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  1. NumbeRED39

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    Small update. Started reworking some rooms and reconsider some of the level design and game design today. I hope that once I stop being so busy, I can start implementing these changes and maybe actually finishe development soon-ish, lol. Aight, see ya next update!
  2. NumbeRED39

    Certain Attacks do more damage if Status inflicted

    You can do that either through the damage formula or more easily by setting up the states to make the enemy vulnerable to the the type of attack you want. Although I'm not sure that last one would be more balanced. This should be it for the damage formula though:
  3. NumbeRED39

    'Splain Your Username

    Big brain thought: "number...red. Wait, number? red??? ...numbered?NumbeRED!" lol The main idea was based on nonsense tbh, thought "the number red" would be a funny idea to confuse people with. So I just ended up joining the two R's for the sake of it sounding cooler and made 'red' all uppercase for readability. While 3 and 9 are two numbers from the date of my birthday. It's a username I used to go by a long time ago on Livestream. People used to call me just "Red". How nostalgic...
  4. NumbeRED39

    Pokémon Gen 7 skill setup help

    Considering a lot of features present in Pokémon are not present in vanilla VX Ace, we'd also need to know what exactly you're using to emulate stuff like abilities, held items or types imo. It be hard to know what to pull from for custom damage formulae without knowing what you're working with.
  5. I haven't been in the mood to work on anything lately but yesterday I discovered how to call self switches inside an event's move route, so that's pretty neat!

    Tried it out with a spike trap I made in PearlABS, only issue is that it desyncronizes if the event is offscreen, making everything a mess since then the traps will go off at their own pace at that point, lol. 

    Still fun to know it's possible. 

    1. Tomasque


      This might not work, but what if you keep everything in sync with a parallel processing event that functions as a clock? Say that you want to have your spikes alternate up and down every second for 15 seconds, then be down completely for another 15 seconds.


      You'll use variable T to keep track of things. The parallel process event increments T by 1 every second, and then sets T to 0 if it incremented it to 30. After incrementing, it checks whether T is greater than or equal to 15. If so (15-29), it runs a move route for all spikes that flips their self switch to off. If not (0-14), it checks to see if T is even or odd, and based on that runs a move route for all spikes that either flips the self switch on or off.


      Again, I'm not certain this will work, but it might.

    2. NumbeRED39


      I already had a setup like that, I just wanted to see if I could make the spikes independent from a parallel process event, ahaha. 

  6. NumbeRED39

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    Project Status Update: As of today I will stop developing this project, life happened and I'm having a hard time giving this project the attention it needs to improve and reach completion. That doesn't mean I will abandon it necessarily, but as of now I have other priorities that require my full attention if I want my life to improve, so I need as little distraction as possible. Hope you understand.
  7. NumbeRED39

    Help Summon Aeon System

    No problem! Glad I could be of help! 😁
  8. NumbeRED39

    Help Summon Aeon System

    Alright, here it is. So the "Aeon" event itself, the common event and skill didn't change from the one you showed me, so I'm leaving those out. Here's how I set up my notetags in the enemy page for the summon: The most important changes I've done here are: Enemy Die Switch and Enemy Respawn Seconds. I'll show you the new event I made and explain from there. So here's our parallel event. What's happening here is that when your summon dies a switch is set telling this event that the summon died, when the paralell event notices this, it turns off both the switch that activates the summon as well as the one that signal its death. And here is where the Enemy Respawn Seconds comes in. Because your summon is still techincally an enemy, the only way for it to come back is through a respawn like any other enemy of the game. That's why the summon wasn't coming back after being slain. And since I turned all the switches off after its death, even if it respawns after 5 seconds, it won't be able to do anything until it's summoned because it doesn't have a sprite nor any attack patterns or anything. It's definitely not perfect but if you set your summoning skill accordingly, it shouldn't be too bad.
  9. NumbeRED39

    Help Summon Aeon System

    Alright! I tried some things on the editor and found the solution! In the enemy note tag add: Enemy Die Switch = x (in my case it's 24) Enemy Respawn Second = 5 Then create a parallel process event, priority below characters, in the current map you'll be using. In it add a Conditional Branch that check if the Enemy Die Switch is On. (es. Conditional Branch: Switch [0024:Summon_Died] == ON) If it is 'On', it means the summon is dead thus under the first condition turn off both the "summon" switch and the new "summon_died" switch. In the second condition, since the switch should be off, turn off the switch just in case. I tested it and it work but if you need me to send you screenshots, I can.
  10. NumbeRED39

    Help Summon Aeon System

    Edit again- I had missed the Enemy Note tag. If you set the enemy die switch to A...what's Page 4 even supposed to do??? It's not activated by anything as far as I understand. Cause by default, Pearl ABS would activate Self Switch B when the enemy dies but I don't think it does so in this case,since you changed it. Also, in order for every page AFTER the summoning to work, each page needs to share the "Summon Ryoma" switch, otherwise it's not going to work. So in order for page 2 to turn the switch OFF, it needs to have that switch as its trigger too first.
  11. NumbeRED39

    Help Summon Aeon System

    Have you tried manually changing the ally's HP back to full, then trying to summon again? Edit: nvm I didn't notice Falcao used enemies as summons. My bad. Also, wait...why is the skill calling the common event twice? Another thing I notice is the "Summon Ryoma" switch. Do you have a way to turn that off? Cause I see an event page, page 2 that does that and is triggered by a "self switch A" but nothing to turn that self switch on. On the last page, try adding self switch A = On, then Switch Summon Ryoma = OFF and see if that fixes it. And of course add "self switch B = OFF" to page 2. If that doesn't work, try adding a respawn parameter in your "enemy page". That's the only other thing I think may be affecting it, since normally if you don't specify a respawn interval, the enemy doesn't come back at all. Push comes to shove I'll try it myself later in the editor.
  12. NumbeRED39

    Help with Common event calling

    Why not run a skill instead of just a common event? Like when you choose "attack" or something.
  13. NumbeRED39

    discussion How do you design your game?

    Damn, that sounds like a great plan tbh. Regrettably, I also do start with a lot of tinkering here and there and like to poke at VX Ace a lot to see what comes of it. I might take a lil bit of inspiration from this though, as I am very unorganized when I'm working on my projects 😂
  14. So, as I'm making my first game and planning for more in the future, I was wondering how ya'll tackle the designing process of your projects. For me, it usually starts with a rough idea that then I write on a notebook, as well as doodling characters or mechanics here and there, to help me visualize what I'll be making. Of course then I try to make a prototype of what I'll be making, to make sure my ideas are possible. Sometimes I do the prototype first and then jot down the rest but eeehh. Of course I update the notebook as I go along, with dilaogue and cutscenes or map/level designs. So, how do you guys tackle the design of your games? Do you have any tips? A friend suggested I make a GDD and look for testers, do you bother with these aspects or ignore either of them?
  15. It's really unfortunate that FPLE is buggy in places. Had to disable strafing because it randomly caused a crash in a map I made 😑

    Other than that, everything else has been manageable. 

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Well, there is video footage of the XP iteration of FPLE being used as a pseudo Doom clone...

      @Kayzee, dearest love, it's me and my immediate muscle memory wanting to use the thumbsticks when going into that perspective. It's the same with racing, only I use the right thumbstick up/down for throttle/brake and the left thumbstick left/right to steer. Some people use the shoulder triggers for throttle/brake, I do not.

    3. Kayzee


      I play doom with a keyboard and mouse so, eh.


      And with scripting RPG Maker can do anything... But that doesn't mean it can do it well of course. :3

    4. NumbeRED39


      Yeah...still, it's interesting anyway. 

      Speaking of which, I had found a "tutorial" to make rpg maker 2k3 into first person dungeon crawler with events but it's hella complicated and can't even open the demo to see the result 🤔

      Would've been interesting to see. 

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