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  1. Norpoleon

    OTHER Team JethKo - Knee Deep

    Here is a walkthrough for when you get stuck. (; Of course, I've kept some secrets from you. 🙂
  2. Norpoleon

    OTHER Team JethKo - Knee Deep

    Team JethKo - Knee Deep is a detective adventure with role-playing elements & turn-based combat. What started as a small project turned into a huge thing that took almost a year of work. [: In this game I put ideas into action that have accompanied me since my teenage years & have now become reality. Graphics (apart from facesets & backgrounds), music & story are made by me again. In this concoction I celebrate the cartoons & the music of the 90s & Americana. I also wanted to promote the Artbreeder website with the backgrounds & facesets. [; The focus of this thing is on humor & very far-fetched puzzles. [: I hope you enjoy the game. Inspiration: Sam & Max, The Tick, Duckman, Hotline Miami 2. Grunge, Funk Metal, Nu Metal, Rave, Hip Hop, Jungle. Jethro is fed up. He doesn't want to interview more D-celebrities for this smear sheet, for which he is hired as a writer. He's after a big story again. Then he hears of mysterious murders of young women plaguing Chillcottin City. It's high time he reunited with his old pal Aoko to stir up the underworld of Chillcottins & the tech company that runs the place. Chillcottin City is located where New England & the majestic Sequoia forests meet the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains & the Bayous. The city is ruled almost dictatorially by a tech mogul, Robert E. Ternel, who even has ambitions to be crowned the new mayor. Robert E. Ternel's corporation dominates the entire urban economy with its cybernetic & genetic engineering products. The nebulous religious fanatic Mr. Person Man is also said to be in cahoots with him. Characters: Jethro Adimari, 33, is a passionate journalist & a failure. His wife Michelle loves him, although he is self-pitying and generally not the brightest. His wife doesn't like the fact that he spends so much time with Aoko when he's feeling adventurous again. He adores his red Isetta "Richthofen". Aoko Kitamoto, 27, is an unemployed justice fighter waiting to use violence against the good-for-nothing again. She loves video games, pop culture, being out of work & violence. And many more quirky Chillcottin originals! The villains: No Clip Norman, Grimace, Moon Logic, Weird Rado Karadzic, Ant Ass Andy, and others. * Approximately 4 hours of hard-hitting puzzle action with challenging battles!! * Limited save options!! * Humor!! * Things to find but also to miss!! * High score will be shown to you at the end of this thing!! * Hand drawn stuff!! * Backgrounds were cobbled together using state-of-the-art AI technology!! * Totally wacky characters!! * A Lovestory?? Sound track: Here is the link to the OST: The soundtrack on YouTube!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Here is the link to the itch.io page for free download: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD AT ITCH.IO The game contains language & themes that some may find inappropriate. Nothing in this thing is meant to be malicious or hurt anyone. Have fun puzzling. *: "When you look into the nostalgia long enough, the nostalgia will look back at you!"
  3. Norpoleon

    OTHER Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    But does all of it function? Would be nice to get some feedback to consider what I need to work on harder.[: (Shamelessly putting this thing back into everybody's consciousness hehe)
  4. Norpoleon

    OTHER Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    Update - Version 1.60: I contemplated about this thing in the last few weeks & have found some ideas that made this project better. All char & chip sets, as well as all other pictures were revised or I added new ones. There is more Eheb lore & there are new helpful NPCs. The leveldesign was slightly changed. Two more changes have found the way into this project: you may now upgrade your weapons and spells. Another innovation is the fact that symbols are now indicating whether a normal attack is imminent or the special attack of a boss is about to hit Vinnagan. Bug fixes, balancing, et cetera... Tell me what you think about it. Have fun. :}
  5. Norpoleon

    OTHER Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    Changelog - Version 1.50: + RTP-bug was fixed + the whole game size was reduced to ~300MB + many graphic updates + new NPC + special-items + new secrets + some new game features + bug fixes Have fun {:
  6. Norpoleon

    OTHER Swans In The Wallow

    Nice that u like it. 🙂 U commented the very moment I did a little upgrade. :} + RTP error was fixed + the size of the game was reduced to ~200MB (I made it in 2003 RPG Maker) 🙂
  7. Norpoleon

    OTHER Swans In The Wallow

    Update to version 1.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \\\\0//// Changelog: + bug-fixes + besides moving by selecting n, w, e, s you see the place you go to ("go to north - living room") + nostalgic video-effect + different text colours for different characters + various minor changes
  8. Norpoleon

    OTHER Swans In The Wallow

    Hey, guys, {; could someone who actually played it give me some feedback?
  9. Norpoleon

    OTHER Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    Thank you for your support. 🙂 Please give me feedback. For years I try to bring the RPG Maker 2003 to its limits. :] It's easy to use and I can customize almost anything. PS: I updated it to version 1.02, because the initial version of the game had some issues.
  10. Norpoleon

    OTHER Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    EHEB SAGA - DROUGHTLOCK "Eheb Saga - Droughtlock" is an action-RPG set in an apocalyptic dark fantasy world. I made a large part of the content completely myself: especially graphics and music. In top-down view, you fight your way through dark dungeons and defeat powerful divine beings. Story: A legendary war between the civilizations of old Eheb & the angst-ridden gods has consequences: the region of the former imperial capital is enclosed by a magical barrier from which no one can escape & which has made the land dry and barren. This curse, the Droughtlock, has had a tight grip on the few residents for the last 10 years. Perhaps the inconspicuous well-maiden Vinnagan can aid to bring the divine tears & water the land again. Classes: The Immortals: the legendary ghosts of the imperial robber barons. Difficult to kill. Immortals can wear heavy armor. They Fight with strength-weapons. Have a spell that will make them almost invincible for a short time. Get the Frozen Novice-Cape to transcend through some walls. The Bedouins: the insidious nomads of the north. They start with a lot of stamina & high attack value. They are trained to encounter wild medicinal grass. Bedouins can only wear light armor and wield dexterity-weapons. Purchase grab hook to climb some cliffs. Bedouins are able to dash the furthest. The Ghouls: Who fights the overpopulation in the Empire's cemeteries? >That's right, gravedigger-cannibals. They always get a second chance. Gather 10% more essence from slain enemies. Have three different spells from the start. They wear medium armor & fight with dexterity-weapons. Buy grenade pocket to destroy debris which blocks your path. A ghoul begins the journey without a shiueld, but are the only ones who may equip an aura. Summary: *Genre: Action RPG *Theme: Dark Fantasy *Language: English *Duration: 3 to 4 hours *Features: Deep action combat system, fight, dash, dodge, block, heal, use magic, compact, "open world-ish" game world, demanding level of difficulty, gloomy atmosphere, humor (?), three different classes, free your traders one by one, 7 bosses, crack the high score (!), non-linear story, many secrets, some puzzels, upgrade weapons & spells. *Inspiration: Dark Souls, Zelda (NES), Alundra, Gothic 1, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Junji Itou, H. P. Lovecraft Music: Dark Ambient, Noise, Folk, electronic music. Here is the link for the OST of "Eheb Saga - Droughtlock": DORUGHTLOCK OST Screens: Download link: !!!!!!!!!! Here is the link to my magenta cloud !!!!!!!!!! Eheb Saga - Droughtlock - 1.60 And the rest is in the game. Have fun. :]
  11. Norpoleon

    OTHER Yär Kalden Nihyla - Eksoduz

    UPDATE 1.20 * a lil' graphic make-over * retro VHS effect * deleted a game breaker
  12. Norpoleon

    OTHER Swans In The Wallow

    SWANS IN THE WALLOW "Swans in the Wallow" is a retro-horror-mystery-adventure-game with RPG elements in insane 16 colors!! Almost everything in this game I made myself: graphics, music, engine. In classic adventure style you move through rooms, choose actions and solve puzzles. This gameplay is loosened up by turn-based RPG combat encounters. The game is packed with deep nostalgia for ancient text-adventure classics, subcultural references & love for mindf*** plots. Story: Somewhere in East Germany: You wake up in your vacation home after a two-day blackout. But where is your husband Erik? Nobody has noticed or knows how to help you further. Neither the local metalhead savages, nor this ominous religious community that has sealed itself off from the outside world on an old farm for years. You can't get rid of the suspicion that there are dark influences at work here: is it the local satanists, the ooze from the surrounding swamp or is it the nameless cult? Will the residents finally break their silence or will the "spirits" of nature lead you into your husband's arms once again? Summary: Genre: Adventure, RPG Topic: mystery, horror Language: English Duration: ca. 2 hours Features: Limited resources, few save points, go for the high score (!) Inspiration: Das Drachental, The Wind, Faith, Alone In The Dark, Resident Evil 7, Hidetaka Miyazaki, H. P. Lovecraft, Beherit, Taake, Neurosis, Leslie Gore, my bae (Ruby) Music: For the music I chose a mixture of Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Drum & Bass & Electro. Here is the link for the OST of "Swans in the Wallow": The Swans OST Screens: Download link: !!!!!!!!!! Here is the link to my ONEDRIVE!!!!!!!!!! SWANS IN THE WALLOW VERSION 1.51 Thanks to my darling who always supports me. (My high score is 35 btw) ENJOY THE TERROR! 0:
  13. Norpoleon

    OTHER Knocka Dora - Re-knocked

    DISCLAIMER: This game contents violence & use of drugs. Well, I finished a remaster of my all-time classic "Knocka Dora" I programmed a few years ago. It's now completely in English! "Knocka Dora - Re-knocked" is a Horror-Adventure-game with Action-RPG-elements, stamina-system & an absurd sense of humour. I was inspired by * Clocktower * Agoraphobia (Meister Räbbit) * Dark Souls * Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" * own experiences I gathered in a nut house * my babycake *: I crafted almost everything in this game by myself. (If this is a good thing you have to answer for yourself lel.) [: Story: The game is set in a German mental-health hospital in the year 1999. Doreen overacted again. After various drug benders she winded up in a psychiatric ward again. But in two weeks she will be released, when suddenly an ancient evil, which haunts the hospital for decades, embarks once again & slingshots Doreen into an alternate reality. Changes to the original game: * completely in English * Stamina-system, altered ABS * graphics completely in a 16-bit-esque, minimalistic retro-style * a few new songs * highscore at the end of the game * and here & there a little tweet or gag, I thought was funny when I made it Screens: Marco... Polo! You socialize in the smoker's lounge of the hospital. And socialize means smoking without a break & don't say a word for hours. Supplier of electric energy hate that trick! How you can save energy costs with this infestation. Refresh your health at the sinks in the hospital. Refresh your soul in this beautiful park in the night. Refresh your... WHAT THE FU** happened here!? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here's the link to my Magenta-Cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.magentacloud.de/lnk/I5BpEjgX Have fun. Norpoleon_IIme.
  14. This is Yär Kalden Nihyla - Eksoduz, a little spaceship-economy simulation with turn-based ship battles & pseudo-CGA graphics. I crafted almost anything in the game by myself, including graphics & music. I was inspired by Organ Trail, Faster Than Light, Dune, StrarCraft & Dark Souls. The world is based on a Sci-Fi novel by me. The music is a mixture of Minimal House, Black Metal & Breakbeat. Link for the OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sggHWgYqFGA [: Story: It is the year 4000, Emperor Edzel II. tells you that the Mondra are about to invade & devour the Kouray-system. You are the captain of a space-ship & must reach a worm hole at the other side of the solar system to embark for a better world without the Mondra scourge. What plans does the Emperor scheme? Is it a religious mission? Or something political or personal? Either way, you don't want to disappoint Edzel II.. Races: You can play as three races. The Sechtim/ Humans: Humans are an evil, aggressive race that only lives to gain profit & they don't know higher virtues than exploiting ressources. As legend has it Humans descent from a remote industrial world called "Earth". They arrived in the Kouray system 200 years ago. The Human society is a complex caste system of genetically modified subraces like the mining class Polugon, or their deadly Tenpoulon knights. To compensate their inferiority in population & labor power, they created the psychic android slaves called Hukkyko. The Sechtim Empire, the federation of mankind, has come to conquer the Kouray system & gain power over the other highly developed races. The new homeworld of mankind & the Sechtim Empire is the dismal mining colony Edemya. The Parjaaki: Parjaaki are close to nature living cyclops, who value honor & bravery the most. Their homeplanet Tsudemii is a cold desert of ice but a profitable source of Sularmyt ore. Because of the imperialist nature of both Humans & Ifevla the once antagonized Parjaaki clans have put their arguments aside to form a mighty Union against the other races in the system. The Ifevla: Ifevla are proud mercenary giants, who are highly psychic & excellent merchants. Their capital planet is Taurunukkaha, a water world with almost no valuable ressources. The lack of natural goods in their home world forced them to develop extrasensory manipulative skills. Mind tricks they use to exploit trading partners & to enslave other races like the Naydosu. They worship a mysterious, arcane religion, nobody who isn't an Ifevla is able to understand. The Ifevla are all citizens of a covenant, a loose (almost failed) federal state, but tend to pledge more loyalty to their numerous guilds. And there are various other races you come across your journey. The Hukkyko androids, the Imgopi & the Naydosu. Features: *non-linear *turn-based battle *RPG-elements *Action-elements *prices of goods vary depending on the space-station *do you have enough food or fuel aboard *3 playable races *rest in space-stations *find treasures, loot! *various mini-games & encounter *only save in space-stations *just one healing item at a time *various items, equipment, goods, upgrades, maneuvers & slaves *difficult enemy encounters *beat the highscore! *VHS-retro-style Screens: (the arrow in the screens is a dummy.) Navigate through a VAST solar system. small enemy encounters AND BIG ONES!! Break out of jail! Even the smartest crew screws up sometimes... Investigate ancient temples & loot the treasures. A GHOST Ship?? IN SPACE???? Happens quite quickly... ----------------------------------------- Here's the download link to my Magenta-cloud: https://www.magentacloud.de/lnk/jwBpk0a0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kam-ra di ra seyn, commander!