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  1. I am wondering if anybody knows of any online resources or .pdfs I should look for that could help me create stronger NPCs. The first thing that comes to mind is GURPS but I was hoping there was anything else I could look at that wasn't from such a rules-heavy RPG system.
  2. I am planning on making a Sy-fi/Fantasy/War RPG: I was wondering if anyone knew of any free resources that would fit those genres, mostly Sy-fi/War. Are there any free online websites or downloadable software that I could use to build my own graphics? I know graphic making/editing is really hard and I know that there won't always be free stuff to easily grab that will fit what I need so it would be convenient to have some tools on hand :-)
  3. I got RPG Maker VX Ace recently and was wondering where to start. I found some books to teach me how to use the engine and I bought resource packs for more graphical options. But I am stuck on how I should go about making a story for my role-playing game. The top three genres I would like to start with are Sy-fi, fantasy, and war. I want my game to take place in a universe that combines magic and ultra-technology together. Where humans are forced to leave there planet and find a new one to colonize. And when they find one, they launch an attack on the inhabitants. That is where I would like to start, but do not know how to elegantly manifest it into a strong opening. So, I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how I should go about this and if they have anything to contribute. I would very much love the help ^_^
  4. I am interested in what I can do with scripting. I was wondering how, if I put in the time to learn Ruby, I could add mouse support for my games and have a Quick Save hotkey built into them. Mouse Support: I like the games where all I have to do is press where I want my character to go and they begin moving in that direction. I am often annoyed when I am sprinting and it leads to bumping into walls and obstacles that would have been avoidable if I were walking. And it often happens when I am walking. It is really upsetting when I am trying to move to my destination as fast as I can trying to steer clear of monster encounters. Quick Saving: I think it would be convenient to have a built-in Quick Save hotkey so I, and those who will play them, don't have to go through the multiple menus just to save a game. Like in the example above, when trying to avoid conflict I would like the option to press a key that would automatically save my game to the last save file used and continue on until I need to quickly save again. Load/Load Game: A load option would be very nice. When I am faced with powerful monsters that I am trying to avoid on my way to a boss battle, and I am trying to conserve Mana and HP, it would be nice to have a quicker option of loading the most recent save file instead of quitting the game and have to reload the game through the start menu. I may find other ways to add more to my games that I feel would really improve them, for saving time and the general player experience. If anyone could help me figure out how to accomplish these things or give me advice on where to start and how to go about it, I would be a very happy camper. Any help, however little you feel you could give, is welcome and much needed ^_^