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  1. Stormsource

    Make an event continously check something!

    Thank you Kayzee!!!! It worked!! <3 <3 Such a simple error too
  2. Stormsource

    Make an event continously check something!

    Thank you for your help!!! <3 I've tried writing it inside a loop with a 1 frame wait attached Result: The eye can tell if the player is looking at it when it first opens, it waits 5 seconds, then closes and repeats the process! However it still can't tell if the player looks at it partway through being open Maybe I ordered the loop wrong?? xD Also dw it's a parallel process and I'm using a 5 second wait with a text box just to quickly test it^^
  3. Hey! So I have this event in my game: A flower with an eye that randomly opens and closes When the eye is open you're supposed to turn around/to the side to not match its gaze, and the code for that works! The Top conditional branch here is what determines where the player is in range and looking, however it will only do this for a split second before turning switch 0004 on and self switch D off, which is what transfers it to the closed eye state. I've tried using Timer and Wait commands but they tend to only check if the player is looking when first activated but not continuously run it, meaning a player can walk up to already open eye without consequence. Is there any way I could have the eye stay checking if the player is looking for (Lets say 5 seconds) before running the switch and self switch commands? Thank you!
  4. Stormsource

    Hey everyone!!

    Hey!! Hello, everyone! I'm Gray! i like to make music a lot but I wanted to try making a small game so I started using RPG Maker!! I really like 2000s anime/games and internet aesthetics and im a huge When They Cry fan<3 Nice to meet you all!!!
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