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  1. Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out my issue. I'm working on a "unique" battle mechanic for my project in RPGMAKER 2k3. It's something reminiscent to a "limit" bar from FF7, where it fills up and you can do certain attacks and obtain certain buffs for a certain small period of time. I made the bar and did the code for it to fill up, and so far it works well. However, the bar is shown in the battle through the use of a status effect (with an empty bar being a "normal" state and a bar with 1 tick or charge being an actual status effect), and it creates issues with other status effects I have. For example (and to serve as the most relevant one), the bar will fill up, then a status like Poison will be inflicted. Poison will stay on the character for a little bit, but once it disappears, the bar will be shown as being empty before the code continues, proceeding to show the actual bar that *should* be displayed. Is there any way to fix this? (More specifically, is there any way to make a status effect revert to another after it is done?)
  2. heya, i never expected to see myself posting on here when most of the questions i wanted to ask were already answered, but here i am regardless so, in a test project im working on, im trying to create a "border" effect along the walls, as shown in the screenshot below, courtesy of yume nikki and yume 2kki. circled is the part im talking about i made a new map inside yume nikki to try and test the border out and see if i should try and make similar sized borders to my own game, but came across a problem the walls don't flow uniformly. is there a fix to this? i've been dealing with this for over 2 days nonstop, using various methods, to no avail, and i'd be lying if it wasn't driving me insane. any and all help is greatly and sincerely appreciated.
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