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  1. Hello RPGmakers, I'm BENI.MARU - a freelance sound designer and composer based out of Canada (GMT -6). I specialize in audio for indie games, including ongoing collaborations with Prime Cut Game's Zealot, and Retro Reactor Studio's Two Strikes. Having recently delved into RPGmaker MV on my own, I'm excited to bring my audio services to the RPGmaker community. I invite you to visit my website for sample reels of my music, sound design, implementation, as well as a list of selected credits. I've also included a number of recent tracks that specifically caters to JRPGs, below: Chill beats to EXPLORE DUNGEONS to Of course, you can expect RANDOM BATTLES in dungeons You've made it back to TOWN, but is it actually safe? Heroes NEVER BACK DOWN from a challenge And finally, something a bit different (CHARACTER SELECT): My commission status is currently: OPEN Regardless of your needs, feel free to shoot me a message and tell me about your projects Outside of these forums, I can also be reached via Discord at BENI.MARU#1404. Chat soon.
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