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  1. jammythebirb

    Looking to Commission Tileset Sprites

    Hi all. I'm currently working on a game inspired by the E.V.O games, in which as your character evolves, so do the graphics and gameplay. The first few stages are underwater sidescrollers. For the first part, (nes inspired) I was able to create a tileset I was happy with without too much trouble. But I've hit a bit of a block with the second part, so I'd like to find someone I can commission to create the tiles I need. I'm keeping things simple for the moment, so I'm not asking for a full tileset! I'm hoping to do as much of the work as possible myself. Here's what I am looking for. For the A2 tileset: 1x Sand 1x Coral Two or three different rock tiles Optional: an alternate version of each of the above, darkened to look like a tunnel's interior. I'm also happy to edit that myself. For the B tileset: Corner tiles that smooth out the harsh edges and correspond to each wall type. Here's an example of what I mean. (What I'm using currently.) It doesn't look very natural. Some extra tiles I could put above sand to break up some of the harsh lines would also be great if possible. Notes: This is quite early in the game, so ideally the graphics would still be fairly primitive. The graphics of EVO: The Search for Eden or even the original Lemmings is the sort of thing I'm going for, but it can look simpler. I'm not too fussy, whatever you create I can build the rest of this level's graphics around. Please contact me and let me know your rates! Twitter: JammyTheBirb Discord: JammyTheBirb#3048
  2. jammythebirb

    Issue with Fhizban's Party HUD

    I'm using Fhizban's party HUD script in my game to display the player's HP in the corner of the screen, and up until now it's been working perfectly. A couple of times in the game I've swapped which party member is active, but it's only now I've reached a section with two party members at once I'm getting problems. When I try to remove one of them, I get the following error: Script 'FHIZBAN'S PARTY HUD' line 58: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'hp' for nil:NilClass I feel pretty sure it has something to do with having more than one party member, but I'm no scripter, so I don't really know how to solve this. If I can't find a way to make it work and allow me to remove party members, the only way I'm going to be able to make this game is to not have party members, which will make the lategame much less interesting. Here's what seems to be the relevant part of the script, I would really appreciate any help with this! def fhiz_hud i = 0 while i < @party_size @actor = $game_party.members @actor_hp = @actor.hp @actor_mp = @actor.mp i += 1 end i = 0 while i < @party_size @actor = $game_party.members @x = OFFSET_X + (WIN_WIDTH + OFFSET_X)*i + (PADDING*i) @y = OFFSET_Y if DRAW_FACE if @actor_hp > 0 draw_actor_face(@actor, @x, @y, true) else draw_actor_face(@actor, @x, @y, true) end end if DRAW_NAME draw_actor_name(@actor, @x, @y) end if DRAW_STATES draw_actor_icons(@actor, @x, @y+(WIN_HEIGHT-line_height*4), WIN_WIDTH) end if DRAW_HP draw_actor_hp(@actor, @x, @y+(WIN_HEIGHT-line_height*3), WIN_WIDTH) end if DRAW_MP draw_actor_mp(@actor, @x, @y+(WIN_HEIGHT-line_height*2), WIN_WIDTH) end i += 1 end end
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