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  1. Hi everyone. I just launched my new, free game, Silver Falls Frontier Fighters Mini! This game follows a young man commemorating the anniversary of his grandfather's death with a fishing trip, a young woman organizing the local Moose Steak Festival, and the Sheriff of this small mountain town, investigating reports of strange lights in the night sky. They wake up one day to find the people in their town frozen in time. As animals go berserk and attack, it is up to these three, Holt, Analise, and Moss, to figure out how to return their town to normal. The game is optimized to run on a wide range of devices, such as Android, 3DS, and Vita, via Homebrew. The game is dungeon-crawling and battle based, designed for players to take on the go and play for short bursts at a time. You can get the game for FREE from our website: http://silverfallsgame.com/frontierfightersmini/ We hope you enjoy this game and send us feedback letting us know what you think! Cheers! Jerrel
  2. Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. I'm a commercial game dev. I grew up using the original RPG Maker programs and have recently been making a game with Rm2k3 as a hobbyist just for fun. Hope we all have fun talking and and sharing our games. Cheers!
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