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  1. Perfect, this is exactly what I needed. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I found Archeia's CTB suite of scripts. After a lot of experimentation I finally have them working together with my existing Victor scripts without getting any program-crashing errors. My issue now is that the Hero and Monsters aren't dealing any damage with their basic attacks. The battle log is saying that they're having no effect, and BattleLuna Popups are indicating that the strikes are "Failed" and "Null". Not sure what's causing it. I haven't looked at the CTB scripts in detail yet, so it's possible that I need to configure things. Any idea why that might be happening? EDIT 1: I just removed Yanfly's Battle Symphony and that has solved my no-damage issue. My primary concern now is that my Hero has three turns for every one turn that a Monster has. That, and I've got a black border around the battle screen. Seems like the Turn Order display in the upper left might be causing it. My script list is below. I can provide any additional screenshots or full scripts if need be. Any help or advice would be much appreciated! EDIT 2: I've got everything running pretty smoothly. Thanks for your suggestions Coolie. This thread can be closed. Yanfly's Ace Core Engine Lunatic States Star Passability Bug Fix Event Jitter Fix Archeia's CTB Archeia's Battle Manager Archeia's Battle Core Archeia's Turn Order Archeia's Fixes BattleLuna Battle Popups Victor's Basic Module Victor's Direct Commands Victor's Animated Battle Victor's Actors Battlers Victor's Leap Attack Yanfly's Steal Item Yanfly's Message System Casper Ghost's Vehicle Interiors NerdiGaming's Custom Title Menu
  3. Thanks for suggesting this. While it is a turn tracker, I was thinking more something akin to the system in FFX, with the hero and enemy turn order being displayed ahead of their actual turn. I should've been more specific in my initial request.
  4. So I have the Custom Collapse script as well and had the same thought. But from what I can tell there's no way to tweak sprite rotation or remove it. Maybe I'm missing something? And to be clear, the sprite rotation isn't causing any issues, I just would prefer they simply fade out.
  5. Hey all, hoping to get some help with Victor's Animated Battles script in my VX Ace project. My goal is just to remove the 90 degree sprite rotation from the enemy collapse effect. I've combed through the script as well as his Actors Battlers script but I can't seem to find where the actual animation is broken down. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone. Anyone aware of a script that can implement a visual turn tracker (Hero 1, Monster 1, Hero 2, Monster 3, etc) to the battle screen? From what I understand, VX Ace doesn't compute turns in advance during battles, so this might be a big ask. That said, any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!