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    Ashura Terminus - Intro Disclaimer & Content Warning: This game intends to spark the player's thoughts as it challenges the player in more ways than one. It does provide comic relief and aims to be charming but will not be a bubbly fantasy game. Ashura Terminus will at some points show moral, visually provoking and violent scenes, all of it is a work of fiction. The author draws inspiration from mostly Shin Megami Tensei series, FF Tactics and Dragon Quest in terms of battle mechanics and how the story will "taste" like (also open to public opinions, would love to provide some special moments for everyone). SYNOPSIS Warmest greetings from sunny ol' Portugal! I am AzureCrook, an amateur that has started using RMMV recently. Currently trying to create a journey packed with emotions that will bring out many mixed feelings along the ride. It is a Turn Based RPG with plenty of room to tinker around with the class & subclass system, allowing you to compensate on what you feel is lacking or overcompensate on what your character already excels at! Speaking of tinkering, no longer will you have to play in some other hero's story as the game allows a fully functional character creator system. Be whoever, the choice is yours! There is a small YouTube video under the media spoiler section with a small intro to the game and where is takes us. GAME STORY You are a student who grew up with a best friend that has a knack for the occult and an older friend who's past is shrouded in distance and mystery. You hear a voice talk to you in your dreams and wake up only to find out there has been more sightings of violence and kidnappings at the town's shrine. The adventurers would never be ready for the events that were about to unfold from there, as their whole world was about to change forever, literally! MEDIA CHARACTERS Create your own Main Character and discover the other characters around the world. It's up to the players to decide whether they want to stop and take the time to strengthen the bonds with other characters. Other characters will have their own set of quests and background stories that the player can investigate further upon. FEATURES MC portrait changes according to what is equipped. Weapons have different visuals (220+ unique weapons, 0 recolours so far) Alchemy, Cooking, Woodworking, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and other systems with levelling included. UPDATES
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