a bit of feedback as I've spent about an hour playing the game.  There are some things I really like about it, and some critiques.  I understand that some of my critiques may be things you are already aware of and working on, but I wanted to give you feedback, especially since I know how important it is as you work on building the game you want.
    Firstly, let's focus on the good:
    ~So far, the art is excellent!
    ~Battle is difficult, but not impossible.
    ~There are lots of interesting gameplay elements like the strategic battles that really make the game unique!
    ~I like the story concept.
    Of course, that last bit kinda leads into the first real critique I have:
    ~You have a great concept:  the main character chancing upon just what they need to be seen as the next monarch.  The problem is, there are some serious plot holes in how you establish them.  The one team member that initially doesn't trust the main character is there when it is discussed openly that the character has a different name than expected, and isn't from the countryside, but rather from an established training school for...  heroes I guess?  You don't really explain it to much.  There are plenty of characters who would be expected to stop this character from trying to become their king, but they just kinda look the other way.  The commander of the training camp stands out to me as someone who I had expected to cause trouble for the hero because in his stated view, the hero is a young upstart with talent, but to much arrogance for his own good.  The plot holes...  There are so many!  This is really pushing me into the "uncanny valley."
    ~The dialogue leaves a bit to be desired.  Having the main character be "the silent type" can help, except that he only seems to be the silent type in certain situations, otherwise he seems to have no problem pouring out exposition.  This, for me, is a bit more blatant since writing is my area of expertise, so failures here stand out to me more than other problems.
    ~In some cases, choices seem so numerous as to be overwhelming, but when I really want another choice, it would seem that I have none.  One example of this is with the girl found in the basement prison.  There's no option, if you capture her, to try to sway her to be a willing partner.  The "hero" simply has his way with her and doesn't even think of another option.
    ~The grind is strong in this game.  Technically, if you wanted to just break the game, you could grind in the main area for a few hours and then have almost limitless gold and wood with which to work with.  It almost feels sometimes as though to expect this as some of the things meant to be in the beginning of the game are incredibly expensive.  For the army battles, exp comes VERY slowly, requiring me to play 3 battles to get a single level up.  Then the next battle is designed for all the armies to be at level 3!
    ~Quests come in a bit of a disjointed fashion, and sometimes the goals aren't super clear.  I've made it through several, but I don't feel like the story is progressing in spite of this.  In some cases, I'm really wanting to see the results of decisions I've made (like making slavery legal, or increasing education spending).
    I think that's enough...  I would like to say that I do plan on pushing through and trying to finish what there is of the game.  If I wasn't clear enough in any of my points, or you simply want to discuss what I said in more detail (we all want to be our best, right?), feel free to message me.  I promise, I didn't write this to be mean.  This game has SO MUCH promise, and I want to see it be as great as it can be!  I hope that my concerns are all just things waiting for more development that will polish them up and I'm just getting ahead of myself!  Please keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing how this all develops towards the final product!
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Easy chairs and sofas   
    Thanks for that!  There's a lot here that I liked on top of her sofas and stuff!  There's even cacti, which I was thinking I'd have to try to make myself (and wasn't looking forward to as I'm terrible as shading and stuff still).
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from Lord Vectra in Sniper Shooting   
    Wow!  I had just given up on this thread as a lost cause!  Currently I'm working on the idea that maybe I could do this by setting a switch when he reaches the "blind," which allows access to his "sniper" skills and triggers the untargetable state, then just include in the exits from the map that the switch should be turned off..  Having an actual untargetable state to deal with "sure hit" type moves would certainly help with this, so thanks for pointing me in that direction!
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    Aslanemperor reacted to PhoenixSoul in Easy chairs and sofas   
    Celianna's resources might have what you need (specifically speaking about the diagonal furniture).
    If not, I do believe her furniture can be modified to your needs.
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    Aslanemperor reacted to PhoenixSoul in How to show credits during gameplay   
    PaintDotNet is another great free image editing tool.

    One can also do this with Pictures. Just be sure to import the scriptlet that forces the game to delete the pictures when [Erase Picture] is used, rather than having it draw a blank 32*32 px thing, or else, LAG!
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in How to show credits during gameplay   
    Tutorial topic:  How to show credits during gameplay.
    Brief description:  Have you ever watched a movie and seen how the credits pop up as the opening action scene plays out?  People are talking, fighting, doing all the movie things, but the credits appear and vanish along the way without disturbing the flow of action.  It's become such a common thing that movie critics actually criticize films that don't do their opening credits in this way.  This method will allow you to have that in your game without scripts or even a lot of special skill!
    Requirements:  Obviously, you will need RPGMaker VX Ace (this should also work with everything but MZ as it only requires that you have access to the built in battle animations tab). Beyond that, you will need a simple photo editing software like Photoshop. I use GIMP because it's free and relatively simple to use.  You can technically do this with paint, but if you do, you will need to use another service to make the background transparent.  Before I discovered GIMP, I used lunapic as it's free and all online.  This is inferior to GIMP in my opinion, but it has the advantage of not requiring the download of a frankly massive program.
    TL;DR:  You need an RPGMaker that has the animation tab (so any except for MZ) and you need a way to edit pictures while keeping them transparent.
    Step 1; The Credit:
    To begin, we need to take a random base from the animations folder of the RTP.  We're not actually going to change it, but rather, we're going to use it as a template.  I used Thunder4 because it's one of the larger bases with room for 25 animation panels.  I advise making a copy and pasting it into another folder, then working on the copy so that you don't accidentally overwrite the base picture.
    Once you have it loaded up in your editor, erase everything so that the only thing left is the transparent background, As shown here:

    Choose a small corner of the template then, and insert the text you want!  Don't worry about it being more than one animation panel.  It probably will be larger than one, depending on how much you have to type.  For my test case, I used a simple "A Game By Aslanemperor"

    Save, export, or whatever you need to do.  Take any extra steps you may need to make the image transparent.  This is standard with GIMP, and I hear that Photoshop makes this pretty easy as well.  Once this is done, simply import this into your game using the built in Resource manager in RPGMaker.
    Step Two; The Animation:
    This part can get a little time consuming, but is still VERY simple.  My example took up two panels worth of room on the template (out of a max of 25).  As such, I took those two panels, and set them side by side over where I wanted them to go.  The animation system makes this very easy as everything is designed to lock neatly into place, so as long as you pay attention, it will be a simple matter to make everything look good.  Now we figure how long you want your credit to show itself, and where you want it on the screen.  For this example, I placed mine directly in the center.
    When you're putting together your frames, keep timing in mind.  1 second is equal to roughly 30 animation frames.  Because of this, I set up the fade in to last through the first 26 frames, then had it hold solid for another 45, followed by a more rapid 15 frame fade out.
    I did this by right clicking each individual panel and adjusting the "Opacity" number.  Because I wanted this to be close to a full second of fade in, I added 10 points to the value on every frame, making it go fully Opaque at frame 26, with a value of 255.  This is why it can be a bit time consuming.  Once you know what you're doing, however, it doesn't take long to put these together.  It took me just over 5 minutes to put everything for this animation together.
    You'll notice that there's a box for the animation beyond just the scope of the target.  That box represents your screen.  Depending on where you want this to show up on the screen, that's where you'll place your animation box.  For instance, if you align it with the top left of that box, it will show up on the top left corner of the screen.
    Step Three; Implementation:
    So, you've made your "Credits" animation, and you're ready to place it.  The way I did it, was to have an event along the path the player has to follow, and when they walk over that area, it triggers the credit animation.  I set the animation to be centered on the player.  This way, it keeps on showing in the area I want as he walks:

    Don't forget when making your event that you want to set it to end after the player has walked past it.  Also, DO NOT click for it to wait if you want your character to continue doing things while this shows.
    So, I found this entire process to be extremely easy, and can be done with things that anyone has access to (you can even manage this with just paint and a web browser).  It's a unique way to put your credits into your game without a clunky opening video (which usually requires some sort of video editing software).  If you have any questions, or you know an easier way to pull this off, I'm happy to hear it.  I hope this helps someone!
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from Lord Vectra in Working on my first game!   
    Hi All!
    I'm Aslan, and after years of fiddling with various older versions of RPG Maker (I started with 2k when I was 16), I've finally decided to get serious and make a full game.  My plan is a bit ambitious, but I'm pretty sure I'm capable of doing ALMOST everything I need with very few scripts.  The problem is that "almost."  I work with VX Ace (Humble Bundle FTW!) and I've already had a couple of instances of needing to ask a question only to find that the official forum is buggy as heck!  Luckily, this place is here, which I can actually get an account with and ask some questions!  Please be patient with me as I am still learning in spite of my experience (and I have zero programming ability.)  I hope to find friends, a great community, and maybe even provide a fun game for people to play!  Anyway, thanks folks, I look forward to hearing from people!
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from Lord Vectra in Working on my first game!   
    Well, I joined the forum a few months back, and I've tried two different email addresses.  I've even tried emailing support.  I actually have a theory that they're not accepting me because I put in that I'm using VX Ace(The main reason being that I've seen several people join and get approved the same day when they put in their profile that they work with MV).  There are little things on the site that seem to suggest that they don't have much respect for those of us who got the humble bundle deal.
    But it's all good.  I just need a community to turn to and to find some people with like minds.  Also, there are still topics there that I can read, and as long as someone else has asked the question I have, I can learn what I need (I've had that happen a couple of times at least.)
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in What features would be included in your dream RPG Maker?   
    This is a big one for me:
    An in-program tileset editor, complete with the ability to make backgrounds invisible.  A simple, drag and drop function would be best.  It's always such a hassle to craft the tilesets.  The last time I did, it took me almost an hour to finish all the steps to simply add four lines of resources from one tileset to another.  Also, and this may be easier said than done: a size standardizer.  What I mean is, when you get resources from older or newer versions, and they're just a few pixels to big or small and it throws the entire tileset off, have a button where that says "standardize" and it detects the borders of images and resizes the tileset appropriately.  If that results in the occasional weird stretch, I'm okay with that.
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Serious moments by comedic characters.   
    So, here's my thoughts:  I like the idea of having a character like this that is usually comedic being used in a serious way to provide enough of a contrast to shock the audience.  This can be done to great effect, and the more unexpected it is, the more impact it will have.  On that note, I'd like to state two things:  1.  The idea given by your friends to place her in more comedic situations can really work towards your end goal.  It can actually establish expectations in your audience which will be subverted in order to really shock them when this serious reveal comes forward.  That can make your scene so much more powerful!  2.  In order to make the first point work, you need to make sure that none of the previous scenes directly contradict the second.  A good example of this (On a kinda opposite note) was Batman from the "Batman vs Superman" and "Justice League".  One of the most commonly mentioned pet peeves I hear about those movie is how Bruce Wayne is shown to be a brooding, seriously troubled individual who simply doesn't pop one liners in Batman vs Superman, then suddenly he's comic relief in Justice League.  The problem isn't that people aren't willing to accept that Batman can be funny (other films have done a good job of showing that he has a fun loving, less serious side), the problem is that the change was so drastic in a situation where this was supposed to be a darker version of Batman.  If, however, you put little foreshadowing hints that there's a potential for this character to react this way given the right stimulus, it will still be surprising, but not so much as for people to be shaking their heads asking "WTF was that!?"
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Progressive Event based skills   
    Correction!  You saying that got me searching for what you meant.  It turns out all I needed was for someone to point me in the right direction to figure it out!  Thanks!  Now,, every time he is offered this choice, the right choice adds one to the Rage Counter variable, and calls the "rage skills" common event, giving him the appropriate skill!
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    Aslanemperor got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Progressive Event based skills   
    Ok, so far I've figured out how to do almost everything I NEED to have happen in my game.  Most of what I want can be done with the basic resources given.  The one exception is the main character's special skills.  Please let me explain:
    So, there is a "main arc" of the storyline.  That main arc is based on certain choices the main character makes.  Every time he chooses the "evil" option, he grows more powerful and gains a new skill.  If he chooses the "evil" option every time, he unlocks his ultimate ability and a special character!  He also changes the final boss and the ending!  The problem is, I want the choice of which skill he gets to be based on the number of times he's taken the evil route, not which decision he's making currently.  I'm REALLY hoping there's a script for this.  The only other option I can think of is to set up 8 sets of maps with their own custom set of events (which not only would be a pain, it would make the game ridiculously huge!)  Just thinking about trying to do things that way gives me a headache!  Hopefully this is a script that has been developed already, seeing as I'm sure I'm not the only person to want to set up a system like this!  Please help! 
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