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  1. I haven't been in the mood to work on anything lately but yesterday I discovered how to call self switches inside an event's move route, so that's pretty neat!

    Tried it out with a spike trap I made in PearlABS, only issue is that it desyncronizes if the event is offscreen, making everything a mess since then the traps will go off at their own pace at that point, lol. 

    Still fun to know it's possible. 

    1. Tomasque


      This might not work, but what if you keep everything in sync with a parallel processing event that functions as a clock? Say that you want to have your spikes alternate up and down every second for 15 seconds, then be down completely for another 15 seconds.


      You'll use variable T to keep track of things. The parallel process event increments T by 1 every second, and then sets T to 0 if it incremented it to 30. After incrementing, it checks whether T is greater than or equal to 15. If so (15-29), it runs a move route for all spikes that flips their self switch to off. If not (0-14), it checks to see if T is even or odd, and based on that runs a move route for all spikes that either flips the self switch on or off.


      Again, I'm not certain this will work, but it might.

    2. NumbeRED39


      I already had a setup like that, I just wanted to see if I could make the spikes independent from a parallel process event, ahaha. 

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