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  1. NumbeRED39

    discussion How do you design your game?

    Damn, that sounds like a great plan tbh. Regrettably, I also do start with a lot of tinkering here and there and like to poke at VX Ace a lot to see what comes of it. I might take a lil bit of inspiration from this though, as I am very unorganized when I'm working on my projects
  2. So, as I'm making my first game and planning for more in the future, I was wondering how ya'll tackle the designing process of your projects. For me, it usually starts with a rough idea that then I write on a notebook, as well as doodling characters or mechanics here and there, to help me visualize what I'll be making. Of course then I try to make a prototype of what I'll be making, to make sure my ideas are possible. Sometimes I do the prototype first and then jot down the rest but eeehh. Of course I update the notebook as I go along, with dilaogue and cutscenes or map/level designs. So, how do you guys tackle the design of your games? Do you have any tips? A friend suggested I make a GDD and look for testers, do you bother with these aspects or ignore either of them?
  3. It's really unfortunate that FPLE is buggy in places. Had to disable strafing because it randomly caused a crash in a map I made 😑

    Other than that, everything else has been manageable. 

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Well, there is video footage of the XP iteration of FPLE being used as a pseudo Doom clone...

      @Kayzee, dearest love, it's me and my immediate muscle memory wanting to use the thumbsticks when going into that perspective. It's the same with racing, only I use the right thumbstick up/down for throttle/brake and the left thumbstick left/right to steer. Some people use the shoulder triggers for throttle/brake, I do not.

    3. Kayzee


      I play doom with a keyboard and mouse so, eh.


      And with scripting RPG Maker can do anything... But that doesn't mean it can do it well of course. :3

    4. NumbeRED39


      Yeah...still, it's interesting anyway. 

      Speaking of which, I had found a "tutorial" to make rpg maker 2k3 into first person dungeon crawler with events but it's hella complicated and can't even open the demo to see the result 🤔

      Would've been interesting to see. 

  4. NumbeRED39

    Call a common event before battle processing.

    I get this error from this one: And the other script still didn't do it for me. I tried even making the event and autorun one, but still nothing. I just think a common event is just not good for something like this at this point. No matter how you slice it, battle processing seems to take priority over the event Either way, thanks for both of you though, I wouldn't have figured a way of doing it alone!
  5. NumbeRED39

    Call a common event before battle processing.

    Thanks, but unfortunately, it's seems the common event takes action after the battle, not before it starts. Meaning the minimap stay on during the fight and only gets turned off after it. Maybe the battle processing just starts too fast? That's my best guess. Edit: Nvm I played around with the script you gave me and decided to have it do what the common event does instead. So now it works!
  6. NumbeRED39

    Call a common event before battle processing.

    This one is the Minimap event playing on the map. The second page is where I turn off the minimap with a switch. For Boss fights I had to do this before the actual fight: Idk why I turned off the cursor twice but okay, lol. Anyhow this did the trick for those situations. I was gonna use a script for the minimap, but the one I would've really liked to use somehow didn't work and the others weren't quite what I wanted or looked weird.
  7. So I have this neat minimap I made with events and it's all neat and useful...but it stays on during fights. Now, with boss fights it's easy. I disable it during the event process of the boss itself...but now it kinda bugs me that regular fights always have that minimap stuck there. Now, I know basically zilch of ruby, but is there a way for me to run a simple common event that can take care of my minimap?
  8. Today I made a simple character creator with events and script calls, so I'm feeling good about myself 😁

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Neat! I think we'd all like to see it in action.

    3. NumbeRED39


      I wanted to show it off but I don't know where to post it on here, ahah. 

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Programming, probably.

  9. NumbeRED39

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    Very late update cause I'm a dingus! Version 1.4.8b is out! What has changed(including the build I forgot): -Fixed a bug that would lock the player in the second challenge room, unable to clear it. -Fixed a bug that would lock the player near a chest. -Other minor bugfixes and improvements. -Minor map changes. -Minor graphical changes, mainly to the 'rock' object and red and green switches. -Minor text changes and add a few lines of dialogue. -Removed old 'control' image displayed in the intro and updated the 'controls' txt file. -Enemies have been rebalanced. Changed patterns, money drops and some skills. -The 'poison' state has been added. -Added the 'Dr.Humke" item to cure poison. -Changed some chests contents. Known bugs so far: -There's one warp in the corridor of the castle that is will bring you back to the room with the SkullKnight at the center. This will change in the next build and was not intended to happen.
  10. NumbeRED39

    Are classic elemental weaknesses a must?

    Well, yeah, in a way. It's just that you get a lot of the same stuff like "Oh, here we have fire, wind, water, earth and sometimes an enemy is weak to one of these" Idk maybe what I want in the end is a completely different type of combat, but that's what trying things out is for, ahah. Just looking for something that satisfies me but also just isn't tedious. Tbh my idea was more cut and dry, an aquatic enemy would be more susceptible to the paralysis status and that's it. Statuses works exactly in a similar way to Pokémon: -Burn lowers attack and deals damage over time. Also drys the target. -Paralysis makes you unable to act sometimes (still didn't decide on secondary effect) -Drenched makes lightning attacks more effective against you and slow you down. Clear the burn status effect on the target. One more thing I wanted to do for it is that if more than one enemy is drenched, then the spell hits all the enemies with the status instead of one (I did sort of make this before in a less elegant way, lol). Edit: Also, a drenched enemy can be easily frozen by ice spells and frozen enemies receive more damage from fire as well as having a small chance of getting additionally stunned if a fire spell is used on them (they lose their frozen status, this one I might not keep cause it doesn't give much of an advantage, I feel). What I did think about is whether is good to just add weaknesses to weapons from the get go. From testing it did seem a little brutal, cause if you try to run or get jumped, the weak team member might get obliterated, lol. It did seem to get better with the option of switching weapons mid fight but idk. Was even thinking that maybe a sort of "stance" system would be better. Where weapons have their specific skill that are powerful but leave characters open for that turn. I did think of similar things like weather effects and terrain, I've just been very weary of them cause they look like a lot of work to do via eventing, ahah. Like, I even thought of actual things like "covers" and "distance" as effecting combat, but then I told myself that was a little too much, lmao xd Also...rougelike?! Tell me more
  11. Now, I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of jrpgs but this is what the engine excels at, so it's not like I never thought about making one ever. My gripes however always stood with how to make battle encounters interesting on a base level, how to intrigue the player with some neat mechanics. For example, I like how in Etrian Odyssey you can 'bind' an enemy's body parts to disable specific skills, giving you even a slight advantage or how shadows in Persona 4 can get overwhelmed by your party if you attack their weakspot. I always wondered though, how much is “too much“? Would something like changing the classic "weak to fire" or "weak to thunder" be too weird? For example, in a test project I made, I shifted the attention to weapons and created a main triangle of sorts: Slashing Weapons, Crushing Weapons and Piercing Weapons (fire emblem does something similar I believe?) The weakness chart being: Slash>Crush>Pierce>Slash. Some weapons of course being slight hybrids or not being affected, like a mage's staff. Weapons like lances or bows are good at mid/long range attacks, so they do slightly more damage to backrow enemies, while other weapons like swords and axes have their attack lowered. Magic in this case has no specific damage bonus on enemies, who is weak to magic is weak to magic who is weak to physical is weak to physical. The only real difference being some enemies being weak to specific states applied by the elements (some weapons have their own states too, like 'bleeding' for swords/knives). Also states affect one another, an enemy that was hit by water has a chance of remaining drenched for a few turns, making electric attacks stronger but fire will instead dry their body or have a chance of cauterizing bleeding wounds, and so on. But like I said, is something like this too much? Does it sound tedious or boring?
  12. NumbeRED39

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    No, lol. No bunny ears XD Thank you, thank you tho~~
  13. NumbeRED39

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    Thank you, guys!
  14. NumbeRED39

    Clone actor level?

    I'm using Fomar's Clone Actor script, because EST was giving some issues. It's really great! But it doesn't allow me to generate a character with the level I want. I read the two scripts side to side, and while I think I sorta understand EST Clone Actor script, I don't get what Fomar's doing tbh... My knowledge of ruby is very minimal but how would I go about doing what I want? Edit: Nvm I found out I can change the initial level of actors in-game with: $data_actors[index].initial_level =+ n Then the script will generate a clone with the changed level. Is it safe to do so in the long run btw?
  15. NumbeRED39

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    I doubt I'll change that at this point in development, but are there other similar ABS you'd suggest over it?
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