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    Healing Reserve Party Members Script

    The following code is executed when a common event is run through a skill. $gameParty.members()[4].gainHp(250); $gameParty.members()[5].gainHp(250); $gameParty.members()[6].gainHp(250); $gameParty.members()[7].gainHp(250); This is supposed to heal the "Reserve" party members, party members who are not currently out on the battlefield. Members in the 1-4 slot are unaffected while members in the 5-8 are healed. This script works perfectly outside of combat, but during combat, there is no effect. I think this might be because the reserve party members are not recorded during battle for some reason. Does anyone have any advice on what I could do differently? The reason I am making a script like this is that I am using Yanfly's Actor Party Switch to allow party members to be benched during battle, and then healed before being brought back out again. I'm also planning on making skills that add buffs and clear negative states to benched party members eventually.
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