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  1. robhr

    Making a card game mini game

    So does anybody think this won't be doable? Or would I need to hire a pro to do it?
  2. robhr

    Making a card game mini game

    I guess I should post a bit about how the card game works. Note that these are just rough notes and when I actually write up the rules it'll be more elegant. http://kitcarruthers.intelligentreconstruction.net/rules for majestic battle.txt
  3. I have a strategic card game in my fantasy series and I was wondering how difficult it would be for one to make? I still haven't completely learned the javascript but I do kinda sorta have a background in programming so I'll learn.
  4. Well "in the video" may not have been their exact words. They said nobody was harmed. And I don't see why it being a cliche should matter, my uncle worked there, that's how it is. And he knew the guy who died, that's how it is.
  5. They're lying. There was one of a fire tornado in rural Manitoba, they said nobody was harmed, but my uncle worked there and knew for a fact somebody died.
  6. Contains drug abuse, graphic violence, sexual situations, language and mature subject matter. These are my favourites. If people want I'll post the rest of them... The Basement (Drama) http://kitcarruthers.intelligentreconstruction.net/writings/shortstory-thebasement.html Kill, Teach! (Crime drama) http://kitcarruthers.intelligentreconstruction.net/writings/novella-killteach.html Until Absolute Perfection is Achieved, Parts I and II (Sci fi action) http://kitcarruthers.intelligentreconstruction.net/writings/novella-untilabsoluteperfectionisachievedi.html http://kitcarruthers.intelligentreconstruction.net/writings/novella-untilabsoluteperfectionisachievedii.html It's Gotta be Something, Forever (Romance) http://kitcarruthers.intelligentreconstruction.net/writings/novella-itsgottabesomethingforever.html Chosen (Western) http://kitcarruthers.intelligentreconstruction.net/writings/shortstory-chosen.html
  7. Well okay I'll just go ahead and post them, then. Please don't ban me.

    1. Animebryan



  8. So if anybody reads this, is it cool if I post my short stories if they have a lot of drug abuse, violence and strong language? I've been told at other boards that they have zero tolerance for drug stuff.

  9. robhr


    Oh whoops, is my sig too big? I figured it wouldn't allow it if it was.
  10. robhr

    Meta and 4th wall breaking?

    I don't do it in any of my writings, I feel it would ruin the mood. But in a light hearted story it's perfectly acceptable.
  11. robhr

    'Splain Your Username

    It's my real name.
  12. These are old but I look the same...
  13. If you like that, I have an album uploaded on all the streaming services under "The Dry Path." Here it is on YouTube... (it's mixed rather quiet you'll have to turn the sound up)
  14. robhr


    Thank you. Just curious, as I know it's against the rules at other boards, but... Can I show you my short stories if they have a lot of drug abuse, violence and swearing?
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