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  1. Hi For those who have played the original Romancing Walker, a popular game developed by Flare on Rpg Maker 2000. I received permission many years ago to make a sequel to the project, albeit at the time I lost focus and abandoned the project. This year I started work on the sequel to realise my dream of expanding on this games universe. The original game had a lot of charm and managed to produce a very playable game with interesting concepts. I introduce to you Romancing Walker II. Sixty years have passed since the end of the original game. Ryle Laster and his companions are remembered throughout Factoria as heroes for defeating Chaos. Although the world has been at peace for so long, Chaos has found a way to return. You set out as a part-elf part-human martial artist, his name is Ryu and he has chosen to move to East Factoria, Lavas Town (Previously known as Lavas Ville) where is grand father resides. He sets out on an adventure to experience Factorian culture, food, meet people and make friends. Along the way he may find something more than friendship or may find himself going it alone, it all depends on the player's actions. There are tons of easter eggs for fans of the original. TileSets are by Inquisitor of RPG Palace (With additions from myself) CharSets are a combination of RTP (used sparingly) and Sithjester (With modifications by myself) New orchestral mp3 quality music from the original Romancing Walker soundtrack and music by Tanner *Will add other credits when i build the list properly I will add and update information when appropriate. Please check out the screenshots. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from any fans of the original game. Thanks
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